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Wonka walked in front of her latest tour group. Her wide hips and ample ass bounced and jiggled with every step. Her skirt was so short it just barely covered her panties. Amber hadn’t been able to keep her eyes off Wonka since the tour began, even now she was struggling to ignore the heat between her legs as Wonka walked in front of her.

“Here we are,” Wonka stops in front of a door and points towards it. “The Balloon Room. In here we develop out balloon relate technologies. Self-inflating balloons, self-repairing balloons, unpoppable balloons.” Wonka opens the door, and the group enters. Inside are balloons of all colors and sizes floating around. The room is round, and the walls and floors are padded. Amber was the last to enter and as she did she felt Wonka’s hand brush down her ass, Amber whimpered, and a wet spot formed on her sweatpants. Amber’s face flushed and she turned to look at Wonka.

“Are you ok dear? Your face is all red.” Wonka let a sly smile form on her face.

“Yes, ma’am.” Amber quickly turned and walked away. She slid away from the rest of the group, too flustered to be around anyone else. Amber turns around when she hears a noise and sees Wonka standing behind her. Wonka quickly approaches and presses Amber up against a wall with her large belly and breasts. Amber can’t help but let out a moan as she feels Wonka’s body against hers.

“I knew it, you’ve been staring at me since you got here. You can’t help yourself can you.” Wonka reached between Amber’s thighs and lightly rubbed her pussy through her sweats. Amber nearly screamed from the sensation of this woman she’s been ogling touching her. Wonka teased her for a moment before taking a step back.

“Since you like staring at me so much how about we make a deal. Do what I say, and I will keep you here after the tour? You can be mine?” Amber leaned against the wall for support, her breathing was quick, and her face was red all over. The wet spot on her sweats had gotten bigger and she could barely focus, she just wanted Wonka to touch her more.

“Yes, anything.” Wonka smiled and handed Amber a small vial with a light blue liquid in it.

“Drink this.” Wonka handed it to Amber who looked at it for a moment. She was starting to question if she really wanted this when Wonka started teasing her pussy again. “Unless of course you don’t want to stay with me anymore?” Wonka pouted as she spoke. Amber took the top off the vial and drank the entire thing at once. They both stood there for a moment, the only sound being Amber rapid breathing as her arousal was at an all time high. Suddenly a hissing noise began to come from Amber’s stomach. Immediately her belly swelled out, she could feel she was filling with some type of gas. She wrapped her hands around her belly as it swelled up to a normal pregnant woman’s, then beach ball, then yoga ball/ Her skin became tight and all of a sudden she could feel herself expanding all over. Her ass and tits filled out until he looked like an over exaggeration of a person. Amber felt tight all over and her body felt super sensitive.

“What happened?”

“Well,” Wonka rubbed Ambers tight belly causing her to moan, the touch amplified and more intense. “That liquid was a special one we use to inflate balloons, just a drop and it evaporates and inflates a balloon all on it own.” The cold air against her now exposed belly felt good, her shirt was stretched across her tits, barely holding on and her sweats were stretched thin and threatening to burst at any moment. Wonka handed Amber another vial.

“This isn’t bad, but I think you can do better.” Amber took the second vial but hesitated.

“I feel tight all over, I don’t think I wanna do this anymore.” Wonka reached up and began tracing circles around her now massive nipples, the feeling nearly drove Amber to orgasm.

“So, you want me to stop then?” Wonka put on her pouty face again. Amber couldn’t help herself in her lust addled state. She drank the second vial and Wonka smiled as she stepped back to enjoy the show. The inflation began and almost immediately ambers shirt, bra and sweat pant burst off her. As the inflation continued her breasts, belly and ass all came together giving her a spherical shape, her thighs and arms swelled and even her cheeks puffed up. The inflation finally stopped as her midsection had swollen out to her knees and elbows, what remained of her arms and legs swollen and nearly immovable. She waddled slowly, her air-filled body bouncing, she tried to speak but her swollen lip prevented her from doing so. Wonka walked up and knelt down, Amber’s pussy had swollen with air too and was pressing against her overstretched panties. Wonka carefully teased her, even the slightest touch made her pussy throb like it was going to explode with the biggest orgasm. Wonka stands up and beckon Amber to follow her. Amber waddled slowly, much to Wonka’s delight. She didn’t know where they were headed until they entered an area where the rest of the group was. Amber stopped in her tracks as they all turned to look at her, her face flushed again, but this time with embarrassment not arousal.

“What the hell,” said one of the tour guests.

“Is that who I think it is?” Another asked as Wonka walked towards them.

“Yes it is. Our guest here helped herself to some of my special self-inflating liquid and ballooned herself up.” Amber tried to speak and tell them the truth but could only mumble and shake her inflated arms. Wonka walked back over to Amber and spoke loud enough for them all to hear. “Well dear you got nice and big, let everyone see you now. That’s what you wanted right? That’s why you made yourself so big?” Wonka bumped the woman from behind and she fell onto her belly, bouncing lightly. Wonka rolled her over as another tour guest spoke.

