Water Park Quarrel

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Two men, one the Project Manager for a design company, the other a Construction Manager for a contract company are having a short touch up meeting to discuss the completion of the theme park Water World’s latest water slide.

“K well all the pieces of pipe, bar one have been installed”. The last piece is going to bridge the 6m gap to the pool where the slide ends up”. “Alright sounds good, any problems or difficulties I should know about”? “Nah should be alright, the schedule says we have till 6pm tonight to finish up here, and all there is to do is to install the final piece like I said and then function test the pumps and indeed the whole slide before we can open it tomorrow morning”. “Okie dokie, right well all I need to do is sign offffff…. Hang on a sec, that last piece looks different”. “Yeah unfortunately our procurement officer forgot to order the final piece of tube, so I had to personally order it myself”. “The bad news is that given such short notice, the only pipe I could find was a narrower piece from another supplier, hence if you look closely, you can see we had to install a reducer pipe such that the last piece can be connected”.

”How much smaller”? “Well the standard pipe is 31.5 inches, and the final diameter of the tapering piece is 26 inches”. “Sounds a bit tight don’t you think”? “Not really when you consider this ride is meant for kids, plus the owner of the park has informed me that they will have height and erm… girth requirements for all those who want to use the slide, so provided no fat moron decides to feel skinny and use the slide without the operator noticing, there shouldn’t be any problems”. “Fair enough, well then I’m off, give me a ring tonight to let me know how it goes”. “No worries, cheers”. “Oh by the way, what is this new ride gonna be called”?...... “Waterfall”.

At that, the two men shook hands and went about their business.

The following week, with the new water slide opening on time and functioning perfectly, a young woman named Samantha was celebrating her 20th birthday, which she had decided to celebrate at Water World with a group of her friends. This option was not her first choice when it came to parties, this is because Sam was quite plump… beyond plump… beyond fat really. She wasn’t particularly embarrassed by her size, but she did take to wearing loose fitting clothes and rarely going to the beach. Today was different however, it was her birthday and she felt invincible, besides it had been a while since she had been to a theme park and in her bikini, plus one of her friends, Michael who was part of the maintenance staff at Water World had managed to score her some discounts. “Michael”! shouted Sam. “Michael”! “Yeah”!? Answered Michael across the pool area, he was busy testing the pools chlorine levels.

“Don’t tell me you forgot today was my birthday…..”. An annoyed expression creeping its way across Sam’s face. “Of course not, but I told you I couldn’t get today off work, my boss is an asshole and said I didn’t give him enough of a heads up”. “Awww, well I guess you’ll have to make it up to me… with more favors” said Sam as she pulled a sad face with a petite smile. “You want more favors? I got you this discount didn’t I”? “Yeah I suppose, but it would have been nice to have you join us”. “I know I know, I’ll make it up to you I swear”. “Hmmmm ok, well I guess I’ll see you around, me and my buds here (gesturing to her friends behind her) are gonna be here all day so toodles”. “Toodles” said Michael with a floppy hand wave before he bent down to continue taking water samples.

A moment or two later he glanced up at Sam who had just gotten undressed to expose her rippling body partially concealed by a pink two piece bikini. He looked more closely at her backside as she put her clothes into her bag. His immediate reaction at this point was to mentally slap himself and look back down to his work, but soon after realized he was staring at her again. Her bikini top cut deep into her folds particularly under her arms. Michael stared at these roles, occasionally eyeing some flabby side boob as Sam lifted her arm to point something out to one of her friends. Thankfully her bikini bottom was reasonably large so it covered a lot of her ass… although there was A LOT of ass to cover. What wasn’t covered seemed to be made entirely of dimples, like her ass was made of grapes or marbles before being covered with white skin. It almost appeared to be alive as it jiggled and reacted to every movement Sam made… it was hypnotic, mesmerizing.

