Don't Swallow The Gum Chapter 2

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Sarah was sitting on the floor of a coffee shop bathroom, completely nude, covered in juice, her skin blue, and she was growing.

While the bathroom she was standing in was rather small, she couldn't believe that moments ago her body filled the entire room. She instinctively rested a hand on her belly, her body had not shrunk back to it's previous athletic build. In the mirror she could see a set of shapely hips and supple blue breasts. Her tummy growled and swelled up a little. She was growing again. She was afraid of what would happen if she swelled up again and couldn't stop. An involuntary twinge went through her pussy as she thought of expelling all the juice as she came. Maybe to shrink she had to cum?

But she had more immediate problems. What do people do in a situation like this? Call 911? She found her phone in a puddle of juice, thankfully still functional.  But what could the 911 people even do to help? She decided she had to get home. She sure as hell wasn't walking, with her luck she'd be halfway home when she would get too big to walk again, everyone staring at her huge body getting bigger and bigger. Her breasts would probably block the road from their sheer girth...

She shuddered from a wave of tingly pressure went through her body. Why the hell did this feel so good? Not only was she about to resemble a massive beach ball, the thought of being one turned her on. A lot. What the fuck. She had to get home ASAP.

Her only hope was calling a Lyft. Wait better use Uber, she was still covered head to toe in her blueberry cum. And she had a feeling that getting it all inside a car would get her banned from the app, and she liked Lyft better and didn't want to get banned from it.

She requested a ride and waited. In the ten minutes it took for the car to arrive she had visibly grown. She slowly stood up from the floor, her increased mass making the act more difficult. She took one last look at herself in the mirror. Her ass was huge, one of the biggest she had ever seen in her life. She saw a little bit of juice dripping from her pussy. She bounced a little and watched her upgraded assets jiggle in response. At least she was at a manageable size still.

She sourced up her courage, unlocked the bathroom door, and walked as quickly as she could in her condition towards her ride. She had to hold her boobs up, she almost fell forward from the force of her massive breasts bouncing as she walked, so she scooped them up an armfull of tit in each arm. They were so heavy and big, but still perky somehow. They would have looked totally fake if they weren't so soft. Everyone in the coffee shop stared at the chubby blue girl speed walking to the door.

She climbed into the back of the car. The driver didn't even so much as look at her, thankfully, and he started driving her home in silence. The quiet was only broken by the groans and gurgles coming from her increasingly pudgy belly. By now her belly had swollen enough that it was touching the back of the seat in front of her, and she could feel the pressure growing.

The top of her head started pressing against the ceiling of the car, her ass was swelling and with it her body was being pushed up. Her hips were so wide they almost touched both car doors. She had to sit in the middle seat for fear her hips would blow the door open.

She swore. She was hoping she would be able to make it home so she could masturbate in peace. But she needed to get this juice out of her body before she destroyed this car. Leaning forward she struggled to reach around her huge breasts and around her very swollen belly, when she put pressure on her boobs they squirted out little jets of blue juice. Finally she found her pussy, it was already soaking wet from the juice leaking out of it. She gasped in pleasure and shook as she touched her pussy. It never felt this good when she touched herself before. Somehow the intense pressure she felt all over her body made this experience better.

The driver of the car was somehow still completely unaware of what was going on. So she rubbed and rubbed and rubbed, but nothing happened. She was so horny and so close, but couldn't quite get herself there. Her body continued to swell, much longer and she wouldn't be able to reach herself at all. The pressure was so intense, her body was so sensitive, but she just couldn't quite touch herself the right way.

She needed more. She needed a little shame, she got off on getting embarrassed a little bit. She needed attention. So she called out "Hey driver!". The driver turned around, and made eye contact. His jaw dropped, his eyes get huge, and he hit the breaks of the car.

He was attractive, and this excitement was exactly what she needed. She finally came, almost as intensely as the first time. Maybe more juice means better orgasms? So the bigger she was the harder she would cum? She decided to test that theory later and for now just enjoy the intense vaginal spasms ejecting the juices from her body, each wave of pleasure timed to a wave of juice shooting out.

When she was finally done cumming she looked out the window and saw her house. The driver had gotten her home safely. He was still staring wide eyed at her. She realized that this was his fetish, she could see it in his eyes. He wanted her. She mouthed "thank you" silently, letting a wave of juice into the gutter by opening the door.

As she walked into her house she could feel his eyes on the back of her ass. This entire experience had made her so horny, but she was sick of masturbating she needed cock. But who could she even trust to tell about her condition? And who would even find her round blue body attractive?

She stopped, turned around, looked at the driver. She asked if he was coming inside with her or what.

Author's Note: 

Went a little more sexual on this one. Future ideas include an actual pregnancy and a machine to manage the excess juice

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