Rainy Day Fun

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“I can’t believe this! On our week off, it’s starts to rain for the whole week!” Reina said as she pouted, she got the whole week off from training as a goddess, Reina had the whole week planned out with Gary. Reina was Shadow’s sister and the Goddess of Innocence, though she always referred to her brother as papa for the reason being he cared for her and took care of her since their mother was in eternal slumber like the other gods and goddesses. She had curly pink hair that she tied into two ponytails. For her attire she wore a yellow and pink dress with a pink bowtie on her back and another just below her neck, she also wore pink and yellow striped stockings with pink shoes, but she had them off for now.
“Come on, it isn’t too bad.” Gary said trying to cheer up Reina,
“Isn’t too bad!? We can’t do any of the things we planned to do because they’re now closed thanks to the rain!” Reina said in an irritated tone.

“Well it could be worse!” Gary said,
“How could it be worse!?” Reina asked,
“There are other ways this could be worse, a lot worse.” Gary said, then an idea came into his head, but he wasn’t sure if Reina would be so up for the idea.
“Hey… Reina… so I came up with an idea to entertain us for the week-” Gary started to say until he was interrupted by Reina,
“Well then! Don’t just sit there! Tell me!” Reina said in a desperation to have fun,
“Well, I’m not entirely sure it you’ll enjoy it though…” Gary said trailing off again,
“Yes!? Spit it out already! I’m not getting any younger here!” Reina yelled to Gary in frustration.

“It involves you and a hose.” Gary said and Reina understood everything,
“I see, you want to blow me up like a water balloon, Victoria told me of the time she was blown up like one by you on accident, I’m curious of what it feels like, as long as we’re doing something, I’m up for it!” Reina said,
“Really!? That’s, actually surprising, well then, shall we head down to the basement then?” Gary asked,
“Yes, we shall.” Reina said and the two headed down to Reina’s basement.

Reina’s basement was large and roomy, in fact the only thing inside it was a hose, and had pink walls. The two got downstairs, Reina was for some reason carrying a bra,
“Why do you have that?” Gary asked,
“Turn around, now!” Reina said and Gary obliged, when he turned around, he saw that Reina took her dress and panties off and put her bra on, she was only wearing a bra and her stockings,
“Hey! I don’t want my favorite dress being destroyed! And I know where we’re going to put the hose.” Reina said,
“Okay, just please don’t make this awkward! We don’t want the neighbors hearing this!” Gary warned Reina,
“What neighbors? I live in the forest! Far from actual civilization! They just have this home for people who want privacy!” Reina said as she grabbed the hose.

“I guess you do have a point. Tell me when to start the hose, ok?” Gary said,
“Okay!” Reina responded and she stuck the hose up her crotch and let out a muffled and slightly embarrassed squeal,
“Okay! Ready!” Reina said, “Got it!” Gary said and he turned the water to full force. Reina felt the force of water enter her and fill her up, she saw her stomach bulge out from the water. It just felt so nice for some reason and she started to make orgasmic noises,
“What did I say about making this awkward!?” Gary said,
“Sorry, but it just feels quite nice!” Reina responded as she went back to watching her stomach grow.

In a few seconds her stomach looked to be six months pregnant, soon she felt other places start to grow,
“I feel my thighs getting bigger Gary! And my breasts too! Ohhhh! It feels so nice!” Reina started to moan more and more as the pressure was building up in her legs and chest, her butt started grow from the water entering, her chest also started to grow from its C cup to a CCC cup in a matter of seconds. As Reina’s body swelled up, Gary watched in amazement as Reina took the water so well, a bit too well,
‘Most girls yell at me or get angry when this happens, Reina is doing so well! In fact, she’s making weird noises again, remind myself never to do this again with her.’ Gary thought to himself.

Soon Reina’s stomach had swelled from her so much that it forced her to start lying on the ground. Her stomach was pushing against the ground and soon started to lift her into the air. She could feel breasts also growing some more, pushing against her bra and undoing the strap,
“I don’t think the bra is going to-” Reina started to say until the two heard a snap, the bra couldn’t contain her growing breasts came undone and fell onto the floor,
“Whelp! The only thing that remains on you are your stockings! How are you?” Gary asked, “Never better…” Reina replied as she kneaded her breasts slowly, humming quietly in pleasure.

“How big do you want to get?” Gary asked,
“I want to get as big as the sanctuary!” Reina answered,
“If that’s so! Then I think we can do that!” A voice said from out of nowhere, a portal opened up and Shadow, the Bringer of Death himself appeared.
“Shadow!? How long have you been watching us?” Gary said shocked by the controller of the universe’s sudden appearance,
“For a while now, Reina mentioned how she wanted to be bigger, and if that’s what she wants, I can grant it!” Shadow said,
“Really? You can do that papa?” Reina said,
“You want me to show you?” Shadow asked, and with the swift pounding on the ground with his scythe, the three were transported to a strange looking iceberg floating in the sky.

“What are we doing here?” Reina said noticing a larger hose now in her nether regions,
“You wanted to get bigger, so I teleported us to a big place, a VERY big place. There’s even a larger hose for your convenience!” Shadow explained,
“Great! Can I start it up?” Gary asked,
“Sure, be my guest.” Shadow said, Gary headed over and turned the hose to full blast once again. A large bulge formed and headed towards Reina with smaller bugles following close behind. Reina screamed at the first bugle entering her, but calmed down after that,
“Yes, this was exactly what I was asking for, thanks so much papa! You’re the best!” Reina said,
“Your welcome.” Shadow said, Gary pulled Shadow close to him,
“Are you still letting her call you papa? Does she know you two are just siblings?” Gary whispered,
“Yes, but she calls me this affectionately since I care for her.” Shadow whispered back,
“Hey guys! What are you talking about down there!?” Reina asked who was now lifted 10 feet in the air by her gargantuan gut,
“Nothing of importance! I expect you to get far, FAR bigger than this! So we’ll be backing away! Follow me Gary!” Shadow said and he took Gary’s arm.

During the while they had, the two guys talked, and checked up on Reina from time to time, soon a clicking was heard,
“Hey Shadow! I think the hose has stopped! Let… me… just… there we go!” Reina yelled as she grabbed the hose with all her might and pulled it, she was now 50 feet in the air from her stomach, her breasts were the size of large beachballs, and her bottom looked like two flesh colored basketballs.
“That took longer than expected, Gary, can you teleport?” Shadow asked,
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Gary said, and the two teleported to where Reina’s body was,
“Thanks! You guys are the best! My belly feels very squishy and sloshy with all the water inside!” Reina said,
“That’s the point, now, would you like to take a look at the stars and make out constellations?” Shadow suggested,
“Sure!” Both Reina and Gary said and they settled down for the break they deserved.

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