Michael didn’t understand why he was so intrigued by Sam’s bulk, but what every the reason, he couldn’t look away. Without realizing, Sam turned around and waved at him, before replying to his blank gaze with a questioned look, followed by “What are you looking at”? “Ah shit, I must look so freaking stupid looking at her like this”!!! Michael thought to himself. “Ah nothing Sam… ummm that’s a nice bikini….” He blurted out with a half assed smile across his face.

“Riiiigggghhhhhtttt”. She turned back to her friends and said something, before they all walked off towards the water slides.
“SHIT, FUCK SHIT, DAMMIT, SHIT, STUPID MORON, SHIT ARRRRGG”! “Now she probably thinks you like her or something”. And with that he collected his equipment and walked off to write his report on the pool chlorine levels.

A few hours later, while Michael was on his lunch break in the common room, his manager walked in and interrupted his meal. “Some really fat chick is out the front asking for you”. Sam? Michael dropped his knife and fork and casually strolled to the front desk where he found Sam back in her clothes, however her shirt was half open and soaked from her still wet bikini. Either he had misread the chlorine levels or she had been crying, he knew this cause her eyes were red. Despite this, Michael found himself once again staring at Sam’s body.

“Michael, that asshole up there wouldn’t let me go down the slide”! “What asshole”? he replied trying to sound concerned. “That asshole up on the waterfall ride”! “Ok ok well hang on a second Sam, it s probably because that slide is meant for kids you see”. “But he didn’t say I couldn’t go on it because of that, he said it was because I’m too fucking fat”! Michael didn’t really know what to say, Sam was very large, and he did question the suitability of that ride for Sam when he began trying to imagine her fitting into it. “Well ahhh… ummm”. “Look I know I’m fat and all, but this is the first time I’ve ever been told I can’t do something because of it” Sam explained. “You have to get me on that ride Michael… please… for me”. “Well look Sam, I can’t, I mean I’m just a pool boy really, if he says you can’t ride it then I’m afraid you can’t ride it….. right now” he said as he trailed off. “What do you mean right now”? Sam asked, beginning to sound normal again. “Well I guess I could sneak us in tonight after close and you could have the slide all to yourself”. “OH MY GOD you serious, that would be FUCKING AWESOME”! Sam waddled up to Michael and hugged him. He felt her body touch him, then spread out all over him as she squished into him. She pulled away and giggled when she saw that her wet bikini had left two wet patches on Michael’s work shirt. “lol looks like your lactating there Michael”. “Ha…ha very funny missy, now go home so I can finish work”, he fired back with a smirk across his lips. “Meet me here around 730ish ok?” “Okie dokie Michael, see you then, and thanks again”.

Later that night, the two met up behind the water park before sneaking in through a back gate which Michael had a maintenance key for. “This is going to be awesome, no rules, no lines, nothing but us and the slides” whispered Sam as she started taking off her clothes. Michael was surprised somewhat to see Sam still wearing her pink bikini. “Better not turn any lights on, we don’t want to attract any attention, this place is closed after all”. “I figured that idiot, I’m fat but I’m not stupid durrr”. Sam crossing her eyes and flapping her hands by her side, trying to look like some sort of retard fish or something. In any case it got Michael’s attention, even if for the wrong reasons. He was staring again at the way the flab on her incredibly wide hips absorbed the impact of her hand slaps and then dispersed the energy throughout her leg via a rippling effect. He quickly snapped out of it and pretended to laugh at Sam’s antics. “Haha, you look ridiculous, anyway let’s get cracking with those stairs, I’m pretty sure the waterfall’s controls are up top where that asshole was sitting before”.

And with that the two began climbing the twisting stair case to the top. Michael, acting out of politeness told Sam to go in front of him, only to realize after the view he would have the entire way up… which for some unknown reason was becoming more and more comfortable for him to look at. The whole way up, he gazed at her posterior. She was saying something, but Michael wasn’t listening in great depth, only enough to give single word responses like, “yeah”, and “aha”. He kept wondering how on earth her bikini bottom didn’t rip off when she walked. The crack between her ass seemingly swallowing the triangular shaped fabric, taking it away from his inquisitive eyes.

