Leslie's Balloon Ride

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I was attending college out of state. Away from home for the first time, just a little bird stretching her wings. Of course the down side to that was that I was away from my family and friends. I was alone in a strange place, without any familiar faces. So I was glad when I was befriended by Leslie and Cindy. We just seemed to click. Before too long we were thick as thieves, always together whenever our schedules allowed. One day they told me they had a shared interest in ballooning, and asked me if I would like to go with them on a balloon ride. College is all about new experiences, isn't it? So I readily agreed.

I met up with them out in a rural area. The place looked like an abandoned old farm. We walked over to a rickety old barn. Behind it was indeed a large wicker basket, just like hot air balloonists use.

"Cindy, can you go get a helium tank out of the barn? I have to make sure Leslie is all good to go."

"Okie-dokie," chirped Cindy as she flounced into the barn.

Debra bent over into the basket and came back up with four ropes. Each one had a loop at the end. "Okay, now I just need to slip these over your wrists and ankles," she said.

I smirked. "You're afraid I might fall out or something?"

"Something like that, yeah," she responded vaguely as she placed one loop over my left hand. With a firm tug on the rope, the loop closed firmly around my wrist. She repeated the procedure with my other wrist and both ankles.

"I may never have flown in a balloon before, but don't you think four tethers is going a little overboard on safety? I'm not that clumsy."

Debra grinned as she cinched down the last loop. "Trust me. Four is definitely the way to go."

Cindy returned pushing a helium bottle on a hand truck as Debra made sure the ropes were secure. A long hose was hooked up to the bottle, which Cindy had wrapped around her shoulder. With a shrug, she let it fall to the ground.

"Boy, its tough moving these things! Next time I get the easy job," Cindy pouted.

"Bitch, bitch, bitch..." Debra mumbled as she grabbed the free end of the hose and then moved to turn the tap on the helium tank.

"So, um, where's the balloon?" I asked.

Debra walked over to me. I could hear the helium hissing out of the hose she was carrying. She smiled and cupped my chin with her free hand. "Why, you're going to be the balloon, silly!" she said brightly.

"What do...umph!" My question was choked off as Debra rammed the hose into my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat. I could feel the cool helium rushing into me.

I was momentarily stunned at this bizarre turn. When I regained my wits a few seconds later, I went to pull the hose out of my mouth. Debra had anticipated this and held on tightly to the ropes on my wrists to prevent me from moving my arms.

"Now, now. No backing out now. We can't go on a balloon ride without our balloon can we?" Debra cooed sweetly.

I felt stiff all over. Pressure was building in my chest. I glanced down and was dumbfounded to see my boobs start to grow. My bra was growing uncomfortably tight.

Debra had noticed this too. "Ah, there we go! You're inflating nicely. Don't have to hold on to these anymore," she said and let go of the ropes. Seizing this opportunity, I tried to grab the hose, but my arms starfished out from my sides like they had a mind of their own. I couldn't bend them anymore. I couldn't even flex my fingers, either. This couldn't be happening!

My rapidly swelling breasts overgrew my bra. I could feel boobflesh spilling out over and underneath. Compressed cleavage was being pushed up into my face. The pain was unbearable!

"Oh, gee, maybe we should have told her to remove her bra first," Cindy said.

"And ruin the surprise? Not on your life!" laughed Debra.

My breasts were by now truly enormous. Easily the size of beachballs. The only thing my bra was covering were my aerolas. A slow ripping sound of tearing elastic told me relief was on the way. With a final loud pop, by brazzier failed completely. My massive boobs proudly burst forth with such force that they popped all of the buttons off my blouse at once.

"Awesome!" gaped Cindy. "This is so much better than getting undressed first! Next time I'm going to inflate with my clothes on!"

"That'll get real expensive real quick," opined Debra.

Free of their fabric prison, my boobs seemed content to stop their rediculous expansion. But a rubbery, squeeking noise from my rear told me things weren't done yet.

"Booty time!" squealed Cindy.

My buttcheeks were inflating. My already tight shorts wouldn't hold this expanding mass for long. In no time the button on the waistband popped off, and the zipper zipped down on its own. That didn't provide enough relief, and soon I felt my shorts ripping and shredding, unable to contain my expanding ass. The strips of fabric fell off of me. Just my overly stretched panties covered me, but I could tell it wouldn't last long. It was slowly turning into a thong as my butt grew and grew. As if feeling left out on the fun, now my belly started to inflate. My taut skin stretched and groaned to accomodate the building helium pressure within me. I grew light on my feet, and then suddenly I was floating.

