Inflated Wives' Club, The

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"I would just like to thank Linda for volunteering to host this meeting." Marcy began, resting her teacup on her enormous, shelf-like bosom and wondering what it would be like to be able to see her feet. 

"Oh, don't mention it. I've always wanted to host a meeting of the Inflated Wives Club." Linda answered, making a rather prissy hand gesture of exaggerated humbleness and wiggling a little on her enormous rear. "I hope I didn't do too badly on the cookies."

"Your cookies are amazing, darling." Rachel answered, popping another one into her mouth and rubbing the massive belly they were feeding. 

"And your house is so pretty!" chirped Jane, the youngest member, whose massive hourglass figure bulged under the tight leopard-print leotard she was wearing. Her brown pigtails bounced as she cuddled closer to the more demure Mariko, who was wearing a stylish nautical-themed ensemble complete with blue-dyed beehive, all of which emphasized her absolutely enormous bosom. 

"I actually haven't been able to try any. My darling Philip just got a new pump, and you know the rest..." Diane flapped her hands to accentuate her helplessness, as she was still spherical from her husband's pumping and pampering last night. 

"Open wide!" Ri-ri, a tanned bombshell hourglass in a ridiculously tight and skimpy dress accentuated by the kind of decadent fluffy fox jacket that trophy wives dreamed of, leapt to her feet and, with exaggerated feminine daintiness, carried a plate of cookies over to Diane before beginning to feed her. 

Mallory and Elizabeth- one an hourglass and one a padded chubby muffin-topped beauty, had been chatting amongst themselves. The two got along best with each other- they were haughty, upper-class society wives who always showed up to the meetings draped in plush furs. Elizabeth, however, decided to share her conversation with the group. 

"I was just telling my dear Mallory the most delightful story. Did you know that I ran into my husband's mistress the other day? I had no idea he even had one! I can't say I mind too much- I met the girl, and she's absolutely gorgeous. So gorgeous, in fact, that we ducked in a hotel room to...ahem...have a little fun. I still used the incident to guilt my husband into buying me another fur, but I cannot wait to see more of her."

"Well, on that note..." Marcy said, running her hands lovingly over her breasts. "How about we begin the orgy?"

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A short segment I might expand later. 

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Definitely a nice start but

Definitely a nice start but definitely needs a sequel :-)

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I second the motion

I second the motion

I definitely am looking

I definitely am looking forward to a sequel !