“Well… here… we… are Michael” huffed Sam as she overcame the final step onto the waterfall platform. Michael soon followed and again found himself doing a double take, comparing the diameter of the tube with Sam’s hips and ass. “Well go on then, turn on the water, or slide or whatever and let’s do this while we’re young”! Michael snapped out of his mental comparisons and complied. “Hang on hang on, the control panel is around here some…. Aha, there it is”. “Well switch it on I wanna slide already”. Sam was getting anxious. Michael pushed a series of buttons on the panel, “There we go, just give the pumps a minute to get the water flowing properly”. Sam waited with a very annoyed expression, but she knew Michael knew what he was doing. “Ok should be good now, hope the water is still warm… and not yellow… ewww”, the two of them laughed in unison. “Ladies first”. “Nah ah, you have to be at the bottom when I hit the pool, it’s gonna be an awesome splash”.

“Fine fine”. And with that Michael climbed into the tube and pushed off head first on his stomach. He had been on this ride a hundred times since it opened so he wasn’t very excited. He made his way through and finished with a moderate splash in the pool at the end. He turned around and waved to Sam, giving her the signal to go, which she did in a rush. As she climbing into the tube head first her butt hit the top of it, she backed out a little and lowered herself a little more before entering it again. “Here’s to that asshole who called me too fucking fat” she smirked to herself as she pushed off down the tube.

The tube was typical, left turns, right turns with a couple dips to help keep you up to speed. Sam didn’t find the ride itself super, it was more the “FUCK YOU” to the operator who said she was too fat. “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE”, “FUCK YOU…..” she stopped her rant as she felt her ass sliding against the roof of the tube. “What the…. Haha I guess that guy was right, but oh well, I’d like to see him stop me now”. A phrase she quickly became attached to. “I’m slowing down”? Indeed Sam was slowing down, she was nearing the very end of the ride when her speed slowed to a crawl, and then to a halt. She was a mere meter from the end where she could see Michael looking back at her. “Haha so much for that awesome splash ay” he laughed. “Shutup, I think I’m stuck”!?! “Stuck… haha maybe that guy was right about you”. “Fuck you, get me out already”. “Alright alright give me a second”. Michael climbed back into the pool and started wading towards the end of the tube. While wading he noticed something strange, there was no water coming out the end of the tube. “Haha you really are stuck, you blocked the fucking tube”! “What”?! was all Sam could reply with. “Notice how no water is getting past you, you’ve blocked the tube completely… this could be fun lol, where is my camera”? “Shutup Michael, just get me out, I think the tube is filling up behind me”. She was distressed but Michael could tell that there was still some humor in her voice.

The end of the tube was about half a meter above the pools surface, and when Michael got to it he had trouble climbing up. “Hurry up, I think this fucking tube is shrinking or something, it feels tighter somehow”. “I’m coming I’m coming, I can’t get a good grip on the tube, it is designed to be slippery you know… although clearly not slippery enough haha”. Sam shot him an evil look and he quickly bit his lip to stop laughing. “Seriously Michael hurry up, this pipe is starting to feel really tight”. “Your just getting claustrophobic don’t worry”. “No seriously, either its shrinking or I’m…. I’m….” she couldn’t finish her statement. At this point Sam had been stuck for several minutes, what with Michael laughing, wading over and then struggling to climb back into the tube. “Hey wait I think I’m sliding free, look”. She was indeed sliding forward, but something felt odd, very odd. Her ass and pussy felt very vulnerable, with a cool wet feeling slipping up between her nether lips and cheeks. She couldn’t put her finger on it. “See I told you to relax, look you’re almost out the end” said Michael in a re-assuring voice”. “No, wait something is wrong, I feel weird”. She continued to slide towards the end of the pipe which still felt incredibly tight around her. Soon her arms past the exit, then her head, then her squashed boobs popped out one at a time…

Pop… pop

She continued to slide however she was again slowing. She stopped with what she thought was half her stomach out of the tube. At this point she looked like a sideways muffin of flab with a head, two arms and two fat boobs. “Shit I didn’t make it, pull me out Michael”. Michael grabbed her waiting hands and began to pull with all his might, but no matter how hard he tried Sam refused to budge. “Looks like your really stuck there Sam”. “You moron tell me something I don’t fucking know”!!! screamed Sam and she began to panic.

