A Nightmare

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A Nightmare

I occasionally have inflation dreams.  On this occasion, it was a nightmare. There was a male serial killer who was inflating and popping women and storing their corpses piled up in a bunker.  They were very red and soaked in blood.  He wanted me to participate in the inflation of a woman who was already being blown up and was inspired by me.  I quietly refused and couldn't work out how to get away and contact the police.  I primarily felt really guilty that someone had done it for real, repeatedly, with non-consenting victims.

Just thought I'd share.  Does anyone else have worries or dreams like this?




It's a bit of a scary vision, I don't dream often. It's not too much of a stretch to associate inflation with torture and dark stuff.


Maybe there is a part of the psyche that is reaching out and exploring what happens in a consequence free dream and goes, "hmm I wonder if I'd join in to the crazy killer on an inflating spree?" And then you immediately realize how shitty that would be and you experience the emotion of guilt.


I suppose it's always been a concern how media and art inspire and influence society, what people make or perpetuate can create waves. If you are responsible for however is probably a different type of discussion.



Thanks.  Yeah, you can't anticipate what people are going to do in response to what you do.  I know that other people have occasionally worried about what would happen if someone actually did it for real to someone and stigmatised us all.



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I only occasionally seem to have dreams where I'm in danger of having my internet history or computer files dragged out into the open before my family or coworkers. Or I'd be somehow flitting through expansion artwork and boom there's a college acquaintance standing over my shoulder, so it's time to walk away down a backroom hallway or do something completely unrelated or innocuous.


I've actually had the thought that inflating someone would be one heck of a way to murder someone. Particularly if things like blueberry inflation were possible it could result in some horrifying incidents. 

In attempting to interpret what you were seeing in the dream (i love dream interpretations lols) perhaps you were watching a video that ended up being really gory. Like a cartoon or 3D animation of sorts. Serial killer running around inviting attractive ladies/guys/whatever to try a "piece of gum". 

At least I would hope it was just a dumb video.