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You had no idea how long you’d been skulking around this place for. It could have been a few days just as easily as it could have been a few hours. Your brain’s capacity to process the passage of time had fallen by the wayside amid the constant switching from tense, methodical planning of every single step you were to make to instinctual dashes for survival in a desperate effort to get away from those, those things. The monolithic matriarch of this infernal castle, Alcina Dimitrescu, and her ravenous daughters were always there to chase you back should you ever dare to show your face in the castle proper, and so you found yourself venturing deeper and deeper into the labyrinthine wine cellars and dungeons that formed the proverbial backstage, just trying to find enough time and resources to be allowed to lick your wounds and survive before you could try to find a means of escaping. It was slow going. Even now you could hear those great, thudding footsteps somewhere above your head, an eternal sign of who was truly in control of this entire chase. That woman had all the time in the world to toy with you.

You, however, only had as long as your stomach would allow.

You’d tried to ignore it, tell yourself that either you’d find something along the way or be out of here before the need for sustenance became overwhelming, but that point was rapidly approaching with no escape or food in sight. Your stomach grew incessant in its growling, demanding food and drink that you were sorely lacking. The situation was becoming dire, and you found yourself faced with two options: return to the castle proper, and try to avoid Dimitrescu and her daughters, or remain in the depths and become yet another footnote in their brutality. With your back against the wall, you decided to take your chances and began the journey back.

As you crossed back into the wine tasting room, something caught your eye. You’d gone back and forth through this room multiple times over the course of your various paths through the castle, and thus had the layout and contents of the room more or less memorised by this point. This time, however, there was something in the room that hadn’t been there before. On the table in the center of the room sat a pristine bottle of red wine, its label sporting an elegant blue trim. The rational part of your brain knew better than to touch something that had mysteriously appeared like this at the best of times, let alone in a mysterious castle full of supernatural women who all want you dead, but your body desperately cried out for nourishment, and the dark liquid in the bottle looked so rich that before you knew it you were throwing caution to the wind, opening the bottle and hungrily drinking straight from it. After so long spent running your body on all cylinders, adrenaline coursing through your veins at a million miles an hour, the sensation of something so decadent and luxurious hitting your tongue and pouring down your throat was absolutely heavenly. You couldn’t quite put your finger on the exact flavour, but it was delicious and filling, and that’s the only thing that mattered to you at this moment. Finally, with a satisfied sigh, you lowered the bottle from your mouth and wiped away the excess wine from around your lips. You put it back down and resolved to continue your search for an exit route with something approaching a full stomach.

At least, that was the plan.

Before you could even leave the room, your stomach cried out with a deafening gurgle that stopped you in your tracks. You weren’t entirely sure what was happening this time around. Your belly continued grumbling and groaning, but you felt worlds away from the hunger and thirst you’d been feeling just a moment ago. In fact, come to think of it, you were only feeling more and more full every time you thought about it, to the point that it was almost a little bit uncomfortable. You lowered a cautious hand down to your midsection and began slowly rubbing in an attempt to soothe it. Rather than resolve the confusion, this only served to add to it. You’d never exactly had the most athletically toned body in the world by any measure, but you could’ve sworn you weren’t this chubby last time you checked. Also, the amount of time you’d spend in such an unnatural place must have been affecting your perceptions of reality, as you could’ve sworn you felt your belly slowly pushing out against your hand. You lifted up your shirt to get a better look at your middle and dispel whatever illusion was at play, but found much to your horror that the reality was exactly as you perceived. You stared transfixed as your midsection slowly creeped forward inch by inch, forming a round potbelly and growing bigger and bigger by the second.

As if that wasn’t enough, as you stared you slowly became aware of a small spot of blue discoloration near your navel. Right as you noticed it, as if it was waiting for you to do so, it began to spread out across your belly and indeed your entire midsection, enveloping you in a deep, rich blue. You staggered backwards, your growing belly sloshing and gurgling as you struggled to comprehend the events before you. Questions raced through your mind fast enough that you couldn’t even find the time to individually consider them. Your hands gently cradled your steadily swelling belly, still trying to confirm whether this was an elaborate hallucination or an actual transformation. You gradually became aware of the swelling sensation that had previously pooled inside your belly spreading out to other parts of your body. Your legs momentarily faltered as your rear end suddenly surged forward, drawing the seat of your trousers tight against its expanse. Your chest also began to tingle in a mixture of tantalising pleasure and sore aching as it swelled out, small breasts forming and rapidly becoming large breasts as they blew up alongside your gravid orb of a tummy. The sheer multitude of sensations quickly became overwhelming, causing you to lose awareness of the room around you as you sink deeper and deeper into your own world. However, by the time your body had begun to round out into one spherical mass, you were quickly brought hurtling back down to reality.

“Well, well, this is certainly a surprise.”

