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Linsey place the hose to her mouth as the web cam broadcast to her fans. This was the first time she had done a live show and she was a bit nervous. She had earned a few subscribers to her channel over the course of the last month, and she was sure that live shows would bring in more. She gave the chat room a quick thumbs up and unkink-ed the hose. Cool water rushed into her mouth and gave her a shiver. The chat room raced with positive feedback over the boob jigglage.

Slowly her belly grew in roundness. She was a chubby girl, but since starting the channel she had gained ten pounds. All the new gain seemed to go to her breasts and belly, all of which the fans loved. Tonight she was wearing a lacy new bra that was just sheer enough not to get her account flagged. It was aqua blue to symbolize tonight's water bloat. She bought it a size smaller than she normally would've to let the viewers get a nice show of her cleavage spilling over. She wanted to separate herself from the other girls on the site with that little extra showmanship.

Meanwhile the people on the chat were raving about the swelling they were witnessing. To their amazement her belly had already doubled in size with no signs of her slowing. The comments came fast and furious about how sexy she was and how much they wanted to touch and rub her belly now.

Linsey loved all the attention and praise. Her channel was really the first time in her life she had received such positive appeal about her body. Although she tried to keep up with the chat, the fullness of her stomach became too distracting. She was caught though between the increasing love coming from viewers and feeling of nausea from being so bloated. By this point she was in a lot of discomfort because this had been the most she had ever drank.

She had a enough and to the disappointment of the chat she reached for the hosed and kinked it. When she spit out the hose she failed to drink the last bit left in the hose on her side of the kink and water slashed down her body.

The crowd ate it up as she rubbed the water around her belly making it glisten in the light of the desk lamp. Tired of holding the hose she got up to deal with it. While she was gone she missed the ample compliments about how cute her pink satin panties were. They hugged the supple curves of her large backside quite pleasingly.

As Linsey walked toward the kitchen she felt quite dizzy and light-headed. Also she noticed that her balance seemed thrown off and attribute it all to maybe overdoing it a bit. She saw the pie on the counter that she was saving as a special unannounced treat, but given how she wasn't feeling well she left it behind as she returned to the computer.

As she sat in her chair rubbing her hands around her belly, the feeling of the room spinning wasn't abating. If anything she felt like it was getting worse, so she ended the show with the excuse that she was gonna work on getting it uploaded to her channel. Feeling a bit guilty she did try to get it to upload, but she was forced to give up and go lie down in bed.

It took her awhile, but finally she forced herself to sleep so that in the morning maybe she would feel better. While she sleep her body was in overdrive trying to deal with excess fluid. This might have been the cause of her dream about becoming a blimp being used to ferry tourist over a scenic mountain range.

First her body pumped fluid into the cells around her buttocks thighs, and legs. Soon her ass had swollen to the point where her panties a slid up to make for a severe wedgie. When this wasn't enough the glands in her breast began to fill. With still so much water left to process her body began to flood cells all over her body. She was chubby before but now she was getting rather luscious. Flesh spilled out all around her undergarments. All of this swelling did effect the size of her stomach shrinking it somewhat, but there too the cells were full of excess water.

It wasn't enough however, now her body tried to shed water through her skin. There in the moonlight pouring in from her window she lied there glistening in sleep. Her once double D breasts now spilling from her bra after being swollen an addition two cup sizes now heaved heavily with each breath. Tiny beads sparkled as the rolled down into the valley of cleavage. She stirred slightly in her sleep rubbing her legs together. Her thighs were full and shined in the light. Then she rolled over and stuck her round bubbly butt into the air. Her panties left nothing to the imagination. The moonlight reflected from her plump checks like the sun rising over a pair of rolling hills.

She rolled over around mumbling softly in her sleep. Her belly was a massive pale mound in the light, and her belly button deeper than normal. Along its sides a few pink stretch marks had appeared recently. She awoke abruptly from the dream. Her mind flashed with the vague memories being over filled, popping, and crashing into the tree line. She was relieved that the sick feeling that plagued her before was now gone.

She sat up and took notice something was wrong however. Linsey was shocked to see the state of her body. She felt quite bloated and a little chilly as she laid in a pool of sweat. She left her bed and stood in front of a mirror then admired the effects of bloating with a quirky smile. After a bit she decided to make up for not getting the video of the night's show on-line by shooting a supplementary showing off her new expanded form.

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