An Evening with Holly

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Uncorking a bottle of wine isn't really that hard. But despite my usual bravado, I was bit nervous. And nervousness gives the faintest air of uncertainty to even the simplest of tasks. One way or another the chianti would wind up opened, so it shouldn't have cause me any anxiety. I should have been concerned about the glasses, and I was, but I was also concerned about everything else because of them. I shook my head as I chuckled to myself. Knowing the perils of the human condition did almost nothing to alleviate them. I finally freed the cork.

It was a relief when the doorbell rang about half an hour later. A good chianti needs to breathe. The problem with being well prepared was that it left me plenty of time to sit and do nothing but be just a little bit anxious about nothing, really. If I'd been running late, I would have had something to focus on right up until Holly's arrival. I opened the door.

"Hello, Holly," I smiled. "Right on time."

"Of course," she chirped cheerily as she entered. "I finally get to meet you face to face."

"Feels like I've already met you, though." As I took her coat I looked her over. She was dressed casually. She wore a white cotton top, unbuttoned enough to show just a bit of cleavage, over simple navy blue stretch pants. Her long black braids fell about her shoulders and spilled down her back. I had told her, only half joking, that she should wear something she didn't mind losing this evening. While her attire was fairly plain it gave just enough emphasis to her delicious curves, her shirt clinging just enough to show off her ample bosom, her pants fitting snugly but not tight around her hips. I dragged my mind back before it wandered too far afield.

"Like what you see?" she asked, a mischievous glint in her eye. Apparently I'd already wandered far enough for her to notice.

"Yes," I said flatly. "Care for a drink?"

"I'd love one."

Did she really believe? I wondered. She wanted to, I knew that for sure. But when I told her what I'd planned to do to her if we ever met, she was a bit incredulous. Making a game out of it seemed to lighten things up. I'd made a wager with her. If I won, I had her to myself to do as I pleased for the evening. If she won, she had me. And I could tell by the way she was looking at me that neither one of us could wind up being a loser tonight.

I guided her into the living room. "Have a seat." The wine and glasses were waiting on the table. I poured for both of us and handed her a glass. "A toast?"

She cocked an eyebrow at me. "Do you really think it'll be this easy? There's something in the wine, isn't there?"

I shook my head. "Of course not. You saw me pour it, whatever's in your glass is in mine too. See?" I took a gulp of the wine. It was good enough that it really shouldn't be gulped, but I was trying to make a point. "Do you want to wait and see if anything happens to me?"

"Maybe you thought ahead and took the antidote, hmm?"

I sighed. "Holly dear, I promise you I didn't put anything in the wine."

She pursed her lips, pondering my face. She relented. "Ok. But remember, you don't have much time."

"I know." I had until midnight to get her, and she'd been quite shocked when I told her to be at my apartment at eleven o' clock. I raised my glass. "Here's to a magical evening."

"Clever." The glasses chimed softly as we touched them together, and we drank.

I settled back into the couch. "So," I said, "tell me about your trip."

"Cocky, aren't we? You've got less than an hour."

"More time than I'll need," I smirked. "How was your flight?"

She rolled her eyes. "Long, bumpy and boring. I distracted myself by thinking about what you might have planned." She smiled again. "So what do you have planned?"

"All in good time, honey." I refilled our glasses. We talked more, Holly telling me about her excruciating flight, myself rambling on far too much about the toils of my job. We laughed and shared and drank, the wine starting to settle in on our already restless minds. The conversation ran far afield and though the couch had plenty of room for the both of us we found ourselves sitting closer together. Though there was no one else there to hear our words, we'd lean in close and lower our voices to share our naughtier exploits.

Midnight was only a few minutes away when I opened the third bottle. I saw the color of intoxication rising in Holly's cheeks, and she suppressed a hiccup as I refilled her glass. "You're almost out of time," she whispered, glancing at the clock. She held her own well against the wine, but the slightest of slurs was creeping into her words.

"Funny, I was just thinking the same about you," I said, topping off my own glass.

"So I was thinking," she said as she slid in towards me, her leg gently pressing against mine, "that if you had any tricks to pull, you'd probably pull them now, since you only have a few minutes and I might be drunk enough for you to get something past me."

I brought my face close to hers. "You know that won't stop me from trying"

She set her hand on my knee, her voice dropping to a whisper. "I know. I'll just have to find a way to make you forget about your plan."

"So what are you going to do with me if I do forget, and you win?"

"I'll think of something."

I barely had to move to bring my lips to hers. Slowly, gently, we kissed. I pulled her body to mine, relishing every touch, every scent. I nuzzled up against her silky neck and breathed into her ear, "There's something I need to tell you."

"What darling?" she sighed.

"Ssssssssssss..." I softly hissed into her ear. Smiling, I released her.

Holly looked quizzically into my smug expression. The wine had dulled her just a little bit, but after a few seconds she heard that the hissing hadn't died out. Her face went blank, her jaw dropping. It was soft, barely audible, but it was still there. Realizing I was silent, she looked around for the source. The sound faded, but I knew the instant I saw the flash of shock in her eyes that she felt it, the slow pressure building in her chest.

"Wha--how?" Her hands flew up to grab her own breasts, confirming what she already knew was true but was still beyond belief. Her breasts were swelling.

"With a minute to spare even," I murmured. "Tsk tsk, I guess you shouldn't have had all that wine."

"But you--" Words failed her as she turned her attention back to her inflating bust.

"Yes, I had the wine too. I said there wasn't anything in it, and there wasn't. It's a trick I saw in a movie." She stared back at me expectantly. "The wine's just fine. The glass, on the other hand, is quite special."

"What are you going to do to me?"

I smiled, letting her question hang in the air for a moment. I could almost hear her heart racing. "A deal's a deal, sweetie. I'll do whatever I want. And right now, I just want to watch." And I did.