That was the last voice you wanted to hear at this moment. Your gaze was torn from your swelling blue body and directed towards none other than Alcina Dimitrescu herself towering over you. Before you could even register a conscious thought about the present situation, your instincts took over and sent your body trying to run away as far and as fast as you possibly could. This turned out to be not very far and not very fast, as you managed to carry your newfound weight about two plodding steps before dramatically falling forward and beaching yourself atop your near-spherical body, sending ripples and intense sensations that existed somewhere on the border between pleasure and pain all across your taut surface. The gargantuan vampire simply watched the cartoonish display with a smug smile on her face, not needing to so much as lift a finger as you effortlessly incapacitated yourself. Once you’d finished rendering yourself immobile, the tall lady casually strode over to you, teasingly running a pointed finger along the side of your gargantuan belly as she approached.

“I must say, it’s been so long since that brew was attempted that I’d almost entirely forgotten about it until you came along. We never could quite get it right, so eventually it was abandoned. I suppose this explains why more people don’t attempt to put blueberries in wine.”

Oh no. She couldn’t be serious. You evaded capture and murder by bloodthirsty vampires for this long, and it ends with some dodgy wine turning you into a blueberry???? Getting sliced to ribbons almost sounded dignified by comparison. Those same talons that would have performed such a deed slowly closed in on you as your continued swelling lifted you to be almost at eye level with the nine foot woman. With an almost imperceptible flick of her finger, the countess deftly made a small cut on what probably used to be your left shoulder, allowing a purplish liquid to coat the tip of the blade. Just as slowly as she brought her talons towards you, she drags them back, savouring every moment of your torment as she brings the claw to her mouth and gives the liquid she took from you an experimental taste. She pauses for a moment, giving you all the time in the world to speculate on her next course of action and evaluate which, if any, would be the least harrowing, before finally speaking.

“Although… With an ample supply of ingredients such as this, I suppose there’s no harm in giving the project a few more attempts.” She mused to herself. Before you could consider the implications of her words, she motioned with her hands as if calling someone over and a loud, foul buzzing began to fill the room. You’d spent long enough in this wretched castle to know exactly what such a noise was a harbinger of, and before long the sadistic, hungry faces of Bela, Cassandra and Daniela Dimitrescu appeared before you. Evidently, they hadn’t been expecting to find you in quite such a state as this, as their first reaction was to both gawk at you in curiosity and exchange giggles at just how ludicrous a predicament it was.

“Oooooh, now what on earth could have happened to you?”

“Looks like someone ended up drinking something they shouldn’t have“

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you this is what happens when you mess around with other people’s property?”

These and other teasing comments filled the air as the girls’ visages filled your entire field of vision, closing in on your sunken in, midnight blue face like animals stalking their prey, which is basically what this situation was to begin with. You attempted to avert your eyes, hoping that your captors might somehow not be able to see your humiliating blush if you couldn’t see them, but it was to no avail.

“You know, I bet all that sweet juice inside you must have made your flesh delicious~” One of them said. You weren’t sure who, but in the moment it didn’t really matter. Your eyes briefly widened in terror as you realised the end might finally be near, your only wish being that it happen in any way that wasn’t this.

“Now now, my daughters, let’s not be too hasty.” Lady Dimitrescu herself proclaimed. For once in your life, you couldn’t help but feel gratitude towards your captor. “In time, I’m sure this one will make for delectable prey, but for now they must be left to ferment, wouldn’t you agree?”

The girls all nodded, and Dimitrescu simply gave a click of her fingers before turning and exiting the room. You sat there confused for a brief moment before you felt three pairs of hands pushing against your inflated torso, slowly building enough strength to begin rolling you backwards. The three daughters shared idle jokes and laughter among themselves as you flapped your almost-vestigial hands and feet in confused desperation. You tried to ask them where they were taking you, or what they intended to do with you, but your juice-filled cheeks rendered such inquiries impossible. They continued to roll you head-over-heels backwards through the dingy cellar before finally bringing you to a stop alongside several large barrels of what you presumed to be wine.

“Now, you be a good little thing and stay right here, won’t you? We’d hate to see you running around the castle again, wouldn’t we?” Cassandra said, her voice dripping with irony that was by no means lost on you. “Though, before we go...” She trailed off, giving you just enough time to realise how little you liked where that sentence was going before drawing her sickle and bringing it down towards you. You braced, fearing an explosive end, before the blade came to a stop right as it was about to pierce your flesh. Instead, she dragged it down and ripped off what remained of your shirt in one fell swoop before ravenously biting down hard on an exposed nipple. 

You cried out in pain as best your cheeks would let you as the middle Dimitrescu child hungrily drank from you, as if she was attempting to dive beyond the juice that filled your torso to the brim and drain the blood from your heart itself. Even then, you weren’t entirely convinced that your body wasn’t entirely made up of juice by this point, heaven only knows what was in that bottle you drank. Finally, she lifted her head, throwing back her head with an almost orgasmic moan of satisfaction as juice dribbled down her face.

“Oh, we’re going to have so much fun with you down the line.” She proclaimed amidst yet more sadistic laughter from all three of them. With that last foreboding line, that infernal buzzing returned and the three of them spirited themselves away just as quickly as they had first appeared. With little for company but the low candlelight and the dank ambiance, you once again found yourself alone and helpless in the depths of Castle Dimitrescu.

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