“Well ummm………………….. your boobs are getting bigger….”. “What”!?! “Seriously, your boobs are getting bigger Sam, LOOK for fuck sake”. Sam looked down with both her eyes and her hands and what she saw dam near killed her. Her once flabby saggy boobs were perking up in her bikini. Rounding up but then drooping dramatically. “WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK”!!!???!?!?! Sam went silent as she stared helplessly at her swelling tits, now the size of half blown up party balloons and stretching her taught bikini top. “WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING MICHAEL”! she bellowed “I DON’T KNOW… SHIT I BETTER GO TURN OFF THE……. Pumps”. “Fuck that’s it, you blocked the tube and water began collecting behind your enormous ass”. The tube must have begun filling up until there was enough water weight to… push you forward and…. Inflate your boobs”??? His statement didn’t make sense, even to himself. How could she have slid forward and then stopped again, unless… she never slid at all. “Sam, I know what’s happening to you, but I have no idea how or why”. “I don’t think you slid forward at all, I think you started filling with water and began growing out of the tube”. The true nature of Sam’s predicament dawned upon Michael suddenly. He quickly turned and waded as fast as he could to the edge of the pool, whereby he hopped out and disappeared from view. “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING YOU FUCKING SHIIIIITTTTTTTTT”!!! Sam’s tits were twice their previous size now, fully inflated orbs the size of basket balls.

Several minutes passed, with Sam’s form continuing to grow steadily, when she heard someone yelling from behind her somewhere, it was Michael up at the top of the slide but she couldn’t make out what he was saying. “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING I CAN’T HEAR YOU”!!! “THE TUBE IS OVERFLOWING UP HERE”! Sam couldn’t believe it, the entire tube had filled up with water and was now somehow forcing itself into her and inflating her boobs, or so she thought. Sam’s muffin top seemingly began to grow, like a true muffin raising itself in an oven. It wasn’t just her boobs that were growing, it was now her entire body. She could feel water now, intruding through the holes at her rear and filling her up. By now her bikini top had reached it limit and exploded off her monster sized tits. They were fully perked up with very little sag at all now. Her skin was stretched so tight across her nipples which had shrunk into her boobs.

“HURRY UP MICHAEL, I’M FILLING UP ALL OVER NOW”!!! she screamed as loud as she could. A moment later Michael re-appeared at the pools edge, jumped in and waded over to her. “I turned the pumps off but all that water is already in the tube behind you with no way out except…”. “SHIT FUCK SHIT SHIT SHIT FUCK DONKEY DICK” was all that Sam could coherently blurt out. “What’s going to happen to me Michael”? “I don’t know Sam, I honestly don’t…” HRRRR AGGGGHHHH. He was interrupted as Sam grunted at the grotesque amount of pressure she was feeling now in her pussy, asshole, tits and stomach. Before she could curse again she felt her arms gaining weight. “SHIT NOW MY ARMS ARE FILLING”!!! indeed they were, jutting out from her giant body, which was now wider than the diameter of the pipe. Minutes passed as more and more water spread Sam’s nether lips and cheeks and entered her, obligating her to grow further outward.

