An Old TechtonicPressure Art Trade

This is a very late and a couple years old art trade that I made for TechtonicPressure back in 2017. But, he wanted one of his original characters, Karami, to be inflated by drinking an experiment that she made. 


An Old TechtonicPressure Art Trade
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I spend a lot of time thinking about geeky things. This probably isn’t surprising. Also unsurprisingly, a lot of this geekly energy is directed toward inflation.

For example: Water can be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen. There have been a few inflation stories that have made use of this device. But have you ever wondered how much expansion results from turning water into hydrogen and oxygen gas?

You probably haven’t, but I have. Yes, this is the sort of silliness I sometimes ponder when working out story plots. Gird thy loins, there’s math afoot.

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