Floating with Attention

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As she typed away in her MSN group chat, Jen smiled and smurked as she fooled around with the feelings of the guys she met online. Each one she would play and garnish their attention in order to make herself feel better. One by one she would get them interested in her like a spider's web, then after they began making moves and become hooked, she would block them quicker than air fills a tire. Tonight however, her attention needs would guide her to her fate.

Jen's need for new guys had led her to a few random role playing sites. Since she had been known for her antics on other sites by the admins, she would often see the BANNED logo imprinted all over her screen. This new site she had found was one that allowed her to make up a character and chat with others. Many of the people would create interesting supernatural stories or ones involving huge conflicts, Jen on the other hand decided to describe herself.

Her need for attention had caused her to work quite hard on her appearence. She wore fake eyelashes that sparkled with each blink, contacts that caused her eyes to glimmer in the sunshine like water, flawless skin that was smooth as baby's skin, hair long and black and smooth as silk. "Well my face is done" Jen gloated, "now its time for the rest of my sexiness". Jen was a glamorous Japanese girl with a little hint of American girl in her. Though she looked pure Asian, she had the butt and boobs that held the perfect round and perky shape. "All I need is a mirror and this writes itself", Jen continued her cocky attitude thinking of all the attention she would get. 

After naming some of her interests, Jen thought outloud to herself "Do I dare deny these boys my honest beauty?, nawwww". And with that Jen uploaded a picture of herself in her favorite pair of daisy duke shorts and a white tank top. Immediately Jen had begun to receive messages, her face sparkled as she felt so many eyes laying hold on her. Just then, she noticed one guy's profile that seemed quite smooth.

His SN on the site was noitalfnI, she fixed her sites and began turning on her 'Asain Charm'. She taunted and flirted with him "Oh Noita you are Mr. Smooooth & Sexii". He fell right into her web and gave her the attention she desired. Weeks of their talking had led to them exchanging phone numbers, just as he was ready to inform her that he would like to make more of a relationship with her, she crushed him like sooooo many before. "Ew gross" she whined "your like an online bro to me". He was crushed. At that point Jen said "well I drained him, onto the next toy"... Noitalfni was not done yet.

Jen had a real life other than her online heart breaking, she attented College as well. Of course in her real life, Jen always ignored and thought of herself as better than everyone else. She was quite mean and shrewed towards others so many tried not to talk to her. As her last class was excused, she made her way to her car blasting her dance music so loud everyone around could hear it. Upon reaching her car Jen climbed in, not noticing the street lights all around her car had been shot out. Once the door closed, all Jen heard was the leather stretch and WHAP!

"...I waited til you wore that favorite outfit of your's Jen". Jen awoke slowly hearing just this guy's voice. "Whe...wher....where am I?" Jen cried. "I wanted to let you know JEN, that your playing ways have sealed your fate". Jen suddenly felt a cloth around her nose and mouth and blackness returned.

"AHHHHHH!" Jen awoke, she was in her bed just like every normal night. She hopped out of bed and looked at herself in the mirror. Before her was her normal self, standing with her flannels and white tanktop on. She thought to herself, "oh my just a bad dream, maybe I better chill off the online social scene for a bit". After a quick shower, Jen made her way into her room, she grabbed a pair of leggings and a t-shirt "Time to enjoy my saturday" Jen said thankfully. 

For breakfast Jen usually had some milk and cookies, small and sweet. Today though she found out sadly that she was out of milk. "God damnit" she exclaimed,  "eh I guess water will do" She grabbed her favorite cookies and got some water out of the fridge. "Nothing like purified water to keep my figure" Jen said. As she began to drink, she noticed something, her water tasted a little funny and was extremely cold. "Burrrrrrrrr, that fridge must be running too cold again". So she finished her cookie and chugged the water quickly. 

"Jeez that water made me cold" Jen said "I need my shoes". Jen slipped on her sandles and grabbed a blanket to warm up. As she laid on the ground under her comfy blanket her stomach began to feel odd. "Feels like I need to burp but I can't." It had begun.

"owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!" She moaned, "this really hurts, did I drink last night?" She suddenly felt all her clothes tighten up, "owww my feet!!" She threw the blanket off to see her shirt rising as she appeared to fatten up. As her eyes grew she also noticed her feet being strapped by her sandles. Suddenly SNAP! SNAP! both her sandles flew off. "OMG OMG OMG WHATS HAPPENING TO ME, MY PERFECT ASIAN FIGURE!!!" She began to notice her voice reach extremely high pitched levels, "Ahhhhh..hhh...hh...h..." Her voice hit such a high pitched she could no longer create words.

Her stomach was buldging out like a muffin as the rest of her body swelled up. Everything growing from her cheeks to her feet, Without being to speak, all she could do was squeak. She just looked at her body as it plumped up bigger and bigger as her leggings and t-shirt stretched. She couldn't move, her arms and legs had filled with so much air that she remained stuck in a star shape. Fiber by fiber her clothes struggled to hold on. Jen began thinking in her head "My body, OMG what has happened to me!!"

She began to round out, surprisingly her leggings and t-shirt held on. Jen suddenly started to feel herself lose touch on the ground, suddnely roling forward with her hair weighing her down. Jen floated there in her living room continuing to grow, her body has reached perfectly round as she felt her cheeks begin to fill up. Her inflated cheeks felt the pressure of her once hot body not forcing against them. She could feel her hands filling up as well and within seconds they had become round with each finger looking like fat boiled hot dogs. Her feet had continued to grow rounder and bigger with each toe becoming an inflated little ball. Suddenly she felt her belly button pop out and she heard of laugh.

He appeared from the hallway, "Look at this cute little Asian girl now, her once beautiful figure now is nothing more than two round cheeks, two balls with five hotdogs sticking out, feet the size of a mini van, and a nice round body that looked fully inflated and bouncy." Jen squeaked as loudly as she could but the gentleman only laughed as he spinned her in mid air so they were face to face.

"I control you now Jen, you played with so many boys thinking your beauty would last forever. I have great news for you though. You will live forever, you will never age, you will never change! Ha Ha!" He grabbed her and pulled her outside, "I new saw this coming and made sure to cut a hole in your wall to fit you." He grabbed her leggings and pulled them open.

Jen squeaked as he began to climb in and started blushing bright red. As they began to float away, he said "Don't worry Jen, I'm only going to play with you a little bit"

Author's Note: 

First story, long build but I think I did an excellent job :)

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The structure is odd, first

The structure is odd, first you built it up as a purely cyber thing, but then you gave her a house life; it read like a different story. Also, there was a mistake in the inflation: you never say she started floating, yet it is implied when the guy appears in her home. Also, the method of inflation is not clear at all. Lastly, the guy's motivation made no sense. This is a case where you "tell instead of show". You tell me how Jen is and what she does on the internet, but you never show me; when you do, it hardly lives up to whatyou described. She rejects Noital by telling him "you are like an internet bro to me". How does that qualify her for being inflated, or portrays her as a bad person? She is just telling him she sees him as a friend. So you told me how she acts, but you didnt show it, and when you tried to, it just did not work. All that aside, its great to see new people giving stories a shot; we need more inflation writers to come out of the "aspiring" phase.

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I like it but dont get the

I like it but dont get the ending