Her breasts filled, lifting and rounding as they strained against her top. With each heaving breath they rose, then fell, but not quite down to where they'd been a moment before. More and more of her midriff came into view as her burgeoning bosom lifted her shirt. Gaps appeared between her buttons, offering tantalizing peeks at her deliciously swelling flesh. Her breasts approached the size of volleyballs, and she pressed her hands down into them. I don't know if she was trying to squeeze the air out of herself, or if she was just checking to see if this was really happening. She gasped as her fingers sank into her pillowy front. Eyes wide as saucers, she looked to me for help.

"How do you stop this?"

"I can't," I replied shrugging.

Her voice rose almost to a squeak. "What you mean you ca-- aaaaaahhhhh!" She arched her back as the pressure inside her redoubled, causing her chest to surge forward. She tried to cover herself, but she could no longer reach around her expansive bust.. And though she'd lost sight of her lower body, I'm sure she could feel her legs and buttocks starting to plump up as surely as I could see it. Her hips stretched wider, as though they were envious of her torso and didn't want to miss out on the fun. The swelling crept steadily down the length of her shapely legs, their entire length bloating with gas all the way down to her ankles. "No -- too -- much..." she gasped.

"Don't worry, that's just your clothes getting tight. The spell makes them a bit more stretchy, but there's only so much they can take." I was beaming at my handiwork.

"Make it stop...I'll burst," she begged.

By now her shirt had crept up quite a bit, exposing the bottoms of her breasts. I reached over and gently squeezed one of her fleshy mounds. "You've still got plenty of stretch left in you. I don't know about those pants, though." I looked down at her legs, which were being pushed apart by her growing thighs. "Besides, my dear Holly," I murmured as I slipped an arm around her slender waist, "do you really think I'd I have you come halfway around the world just to pop you in my living room?"

"Unnnhhh..." Was the only response I got. She was still inflating, the gaps between her buttons were wide enough to stick a hand through, and all over her clothes were stretched thin enough that the tone of her skin was starting to show through.

"Shhh..." I whispered into her ear. "Stay calm. It's all right." I stood up from the couch. There wouldn't be enough room for two much longer anyway. Leaning over her expanding bulk I pressed a soft kiss to her trembling lips. Her face stiffened at my touch, then softened as her mouth melted into mine. "Don't worry. Those clothes feel tight now, but they won't be a problem for much longer."

As though they heard my words, the buttons on her blouse began to give. One by one, they snapped off, flying across the room, bouncing off the far wall. With each popped, Holly gasped, more and more of her bosom heaving out into the open air. The last button gave way, leaving her top in tatters. The color rose in her cheeks as she stared breathlessly at me. We gazed into each others eyes, silent. The only sounds that met our ears was the soft hissing of the gas rising within her, now causing her belly to swell and the slow ripping of the seams in her pants.

My grin grew wider as her arms began to straighten of their own accord. They were filling now, and as much as Holly tried she could no longer bend them. With a loud rending of cloth, her pants split up the sides, falling into a ruined pile about her fattening legs. Her entire body was swelling faster now, the huge balloon of her belly dominating her figure. "How big will I get?" she gasped. Surely she could feel she was inflating faster.

"Bigger." Her arms and legs stuck out stiffly from her body. She was all bulges and swells now, plump, stubby limbs protruding from a steadily expanding globe that was gradually absorbing them. Her breasts, large taut orbs a short while ago, were being stretched out into hemispheres across her widening chest.

"How much bigger?" she sked, the faintest hint of a hopeful smile sneaking onto her face.

"Much." I ran my hand across the tightening skin of her belly. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, moaning softly. I carefully rolled her off of the couch into the middle of the room. And still, she swelled.

I saw her lick her lips as she took in the sensations of it all. What must it be like, feeling your body pushed out from within, filling with pressure, stretching, straining to be bigger? I suppose I should try it myself sometime, but then I'd miss most of the view.

At it's peak, the curve of her body rose higher than my head, and was still rising. The last of her arms disappeared into her torso, leaving just a pair of dainty looking hands protruding. Her body looked like a huge-flesh-toned balloon. I pressed my fingers into her, and they sank in only a few inches before the pressure inside her matched my efforts.

"I feel -- so -- full," she moaned.

"That's because you are," I smirked. "You'll know when it's done."

"How?" Then her eyes snapped open wide. Her cheeks were puffing up.

"Your timing is impeccable." Her hands began to fill as well, slender fingers plumping up like overstuffed sausages. Her face grew rounder, even her lips taking in air and swelling to a luscious fullness. Her palms bulged out, each hand becoming grapefruit-sized ball with five little nubs poking out. All across her entire body, the pressure was mounting. Holly's skin was pulled out shiny and strained, and she found herself squinting over her swollen cheeks.

The fear showed only her eyes, as the rest of her was completely immobile. We both heard it, the soft groaning of overtaxed rubber emanating from her. The sound grew louder, her entire body quiver as she tried to struggle to somehow fight it. She stared intently at me, her breath coming in ragged, terrified gasps. "Make it stop, I'm gonna explode!" she squeaked.

"Sssh." I touched my finger to invitingly plump lips. She was quiet. "Listen." The hissing had stopped. She heaved a sigh of relief. "To think, you didn't believe in magic."

"Okay, okay, I'm a believer now," she said, her words slightly impeded by her inflated lips. "So now what you going to do with me?"

I pressed my body up against hers, reaching my arms about as best I was able, rubbing my entire self against her. I murmured into her ear, "Whatever I want."

Author's Note: 

This story was a special request for a particular lady who holds the special distinction of being the only inflationist I've ever met in person. This story and its sequel were written as gifts to her, thus the first person perspective.

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