Has blueberry inflation become too mainstream?

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Has blueberry inflation become too mainstream?

Seriously on YouTube the search results on YouTube has drastically changed, it's mainly little kids or adults who like preschool shows make random inflation videos or 'subliminal' videos, a few years ago it was only Braxx who clogged up the searches, also the gen z or Alpha crowd make clickbait vids,

Have you guys noticed that? I believe it's not as bad for the body inflation side

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I think YouTube has turned it to crap (personal opinion only) with subliminals and slideshows of culled art set to some music or other, or really, really crude renditions of animation using computer-generated voices with no tone or inflection (it sounds like Stephen Hawking reading erotica). YouTube rarely delivers anything of true value pretty much across the board because of their (necessary) copyright restrictions, openess to accepting anything as long as it doesn't hint at anything overtly controversial (unfortunately, that also means a total lack of quality over quantity), plus I am severaly not a fan of how YouTube, or its parent company Google, cache personal information and search data for years (I wish that were an exaggeration, but sadly not).  I may not be hiding anything, but I would like at least a basic expectation of privacy.

Elsewhere, within the legitimate community I think the niche is well-represented and far enough away from mainstream that it still remains, lacking a better term, untainted. 

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Inflation content on YouTube is absurdly lackluster mainly just because of how YouTube is. It's not only YouTube's fault, but it's mostly YouTube's fault. Like, 99% their fault.

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I remember the good days of 2011-2012 when there was Dailymotion, and youtube just loaded to the brim with quality content. I have not had a good time online since they both purged everything. Then PH did the same due to the CP scandals, and all that unverified inflation work just went poof. 


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YouTube just seems to yank everything down if it can be seen as vaguely sexual. It's ridiculous. We lost a lot of good YouTube content because of it.


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I blame their efforts to both be a website for kids and a website for adults. It doesn't work. Honestly, I'm surprised there's still anything there when you search inflation. On top of that, it doesn't help that most if the content that isn't outright banned is ads for companies that get upset on seeing their stuff on YouTube.