Rainy Day Fun

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“I can’t believe this! On our week off, it’s starts to rain for the whole week!” Reina said as she pouted, she got the whole week off from training as a goddess, Reina had the whole week planned out with Gary. Reina was Shadow’s sister and the Goddess of Innocence, though she always referred to her brother as papa for the reason being he cared for her and took care of her since their mother was in eternal slumber like the other gods and goddesses. She had curly pink hair that she tied into two ponytails.

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I had planned this all along. There it was below us. The huge vat of swirling, thick, green goo purported to rubberize and expand any material it contacted. In short, it could turn living matter into a balloon.

Of course, that was exactly what I hoped for. Some people have goals. My goal was to become a balloon. Not just any balloon but the biggest balloon of course.

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