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It figured, she thought.  The best ground-penetrating radar the Company can make, her first vacation in three years, and somehow the tunnel borer passes over a subterranean cavern nobody knew was there and -she- gets called in to investigate when the terrain collapses.  The borer had been pulled out along with the construction crew, leaving her alone with a gaping hole in the floor illuminated by a pair of flood lamps.

The surveyor flicked on her comm, a faint click coming through her earpiece. "Two of the workers went in first, right?" she asked. "What did they have to say?"

"We don't know," a voice responded. "Their chip signals suddenly went flat."

"They're dead?"

"No." There was audible disbelief in the voice. "They just stopped completely."

She furrowed her brow.  That shouldn't be possible; someone should have picked up a stopped heartbeat, cooling body temperature, lack of synaptic activity, -something-.  Even tampering would set it off.

Leaning over the edge she aimed her own light into the hole, spotting the floor of a chamber seventy or eighty feet down.  Not a sheer drop, but also not something a person could climb out of.  There were more than enough cracks to drive a piton into, and within a matter of minutes she had rappelled into the cavern.  The chamber was about fifteen feet from floor to ceiling, the latter broken and craggy, but the former worn unnaturally smooth by erosion she knew wasn't possible for a variety of reasons. There were no bodies, disturbingly, and the only other possible exit was some sort of glowing pool.

She unclipped her harness from the rope and approached, the floor almost imperceptibly sloping towards it.  The surface was an oily sheen with bands and patches of reds, purples, and blues that moved of their own accord, blending before parting again.  As she neared she could see it wasn't glowing, but lit from beneath, light somehow passing through.  She aimed the camera on her harness towards it, speaking into her earpiece. "Are you getting this?"

Silence.  Not even static.

She toggled the switch a few times. "Base, come in."

Her attention quickly returned to the pool as a mound rose up, other hues and colors dripping off and leaving it a bright, electric purple.  Two thick tendrils flowed from its sides, resting on the pool's edge as rivulets ran down its shape, pooling in some parts and eroding others.  What was left behind was figure that was at first humanoid, then distinctly feminine, with a head of long, loose curls a darker shade than the rest of her.  Her eyes opened, gold on black, and her first expression was one of amused interest. "More friends."  As she pulled herself out of the pool the last of the fluid ran away, leaving her with something like skin-tight cutoffs and and a narrow tube top, impossible clothing on an improbable, exaggerated figure, all of it with a sheen clearly visible in the narrow cone of her light.

The figure approached, hips swaying.  The surveyor backed away, only to be stopped as two arms entwined around her waist and two large, soft objects pressed into her back with a quiet squeak.  "Please stay," she heard someone whisper into her ear.

The scent of latex flowed around her, and the surveyor found herself thinking less and less of resistance and escape.  Her head and body felt pleasantly light, even as her gear began to grow snug.  The front of her jumpsuit filled out, breasts pressed together and belly held back by the straps.  As she went to undo it two hands slipped smoothly up her arms, pulling her hands away by her wrists as the other figure leaned close.  Everything was constricted and she squirmed within her bindings, only managing to produce quiet squeaks as too-sensitive parts rubbed against one another.

The other figure leaned close, latex on her breath. "Is something wrong?"  It was playful, like she knew exactly what the surveyor was thinking.

"Tight..." she groaned. "Need to..."

She gently took the harness' main clasp between finger and thumb. "Allow me."

One pinch and the two figures slipped back as, unrestrained, the surveyor's body surged outward.  Every part of her grew thicker and more buoyant, the plastic of the smaller claps snapping in rapid succession; breasts rapidly eclipsing her head in scale pushed the one around her abdomen to the breaking point, an unleashed stomach growing beyond gravidity destroyed the ones at her hips, and a bulging backside stripped the rest, wearing the last straps like a thong for a split-second before being slingshot away.

She was left in an overstuffed jumpsuit, still growing as she went from an exaggerated figure to simply round.  Limbs stiffened into cones, held outward at an angle.  The teeth on the zipper along her front pulled apart to expose a foot of cleavage between two high domes, the fastener letting out a series of clicks and snaps as it was pushed further down past her navel.  She could move little, and less by the second as her arms and leg grew into the rest of her, leaving her upright but no longer standing as her boots left the ground.

Even so, she didn't care that it was happening.  As the fabric kept rubbing and tugging against her, and the two figures caressed and kissed what parts they could reach, all she could focus on was more: More size, more touching, more pressure.  Her gaze was pushed upward as her neck swelled around her head and against her chin, hands and feet flapping, generating quiet squeaks as they rubbed the fabric of her jumpsuit against the skin beneath.  The squeaking gave way to creaking, growing ever louder and more frequent as her body began to throb.

"Yes," she breathed. She knew what was about to happen, pressure and pleasure escalating alongside each other. "Yes, yes, yes, yes!"  Her skin quivered as her jumpsuit's stitches pulled apart, a human balloon trembling as it grew tighter, fuller, and ever closer to-


A single, small microchip fell to the ground, the only sign that the surveyor was ever there.


The club was closed to non-members, and yet they made their way in.  The interior was crowded, yet they made their way through the dancing throngs, leaving a lingering kiss here, a gentle touch there.  As they did they left behind fuller chests, rounder bellies, and wider backsides, the thump of the beat resonating in larger, hollower bodies.

