Full of Herself

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One drip. Two drips. Three drips. Hayley watched her engorged breast swell like melons as they rapidly lactated. She was shocked to see how rapid and effective the results of the lactation creme she applied to her chest was. Her once modest B-Cups were now far past D-Cups and reaching to DDD in a hurry.

"Damn, I'm really busty now." She cheeredfully quipped at her new breast line.

She felt warm milk bubble and churn in each boob as they inflated even more. Her breast flesh was smooth and each pore was defined as her skin stretched. She marveled at her amazing new, and shapely breasts by running her finger across the top of them. As her finger gently glided across her taut skin she heard a hum like the skin of a balloon makes when it's rubbed. Smiling she gave them a pat and they made the exact sound a dodge ball makes bouncing on pavement.

"These are really balloon titties now." Hayley kept smirking at her expanding cleavage. Her tits had blown up to the size of breach balls and began squirting streams of thick milk from her now swollen nipples.

Hayley squeezed her titties and they billowed up to her chin. "Mmmm someone should come milk me. I'm getting so full."

Hayley pinched her puffed up nipples that still oozed milk and rubbed the liquid between her fingers. She had a sudden urge flow through her to taste the thick, white milk.

"Just a little taste." She whispered as she slid her finger between her plump Angelina Jolie-esque lips and onto her tongue.

A rush of flavor overtook her and she let out a loud, "Mmmmmm!".

Popping her finger from her mouth she reached again and began pinching her engorged nipples making a large spray of milk burst out of them. She hastily shoved more milk covered fingers in her mouth and sucked each digit clean.

Hayley began breathing irratocally like a starving person would if sat in front of a large feast.

She began milking herself more and more, gulping her milk like it was the sweetest of nectar.

"Mmm, so good. I taste so good. More. More."

Hayley became ravenous as she clawed at her nipples more splashing her bedroom walls with milk as she pinched her swollen mammeries aggressively to force more servings of her breast milk out.

"Not enough, I need more. Must drink more." She had become almost ferral in her cravings for the warm liquid. In desperation Hayley pulled her massive rack up and back exposing her plump nipple ducts to her lips. She licked her nipples in enjoyment causing her pussy to swell slightly as she aroused herself.

"This is going to taste good and feel even better." Hayley muttered as she latched her thick lips around both nipples.

Hayley began sucking the milk from her bloated tits, filling her mouth with her thick, warm milk. She gulped the mouth full causing her throat to buldge as it slip down to her belly. Another gulp echoed behind the last one, then a other, only interrupted by her breathing heavily out her nose to take a breath.

"Mmmm....mmmhmmmm." Hayley moaned in agreement to her action to drink from her nipples.

Hayley continued gulping in a steady rythm, filling her belly more and more with her milk.

As the milk filled her stomach, it began to distend slowly. Each gulp seemed to swell her tummy up an inch, and before she knew it 10 gulps had nearly made her look 9 months pregnant.

Rubbing her plump belly Hayley moaned on more pleasure. Though she could feel her belly expand, her desire to fill herself with delicious breast milk was too strong. Her belly ballooned more, eventually becoming so large her abdomen was beginning to swell and join her belly in one lovely arch.

As the arch grew, Hayley's skin got tight and began tugging on the flesh above her clit.

Hayley dropped her arms below and began rubbing her inflated abdomen. The tightness was immense but her thirst was more powerful, even intoxicating. Her fingers wandered to her clit as the skin stretched her pussy's labia making her vagina look longer as she blimped with more liquid.

"Mmhmm...mhmm...mhm." Hayley was fully aroused, her pussy was dripping wet in seconds as she fingered herself.

Hayley's ecstacy stopped as she felt her belly begin to slosh around.

"What...what am I doing?" She thought as she continued to gulp uncontrollably. She began inflating faster, and faster each gulp becoming more aggressive.

"Mmm...mmmm...mmmm!" She moaned even more in pleasure as she gulped the milk even faster.

"No. Stop. Hayley stop. You're getting too full." Hayley yelled to herself in her head. "You dumb bitch get ahold of yourself"

Her hands began exploring her inflated belly as if they were the only thing aware of the situation.

"Oh fuck me. I'm a balloon. No, I'm a blimp!" Her mind screamed. "Must stop drinking. So good. Gonna explode. But so delicious." A war of rational thought and uncontrollable desire ensued.

She moaned in ecstacy more but her arms flailed wildly as she began reaching the size of a small car.

"How am I able to blow up this big? I'm so huge. I'm gonna pop. Stop drinking you dumb bitch, before you burst!"

Streams of milk began spurting from pinholes forming in her massive belly. Creaking and a slight ripping sound eminated from her girth. She gulped more, now reaching full climax not just in mass but sexually.

Hayley felt the warm liquid tearing her apart as more streams of milk erupted from her taut water balloon stomach.

"Oh...god...I'm cumming....I'm cumming!" she squealed in her own head. Her vagina squirted juice as she let out an orgasmic moan.

Hayley's body ballooned one final time, her arms, legs, and ass expanding in unison as she let out one final, muffled moan.

"So...good" She thought as as a wet explosion filled her room. Her belly tore open causing milk to flood the tiny bedroom. Her head was snapped back as her breasts burst open and her body thrown to the bed. Hayley's face was permanently fixed with her brown eyes crossed, her lips peeled in a large grin with her tongue hanging out.

As milk rained down on her, a drop landed on her tongue. One final thought slipped from her mind, "So....good."

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