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Jessica was bummed. She was hoping to start over in a new school. But somehow Veronica, the most popular girl, in school managed to get a picture of Jess when she was very obese. Back then, she was practically inflated. Now, she was almost pencil thin. But did it matter? No.

She walked into a new store. She didn't know what it sold, just that it seemed interesting. To her surprise, it sold balloons, pool toys and other inflatables. She walked around to see what else it sold, but found only inflatables. Jess was thinking that this shop was either crazy, or loved plastic and rubber. She found a suit that you inflate to look like your actually inflating. It looked interesting so I grabbed it. The cashier seemed ok, for someone who worked in a balloon store. "Something bothering you?" asked the man. "Trying to get a girl?" Jess asked. "I'm married." replied the man. "Oh, but yeah. I don't want to bore you with-" the man cut her off by saying "Don't have to, my wife is a therapist, she'll listen. Here's her office." The man handed Jess a card. "Thanks, I guess." After Jess left, the man got dialed his phone to call home and said "Kara, prepare to give some therapy, and I'll await your verdict."

Jess didn't think the therapist would help, but she needed to vent to someone. She went to the address on the card and saw a sign that said 'Kara Endear, Therapist'. Jess sighed, wondering how much this would cost. She got inside to find a woman. "Are you Kara?" Jess asked. The woman nodded. "Ok, where do I sit?" Kara gestured her to sit on the nearby couch. Jess shrugged and did so. "Ok, so here's problem." The next half hour was spent on Jess's problem. "Do you know what I should do?" asked Jess when she was done, amazed that Kara hadn't said a single word the whole time. Kara pondered for a moment. She pulled out a card and handed it to Jess. It said:

It's nice to forgive those who wronged you, but revenge is sweet.

"Kara, I'm back." said the cashier from the balloon store as he entered. "Oh, hi, er, Jess right?" asked the man "Yeah." "Great. So, what's the verdict?" Jess handed the man the card Kara handed her. "Oh, that one. I have just what you need downstairs. By the way, I'm Ricky." Ricky lead the girls downstairs to something that looked like a mad scientist's lab.

"What is all this?" I asked. "You want to get back at someone who was mean to you, right?" asked Ricky. I nodded my head slowly. "I have a way to do so. You see, I am a type of wizard. But I don't rely on spells rather I use potions. Specifically potions that can inflate you in various ways." explained Ricky. I laughed. "You really expect me to believe that you can turn me into a balloon?" I continued laughing. I was laughing so hard that i didn't notice Ricky grab a vile off of a table. Kara grabbed me and I stopped laughing. Ricky forced open my mouth and poured a blue liquid in.

When Kara released me I shouted "That better no be poison!" I felt a weird pressure in my stomach and looked down. My stomach was growing. Soon the feeling spread to other parts of my body. "I suggest you change into this before your clothes rip." said Ricky as he tossed me a one piece. I didn't see anywhere to run to so I had to change right in front of Ricky. Not that I cared at the moment, as I felt constricted within my own clothes. When I had only my undergarments to remove, they snapped off to reveal breasts the size of a basketball and butt not much bigger.

I finally squeezed into the one piece. The feeling was gone a few minutes later, and I was speechless. I looked like an over inflated me-balloon. I tried to move but my arms and legs were just to stretched. "Now do you believe me?" asked Ricky. "Yes. Can you deflate me now?" "Don't worry, the effects only last ten to thirty minutes. Now then, how wold you like to get back at this someone?" asked Ricky. "I need a photo of Veronica totally obese. She has my photo, I want her photo." I stated clearly, "But it won't hurt my feelings if she was completely round." Ricky ginned, "I think I can make that happen."

We spent a week preparing. I tested different potions for Ricky and I grew to love being being inflated. While Ricky was making the potion for the occasion, Kara and I redecorated her house to make it look like a studio. When the house and potion was ready, I texted my parents that I was staying over at a friend's house for the weekend.

Next we had to disguise ourselves. We were to pose as fashion designers for a Spanish fashion magazine. Ricky was the photo taker and dad, Kara was the designer and mom, I was the model and daughter. Ricky made a potion to give us a tan. Next, Kara inflated her stomach to look pregnant and temporarily dyed her hair black. I over went the most dramatic change as Veronica knew me.  Ricky inflated me to give me a voluptuous figure. Big breasts and everything.  For himself, Ricky put on a fake mustache.

