How Do You Know?

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Well, would you look at that, it actually happened. 

You actually got into bed with a girl who shares your inflation kink.

The realistic part of your brain told you it could never happen, the odds were so small that a girl would actually be into this sort of thing.

And yet here we both are~

Oh, you had such fun, finally having an outlet to flirt with all your most private inflationary fantasies, telling me how much you wanted one or both of us to blow the other up like a big, round, helpless balloon~

However, now that we've both finally met up and we can have some fun for real, my question to you is… 

How do you know it was just fantasy? 

What makes you so sure, when you put your lips to mine for the first time, that I won't start puffing away and turn you into my big, round balloon boy~?

How do you know that I don't secretly make a habit out of turning men into my inflatable toys; balloons for me to have my fun with in any way I desire~?

How do you know I didn't decide to start messaging you solely because I saw your profile picture and thought you'd look cute all puffed up~?

I mean, I'm not saying those things are definitely true. 

Maybe they are, maybe they aren't.

The point is, you have no way of knowing. 

I mean, I don't blame you

Us girls are very good at keeping secrets. 

Why, for all you know, we all secretly get wet at the thought of turning you boys into blimps.

I mean, think about it for a second:

Ever had an online friend suddenly disappear one day and never log on again? 

What makes you think his girlfriend didn't get fed up of him playing videogames all day and decide to actually get some use put of him by turning him into confetti fluttering around the front room~? 

That one guy at work who just seemed to stop coming in one day, who you assumed just quit? 

How do you know one of the other girls there didn't decide he'd look cuter drifting up and away above her head after a relaxing post-work stroll through the park, slowly shrinking away into a dot among the starry sky~? 

Those inflation artists you liked so much, who just stopped posting one day? 

How do you know they didn't run into me, and end up playing the same game you're playing right at this very moment? 

I suppose there's really only one way you can find out for sure. 

Now be a good balloon and pucker up~

Author's Note: 

and now begins the process of posting all the stuff I wrote while the site was down

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