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Angelique waved her hands in an arcane manner, and the air in front of her became electrified with raw energy for a few seconds before it fizzled and dissipated. The hand motions alone were hard enough to memorize, and only by repetition could she hope to get them down to muscle memory. As an apprentice sorceress she, like the other students, was only granted access to the most basic spells.

She was still practicing when Cassandra came bouncing in, looking like the cat that just ate the canary. “Hey Angelique! Look what I have!”

“What?” Angelique asked, immediately on guard.

“I enchanted a watermelon seed to grow anywhere instantly, as soon as it touches water!” Cassandra said excitedly, holding up a watermelon seed for Angelique to see. “If it works, this will be the best practical joke ever!”

Angelique looked at the seed dubiously. It was barely visible in Cassandra’s palm; there was no way that something so small could possibly work. She looked back at Cassandra, who had her head tilted to one side and a knowing smile on her face.

“Don’t you want to know how it works?” Cassandra asked, waggling the seed in front of Angelique’s nose.

Angelique sighed. “Fine, Cassie,” she said. “Show me.”

“Open youth mouth,” Cassandra said with an impish grin.

“Open… what?” Angelique asked.

“Open your mouth, silly,” Cassandra said.

Angelique complied with Cassandra’s request. A moment later, Cassandra flicked the seed into her open mouth, and Angelique involuntarily swallowed it.

Angelique started coughing uncontrollably, and she could feel the seed sliding down her esophagus and into her stomach. She could hear Cassandra giggling behind her.

“Just relax,” Cassandra said as she offered Angelique a bottle of water. “Drink this.”

Angelique took the water and drank it greedily, feeling the cool liquid pour down her throat. When she finished the entire bottle, she swallowed the last few drops and stood up straight.

“There! See? It worked!” Cassandra said triumphantly.

Angelique looked down at herself, and saw that her belly had swollen considerably. Her clothes were becoming tighter, and the skin around her waist was stretched taut.

“Oh my god,” Angelique said, putting her hands over her rapidly expanding midsection. She looked down at her stomach, which was now as big as a basketball. She looked up at Cassandra, whose eyes were sparkling with delight.

“See, I told you it would work,” Cassandra said, pointing at Angelique’s stomach. “You’ve got a watermelon growing in there right now.”

Angelique looked down again, and was shocked to find that her belly had continued to swell, almost filling out her shirt. She was starting to look pregnant.

“Relax, Angi, it’s not going to hurt you,” Cassandra said soothingly. “It’s just a little spell. You’ll swell up full and round for a bit, and then you’ll shrink back down after about an hour as the watermelon dissolves and your body digests it.”

“An hour?!” Angelique gasped. “Look at me…I feel like I’m about to burst!”

“You won’t, really,” Cassandra said, trying to reassure her. “This is just a mild spell with the standard safeguards. You’re not going to explode or anything.”

Angelique still wasn’t so sure. She felt the outward curve of her belly, her fingers running lightly over the surface. She could tell that her skin was stretching, but there was no pain, and her stomach felt firm. Angelique lifted up her t-shirt, exposing her huge bare belly. She turned to Cassandra, who was watching her intently.

“Is it supposed to look like this?” Angelique asked, gesturing to her enormous stomach.

“Of course, Angi…you’re quite the sight,” Cassandra nodded. “It looks like you’re about done swelling up though. If this were a county fair you might win first prize in the produce growing competition.”

Angelique looked down at her bare stomach again, and noticed that it was in fact no longer expanding. It was round and hard, and she could see that she actually looked like she swallowed an entire watermelon whole. She reached down and touched her stomach again, and found that it felt very heavy and very solid. Angelique’s balance felt off, and when she moved, she felt like the weight of her belly was going to keep going.

“That feels weird,” Angelique said, unable to stop herself from touching it. “I feel so…full.”

“It does feel weird, doesn’t it?” Cassandra agreed as her curiosity got the better of her and she placed her hands flat on Angelique’s belly as well.

Angelique jumped slightly as she felt Cassandra’s hands on her belly. Cassandra ran her hands over Angelique’s stomach, feeling the firmness of her belly. She could feel the hard surface of the ripe watermelon under Angelique’s skin, and she smiled.

“Wow, you are really big,” Cassandra said, still caressing Angelique’s belly.

Angelique nodded, looking down at her stomach. It was indeed quite large. She could easily pass as full-term pregnant if not somewhat bigger. Angelique didn’t want to admit it, but Cassandra’s hands rubbing her belly felt pretty good right now for some reason.