We had no trouble tricking Veronica into coming, the trick was to keep up the illusion long enough to inflate her. When she arrived, Ricky said, "Welcome, I am Pablo, the man who called you. This is my wife, Amedia, and my daughter, Linda." "Pleased to meet you, I'm Veronica." Veronica looked at me and said "Wow, that's some figure. Why doesn't your dad use yo for the shoot?" I smiled. "Because he wants an American in our latest issue." I answered in my best Spanish accent. "We will be doing several outfits tonight. These will include swimwear, dresses, new era and everyday clothing." said Ricky.

I lead Veronica to our dressing room. While we were changing, I took a sip from the potion Ricky made. Veronica saw me and asked "What's that?" "Drink my father made. Would you like some?" I said. "Sure." I handed her my bottle and said "Take as much as you like, there's plenty." I smile as she drank the liquid. She handed me back the bottle. It was empty. Perfect.

We had about one hour before the potion took full effect. We did swimwear first. I had a two piece while Veronica sported a one piece. We posed in different positions as Ricky took pictures. Fifteen minutes had passed when the swimwear bit was done, and I noticed that Veronica's thighs was a bit bigger. Good, it had begun.

We did the dresses next. I wore a tight blue dress with an angled and white high heels and gloves while Veronica wore a strapless orange dress with a short skirt, heels and a pink barrette. Again, we posed and Ricky shot.  Thirty minutes had pass when we were done.  When we were done, Veronica said "Great, this dress feels tight. I looked at Kara and she smiled at me. I returned the smile. Almost there.

We changed into the everyday line. I wore a yellow shirt that neglected to cover my stomach and short jean skirt. Veronica wore loose jeans, a belt and a green t-shirt with a star symbol on it. I was growing anxious as the minutes passed. When we hit the one got mark, I felt a pressure in my butt and breasts the same time Veronica said "I feel weird, kinda bloated." The next thing that happened was Veronica's stomach exploding from beneath her shirt as my butt and boobs grew as well.

"What the hell?!" yelled Veronica.  Her breasts began to expand and show cleavage as her lower half grew as well. Her clothes struggled to contain it all. After five minutes had passed, the only clothes she wore was her undergarments and her belt. She looked like a giant hourglass. Her braw gave to reveal two breasts the size of two beech balls. Her panties exploded to reveal a large-chair sized butt. Her stomach could easily swallow Kara, Ricky and I. The belt exploded into many fragments and she expanded outward. She was easily eight feet in diameter and growing.

All this time Veronica was freaking out, constantly asking how this was happening. Her arms and legs began to be absorbed into her body as she became spherical. When she she was completely round, she was twelve feet in diameter. "Why did this happen to me?" Veronica sobbed as her cheeks began to swell up. "I will tell you why." said Ricky. "It is because you have done something to shame others when they have done nothing to you. The drink has that effect, and now there is only one way out for you." I pulled out a needle and made sure Veronica saw it. When she did, she began to panic some more.

I walked over to her, raised the needle and jabbed it into her. She exploded into a confetti cloud. When the cloud cleared, Veronica was on the ground, both naked and unconscious. "Did yo get all that?" I asked. Ricky nodded. We didn't have to worry about her remembering either. She'll think it was all a dream, even the Spaniards calling her in the first place. We drove her to the mall and placed her on a bench. When she woke up, she would find herself with no memory of the night before and completely naked.

"So, now that you have gotten your revenge, would you like a job with us?" asked Ricky. I didn't think there was anyway I would say no. "Yes!" I replied eagerly. "Great, now have a drink." Ricky handed me a drink and I guzzled it down. Before I knew it, my clothes were shreds of cloth.

Author's Note: 

I am willing to accept one request for my next story if I like it.

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Quick apology

I realize that I have changed from third person to first person without warning in the second paragraph and I apologize.

Me Gusta

I really like your story. I think it has true potential. Write more! *Me Gusta*

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I found it very inconsistent,

I found it very inconsistent, and for an inflation story, implausible. I just think the whole set up was strange and not very well thought out. Its not that I was expecting literary sensitivity or anything like that; its just that everything happens so conveniently.

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