“Are you sure she likes this?” Wonka stopped rolling the woman when her panties were facing the crowd, they could all see the massive wet spot and swollen pussy nearly buried between her thighs.

“If this is any indication I would say so.” Wonka slowly teased her again. Amber didn’t want this anymore, she didn’t want everyone to see her like this, she didn’t want to be this tight. Despite her protests her body quickly rushed towards an orgasm and as she was about to let go and enjoy the release Wonka stopped. She whined loudly and several of the tour guests laughed. Wonka pulled out another vial and showed it to the tour group. “This is what she stole and drank. I think if she wants it so bad we should give it to her, don’t you?” The tour guests looked at each other and slowly nodded in agreement. Wonka walked around to the woman’s head and undid the lid on the vial. Amber pled as much as she could with her eyes, she felt too tight already. Wonka noticed and stopped. “What’s wrong, you were so excited before. Oh! I know.” Wonka pulled a second vial out of her pocket. “You want more right?” Amber tried to scream as Wonka unscrewed the lip on the second vial and forced both between her tight lips. Amber’s body groaned quietly as she swelled bigger before everyone’s eyes. Her panties grew more and more thin as they stretched further until they became completely see through before bursting off her. The inflation stopped as her body reached her hands and feet, she was completely naked now and her body occasionally let out creaking noises like an overfilled balloon.

“She looks so tight.” One of the tour group reached out and rubbed their finger down her body. “It’s like she doesn’t have any room.”

“Well, she is pretty full, people generally don’t get this big after all.” Wonka spoke from the other side of the woman. She leaned down and whispered so only Amber could hear her. “Why some people barely make it to this size before they go boom.” Amber’s eyes shot wide open and she began moaning in a panic.

“Are you sure she likes this?”

“Of course, just look how wet this makes her.” Wonka leaned forward and took one of Ambers nipples into her mouth. Her breasts had been pulled flat against her body, but her nipples still stood erect. The sensation running across her stretched body was overwhelming and her pussy throbbed for all to see. Wonka simply smiled and pulled another vial out. “Everyone step back. Since out horny balloon here wants more I’m about to give her more and there’s no telling if she can take it.” Wonka forced the vial between Ambers lips, and she began to swell again. As she walked around the woman one of the group looked to Wonka.

“Will she really explode?”

“Of course not. I just said that to scare her to teach her a lesson.” Amber’s body groaned as it swelled bigger, stretchmarks started to form on her body. Her hands, feet and head began sinking into divot on her body. The swelling stopped, Amber was nearly 12 feet wide and could barely move her fingers or toes anymore. “Alright everyone, let’s move on. I will be with you in just a moment after I make our dear friend here more comfortable.” The tour group left the room down a hallway and Wonka approached Ambers head again. Wonka slid a small hose between ambers lips and the pressure from her body kept it from falling out. Amber heard a beep and felt a cold liquid flow down her throat. In just a moment her body groaned loudly and began to swell again. She moaned again and again, and Wonka just laughed. “This will slowly fill you with my special liquid until I turn it off. I will be back to check on you after the tour, and to clean up the mess if need be.” Wonka walked away and Amber tried as hard as she could to scream as her body trembled with immense pressure. She just wanted to go home.

At some point Amber felt herself lift off the ground, panic set in as she floated before she felt small hand all over her holding her down. By this time her head, hands and feet had sunk completely into her body and she couldn’t see or hear anything anymore, she was just a perfectly round balloon. She wanted to cry, even more people were looking at and touching her helpless naked body now. She felt something enter her pussy and fill her up. She stopped floating up but wasn’t touching the ground, she could feel she was left floating in the air and was being held in place. While this happened, she was still being filled and inflating.

Eventually the flow of the inflating liquid stopped and while it took a while longer for the effects to stop fully Amber wasn’t filling anymore. She was so tight; she couldn’t tell how big she was but she felt massive. Hands were exploring her body, especially her nethers. She felt like she hadn’t gotten any bigger in a while, but her body had been growing tighter and tighter for who knows how long.

Wonka admired the massive balloon in the middle of the room. It was 50 feet wide and her skins was so thin she could see clear through it. She teased the poor woman’s pussy, noticing an inflatable plug inside her with a string attached to it and hooked to the floor.

“You’ve been such a good balloon, and one of the biggest. All the other women who drink my special inflating liquid never get past 25 feet before they blow.” Wonka unhooked the string from the ground and walked out of the room with her balloon trailing behind. She used her special doors for the guests that got too big so she could walk through the factory without having to squeeze her through a door. Once outside Wonka looked up at the balloon, it let out loud rumbling as it floated there.

Amber had felt hands on her and knew she was being taken somewhere. She couldn’t tell what was happening but suddenly it all stopped, she was panicking and didn’t know what was going on. Suddenly she felt something warm against her clit. Sucking and licking all around her private parts. She tried to ignore it but was so sensitive she couldn’t help but let herself fall towards her orgasm. Just as she was about to cum it all stopped and the only sensation she felt after that was her body floating up into the air again.

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