Michael had no idea what to do, or even if there was anything he could do except watch as this enormous woman in front of him became more enormous. It was such a gradual growth that he had to study her form to confirm that she was indeed swelling. He hesitantly placed a hand on Sam’s skin, somewhere below her left tit. What he felt shocked him tremendously. There was very little give at all. He looked up to see Sam gritting her teeth with her eyes shut. Michael looked all over her form, taking note of the dark lines where her fat folds used to be, and how rather than lines were now thickened strips due to the stretching of her skin. Not a single fold or clump of fat could be seen, just a seamless expanse of skin, flesh and water. Even Sam’s hands and fingers had plumped up, her finger nails seeming minute by comparison. At this point her arms were like giant cones of skin covered water jutting out from her expanse. Michael felt Sam’s body again and this time felt fearful, Sam opening her eyes at his touch to see a face of shock horror and fear. She couldn’t describe how she felt, so hollow, so immense, so dense and round.

“Michael, I don’t think I can take much more, you have to do something please”! Sam had begun to cry in front of Michael, who seemed completely stumped. She had been stuck in the tube for the better part of 15 minutes now, and was nearing the size of a small car. There was nothing he could do except watch. “Sam I’m sorry, there isn’t anything I can do”. He walked up to her and grabbed her hand. Her expansion was slowing. Michael saw this, and Sam felt it. “Michael I really can’t take anymore, seriously I think I’m going to blow”. “Hang on Sam I think you’ve taken in enough water to decrease the pressure behind you, I don’t think you will explode”. Michael said that but he wasn’t sure if his statement had any validity to it. Sam looked dangerously close to exploding.

Michael had to look really closely at Sam’s skin but he was positive, small veins had surfaced. At first only a few, but as he stared he saw more and more appear. They looked like blue plant roots growing across her expanse, slowly creeping their way across her sides, stomach and her tits. Michael stood looking at these veins, until he received a small squirt of what he assumed to be water into his face. He looked for its origin, but didn’t need to look for long as he was quickly squirted again, and again. He was being squirted repeatedly until soon the squirts became a continuous spray. They were coming from between Sam’s body and the tube she was stuck in. It was clear now, Sam was going to explode. The pressure behind her was still too great for her body to withstand. He walked in front of Sam and looked her in the eyes. He didn’t need to say anything, she knew exactly what was going to happen. “HRRRRR SHIT WHAT NOW, I THINK THIS IS IT”!!! Michael noticed Sam’s nipples were growing. They stopped when they were about two inches long before water began to dribble out of them, slowly at first, but quickly increasing into a spray. “I’m sorry Samantha, but…. I…” Michael said as softly as he could. “Go Michael, when I blow this is going to be messy” she replied with a tear running down her face.

Michael kissed Sam’s hand and looked at her, longingly. He hadn’t realized until then how he felt about her. He had always known her, but never knew her. He had never seen her without baggy clothes on, and had never really spoken to her. But right now, in all her inflated glory, he wanted nothing but her. He stepped back and took in all that was her. Her bean bag sized breasts with geysers firing out of each nipple, her enormous body with a popped out belly button with enough water in it to fill a small pool, and her rounded cheeks squishing her green eyes which were looking at him with sorrow.

Her form grew all but an inch in every direction before her inevitable rupture. She blew apart towards Michael, appearing to rush at him rapidly before he covered himself and braced for the torrent of water from both inside and behind Samantha. It was tremendous, Michael was blown backwards and thrown several meters behind the pool. He opened his eyes and looked around. Most of the pool area was sloshing with warm water. Pieces of white rubber were scattered all over the place. It was done then, his friend has just exploded in front of him and bathed most of the pool area with water and herself. Michael stood up and embraced the moment briefly, before he decided to gather only his belongings and leave. He exited through the same gate they came in through, looked back at the mess that Sam created and ran for his car.

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had me laugh for a full 10 seconds

Not bad!

Not bad at all, really! Sorry that necro-bump but I was referred to this story by a friend, and I must say it was a good read! Some of the dialogue had a very "2010" feel to it, but that can't really be helped. Honestly you could release an updated version with cleaner dialogue formatting and it would be a hit. 4/5!