A figure with azure skin took the stage in the place of the old dancer, the sound of her popping in the dressing room muffled by the music.  She was clad in a copy of the old dancer's clothes - high heels, black stockings, and mere ribbons - but swung around the pole with a grace that put her to shame.  As she danced the club filled with the aroma of latex, the patrons and staff turning to watch her one by one, their figures growing in pulses in time to the beat.  Many wore little, but it was covering less and less as breasts slipped free of tops, stomachs strained and popped buttons, and bubble butts ripped pants apart.  Their attention was pulled away from the figure as they brushed against one another, eyes lighting up at the contact.  Beneath the music was a growing squeaking as they rubbed and grasped themselves and one another, the slightest touches drawing out an exhilarating tingle.

The squeaking and creaking continued, even as the inflation spread to their limbs and it became harder to move, as their bodies grew against one another.  Their increasingly rounded figures fought for space, with the smaller club-goers squeezed and forced upward, floating into the air before coming back down atop the crowd.  Ballooned bodies soon filled the club from floor to ceiling, thumping bass sending vibrations through their bodies.  All the while the figure danced, smiling to herself as she wondered which one would be the first.

Wedged in the middle of the bunch was one of the largest in the club, a young woman in only heels and the strips of a dress, the tattoo around her navel stretched a yard wide.  She made no effort to hide her arousal - none of them did - panting and moaning as her body's growth slowed, the pressure growing in its place.  She howled as she throbbed, skin trembling before she burst loud enough to drown out the music.

The force of her exploding was enough to set someone nearby creaking, teetering on the brink for a second until bursting in turn, setting off another, and another.  It was a chain reaction, a staccato of deafening pops cascading through the club until it was empty save for the dancer, and a tiny chip for each person who was once there.


The CEO fumed as she watched the monitors across one side of her office, patches of light across a map fading as motes blinked out of existence.  The city was -hers-, along with everyone in it, and yet she was forced to watch as it escaped her grasp, person by person.  All that work, all that planning, -gone-.  But how?  Every means the citizens could have to do this was under her control, and even then, nothing like this could happen without her knowledge.  She snatched up the remote, shutting them all off before turning and slamming it back onto her desk.  No alerts, no reports.  What could she even call this?  Blindness?  Ignorance?  Betrayal?

Footsteps on the carpet caught her attention, and she whirled to see a trio of... humans?  Their bodies and hair were shades of purple and their flesh too glossy to be skin, and their clothing was so tight that it could have been part of them.  Her office door was still shut and locked.

She studied them for a second before her eyes narrowed. "-You- did this."  She stormed towards them, grabbing the straps on the center figure's top and shaking her.  In her rage she failed to notice how much give there was to her body. "YOU RUINED -EVERYTHING!-"

The figure raised her eyebrows in mock surprise. "-We- ruined it?" She exchanged glances with her two associates. "Then what were -you- doing?"

She went to respond as the figure took her head in both hands, pulling her close and kissing her deeply.  The tang of latex hit her tongue and the CEO nearly melted into her before remembering her anger, shoving her away.  By then the contact had already taken effect, her chest rapidly growing in size and the buttons on the front of her suit beginning to strain valiantly before breaking.  The top two went sailing off into a far corner of her office, giving her chest just enough room to squeeze its way up towards her chin.  She fought to stuff them back in, one hand sinking into pliable curves and the other attempting to tug her coat shut.  Both were futile, as the buttons on the bottom gave way from a growing belly, and her gut untucked her blouse from the hem of her skirt.

The trio watched as the CEO's skirt and pantyhose pulled tight around her, her figure smoothing from a trio of bulges to a single orb.  Her limbs grew rounded and turgid, slowing her struggles to keep herself contained in clothing that had long since grown impossibly small on her. "How big do you think she'll get?" one mused.

"No bigger than the others," another said. "She's not special."

The CEO froze at her words, the louder squeaks from her movement coming to a sudden halt, leaving only the quiet creaks from the stretching of her skin.

The third shook her head in mock pity. "Someone so important, and yet still so -small-."

"How -dare- you," she growled.  She stomped the ground, her knee so stiff that her foot barely left the floor. "I'm the biggest person in this city!"

They exchanged glances and knowing smiles before the first spoke. "Maybe we should help her."

"Maybe we should," another said.  They strode forward, surrounding the CEO before pressing their bodies against her.  The CEO grunted as her body surged up and outward, clothes tearing and limbs growing wider and stubbier until they were little more than domes.  Her growth accelerated as the trio kneaded and groped her expanding swaths of skin, planting gentle kisses across her surface.

She let out a triumphant laugh. "Yes!  YES!  Bigger!  Show them all just how -insignificant- they are compared to me!"

The office was filled with noises as it continued to be filled by her: The scraping of wooden desk legs on carpet, the clunk of tipped-over lamps, the cracks of monitors smothered and smashed by an ever-widening body.  Above it all was pneumatic groans and creaks, the hollow-sounding echo of rushing air, and, a string of gloating muffled by the CEO's body swollen up around her head, her body firmly sandwiched between floor and ceiling.  All the while the three figures still enthusiastically groped what they could, all but smothered by her as they lay on the floor.

From the outside one could see the CEO's entire top-floor office filled to the brim by her ballooned form, pressing against every inch of the full-length windows.  As the pressure inside mounted a spiderweb of cracks began to form, spreading across the panes until they gave out as one, glass being hurled into the distance from the sheer force within.  Unhindered, she bulged outward in all directions, bubbles of flesh erupting in all four directions until the speed and scale of her growth took their toll, and she detonated with a bang that rolled out through the still air.

And the sun rose on a new day.

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