“Are you okay?” Cassandra asked. “No hard feelings?”

Angelique nodded. She knew she should be upset, but somehow, she couldn’t muster any anger toward Cassandra. Instead, all she could think about was how good it felt to have Cassandra’s hands on her belly.

“So, what’s the plan now?” asked Angelique, thinking back to what Cassandra said when she first came in. “You said this was some kind of practical joke?”

“Well, yes, I guess you could say that,” Cassandra said, smiling wickedly. “I’ve got a handful of these enchanted seeds just waiting to end up in the lunch salads of the entire cheerleading squad. If I can get the timing of the enchantment right, they’ll all start swelling up in their tight little cheerleading outfits right in the middle of the big Pep Rally this afternoon.”

“That sounds like an absolutely horrible thing to do,” Angelique said as her smile grew wide. “I love it!”

“Oh, by the way,” Cassandra cautioned, “you might want to be near a bathroom when the spell does finally wear off. All of that water has to go somewhere, and you’re going to figure out at that time that you really have to pee.”

“Thanks for the warning,” Angelique replied. She was suddenly very glad she had been wearing loose fitting jeans and a t-shirt that stretched.

“You’re welcome,” Cassandra said, her eyes sparkling with mischief.


It may have been a school for the magically-inclined, but it was still a high school just the same, with the same cookie-cutter events, the same cliques, and the same social awkwardness.

The school Pep Rally kicked off right on time at 3pm. Theresa, the head cheerleader, made sure all of the other girls on the team ate a sensible lunch in the cafeteria…a salad…and were all dressed in their tight tops and short skirts an hour in advance.

When they were given the signal, Theresa led squad of cheerleaders onto the field and they took up their place in front of the entire student body.

Theresa may not have been the tallest or most buxom cheerleader, but she was one of the most popular. Her long blonde hair bounced around as she danced to the music, her blue eyes flashing as she worked the crowd. The other girls followed her lead, dancing and cheering with all of the energy they could muster.

They’d practiced this routine a dozen times already, and everyone knew their parts. They started out solid, each move choreographed perfectly until they came to a point where the entire squad would jump into the air together.

This is when things went wrong.

All of the girls leaped into the air, and the magic began.

Every single girl rapidly swelled up. Their stomachs ballooned outwards, their clothes stretched tight, and their waistlines expanded. Within moments every cheerleader was a different shape than before, and every one of them was growing rapidly.

By the time the girls landed back on the ground, they were all considerably bigger. Every one of the girls had swollen up to look like she was about to give birth, and their outfits were stretching tighter and tighter across their bloated midsections.

The entire student body gasped as they watched the cheerleaders, and the cheers died down as the students realized what was happening.

Theresa tried to stand tall, but she was so bloated that it was difficult for her to even remain upright. Out of reflex she tried to continue dancing, but Theresa was having trouble just keeping her balance.

Her fellow cheerleaders looked at her, their eyes wide with panic. The other girls were all swelling up like Theresa, but none of them had grown as big as she had. None of them were nowhere near as big.

As the cheers continued to die down, Theresa looked over at her team. All of them were struggling to stay standing, and their uniforms were straining to contain their swollen bodies. Bare bellies poked out all around while tops rode up and skirts were pushed low on their hips.

“We need to get out of here!” Theresa said to the other cheerleaders. “It’s no use, we can’t do this!”

She and the others turned and tried to run towards the sidelines, but the best they could manage was an awkward waddling gait.

The team managed to make it to the edge of the field, and the girls all pushed and shoved to get back into the locker room where they collapsed on benches or, more expeditiously, the floor.

Theresa was gasping for breath, and she could feel her heart beating wildly inside of her chest. She cradled her stomach, and looked around at the other girls on the team, all in a similar state.

She knew they were all victim to someone’s magic; she just didn’t know whose.


Cassandra smiled as she watched the cheerleaders on the field. Halfway through their routine the spell took effect, and one by one she watched intently as the girls’ bellies blew up like balloons. Even this far up in the stands, it was easy for her to see everything transpire.

When the entire cheerleading squad finally broke ranks and ran…well, waddled…she was pleased to see the other girls struggling to keep up with Theresa, who had grown much more quickly than any of the others.

Cassandra was starting to wonder if she could make the spell work again. She was thinking for the Halloween dance, she would try something similar with pumpkin seeds.

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