Rainy Day Fun

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“I can’t believe this! On our week off, it’s starts to rain for the whole week!” Reina said as she pouted, she got the whole week off from training as a goddess, Reina had the whole week planned out with Gary. Reina was Shadow’s sister and the Goddess of Innocence, though she always referred to her brother as papa for the reason being he cared for her and took care of her since their mother was in eternal slumber like the other gods and goddesses. She had curly pink hair that she tied into two ponytails.

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Bob and Mary's Life Part 2

(Author’s note: Bob and Mary experimented with a substance called felium or female helium a few months ago.  Its floatation properties are twice that of helium, but half the density.  Not a lot is required to achieve human lift.  They also discovered that after a month of taking felium pills, their bodies had adsorbed the felium and could produce it at will.

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