"And we have liftoff!" chortled Debra.

I kept on expanding, growing more spherical each second. My overtaxed panties were giving me the mother of all wedgies. They simultaneously ripped apart at the crotch and the waist, and fell off of me. I rose higher in the air. My inflating torso merged with my gigantic ass. My circumference consumed my limbs up to the elbows and knees. A tug on my limbs let me know I had reached the limit of the ropes. I was pretty sure I was facing up, but my ballooning cleavage blocked my view.

"Oh, she's almost ready," said Cindy.

"No she's not," Debra said. "Go get another tank."

"But why?" asked Cindy.

"Because this time we're both going to be in the basket," explained Debra. "Twice the weight, so we'll need twice the lift. Thus, we need another helium tank."

"But...can she hold that much?"

"We'll find out. Go on, this tank is pretty much played out."

Debra was right. The helium flow was starting to slacken. I wasn't growing as fast. Soon though, I heard another helium tank being wheeled underneath me. I felt the flow into me stop. After a brief pause, the sound of a tap squeaking open told me they weren't done inflating me yet. Helium roared into me with a renewed vengeance.

"Wow, she looks so beautiful," gushed Cindy. "Do I look like that when you inflate me?"

"Pretty much," replied Debra. "Although I don't think your boobs get quite as big."

"I've got awesome tits!"

"Oh, quit pouting. I'm only teasing. Get in the basket, we don't want her floating away without us."

The rubbery squeaking sound of my skin stretching grew markedly louder as I inflated faster with the new tank. My expanding body consumed my limbs and neck. Then, impossibly, I kept growing. My hands and feet were enveloped by flesh. I was a giant pink orb with two outrageous breasts, each one a quarter the size of my inflated body. Only four dimples where the ropes attached marred my perfectly smooth surface. My skin was stretched tighter than a snare drum. I could hear it creaking and groaning, desperately trying to contain the massive pressure inside me. I didn't think I could hold it anymore...was I...was I going to explode?

"Oh...my...Gawwwd! She's enormous!" Cindy exclaimed. "Debs, you simply must blow me up that large next time!"

"I really don't think you're a two-tank kind of girl. Untie that ballast, will you? I think she's big enough."

The hose slowly pulled out of my mouth. Just in time, I thought, before I popped. I felt myself start to rise again. A gentle, cool breeze washed over my taught skin, propelling me to who-knows-where. I tried to scream some invective at Cindy and Debra, but all that came out was a helium-induced high pitched *squeak*.

"Oh, be quiet Leslie," Debra shushed. "We don't want you deflating just yet. This ride is just getting started."

From far below me, I heard a voice shout: "Hey, you two! Who're you flying today?"

"Leslie!" Cindy yelled back. "Isn't she gorgeous?"

"Amazing! I didn't think she had that much volume in her! Wait...is she changing colors?"

I could hear Cindy giggling. "I think she's blushing! Isn't it cute?"

It was true; I was so embarassed. The whole county was going to see me naked...and inflated.

Author's Note: 

This story was rather vexing to me because I didn't know how to start it, or how to finish it. All I did know was I would love to be inflated like a large balloon like Leslie. Anyhow, I hope y'all like it.

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Fun story!

Hmm. They don't tell you about the possibility of college women experimenting with helium to balloon themselves up in the brochure.  Guess you just gotta experience it.  ;)

(One little character typo in the first paragraph, I believe you meant DEBRA and Cindy there, nit-picking)

What a way to experience an ideal air balloon ride.

airtankgirl5's picture
While not precisely my cup of

While not precisely my cup of tea, I thought it was very well done!

HeliumBubblegum's picture
thats my type of a story

thats my type of a story really good keep up with the job :)

What a piece of brilliance!

What a piece of brilliance!

The only thing I could pick - if they inflate in their universe, and inflation is known for some time, then surely they thought about keeping clothes on. Hardly they undress in public when they inflate ^_^

Of course, if you enjoy flying buttons, ripping skirts in two and naked inflation in general - then I'd take my words back.

Anyways, this matter of personal taste in no way lessens the story. It's funny, dynamic, lovely and so very INFLATIBLE ^_^ Many thanks!