Birthday Treat, A

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    James started grinning as Chloe saw his face from the corner of his eye as the train rattled onwards. They had been together for just under two years now, their relationship was going well. Well, she thought to herself, was an understatement. They were almost madly in love with each other. In fact, today was Chloe's birthday. They were on the train together on a birthday trip, and he was keeping where a secret.
    "Guessed where we're going yet?" James said to her from the seat opposite her.
    "I think I've worked it out now. It's one of two options." Chloe replied, looking up from her phone. "You said it'll be the best day of my life, so it's either that new theme park south of the city-"
    "Nowhere close" He interjected.
    "-or, we're just seeing the city sights."
    "Well we are off the city..." He confirmed.
    "Really? Where?"
    "Guess" he replied in his classic joking voice. She simply sighed and rested her head on the headrest and stared into his deep green eyes for a few minutes longer, as he giggled to himself.


    They left the station, with her hand hanging on to his and his quick stride.
    "How do you even know where you're going?" Chloe asked him after what she thought was a dozen turnings down crowded city streets.
    "I’ve memorised the route. Don't worry. We are getting close now." James replied.
    "You've... what?"
    "It's for you, Chlo. You'll love it." She tried to simply trust him, but was becoming increasingly worried. The worry simply turned to confusion, and lots of it, when they stopped outside an innocent looking city-centre building, where James stopped and exclaimed "Here!". 'Fleming and Aquinas Pharmaceuticals'.
    "Okay. What?" Chloe asked up to his excited-looking smile.
    "Look, we're on time, this is the place, just trust me." Her doubt steadily grew as they went through the old door into the foyer. A lone, young receptionist sat at a mahogany desk that looked designed for three or four workers. She looked up as James approached her.
    "Can I help you?"
     "Yeah, hi," he muttered as he drew a folded piece of paper from his backpack, "I'm here for the, uh, appointment with Doctor, uh..."
    "Oh, you must be James then." She interjected as her face lit up in realisation. "Brown hair, green eyes, fits the bill. And, you must be Chloe then, the lucky woman, black hair, blue eyes, yep." She grabbed her phone and within seconds told whoever was on the other end that the two had arrived.


    The three entered the spacious elevator as the receptionist pushed the 12th button. "Seriously," Chloe whispered to James, "What is happening?".
    He needn't have replied, "Glad to see you haven't ruined the surprise then!", the receptionist happily said, having overheard. The lift opened and after a short stretch of corridor, they reached a fancy-looking door, with a gold sign reading 'Dr Aquinas'. The room inside was a stark contrast to the rest of the building, with its modern furniture and minimalistic design against the classic Victorian city decor.
    "I'll be leaving you. Have fun!" Exclaimed the receptionist as she closed the door.  A woman in a whiter than white lab coat stood over by the windows. She had blonde, straight hair, a slim figure, and a stance that conveyed authority.
    "James and Chloe, I presume." She spoke in a powerful tone, with the sound of a Northern accent, but with the strong manner of a Southern accent. She span round and stared at Chloe for a second, looking at her from top to toe. "Please, take a seat, you two."
    "Okay," Chloe began, after she sat down on the grey-coloured seat. "Why am I here?" James began giggling again.
    "Just what I was going to explain. Oh, sorry," The woman began, "Dr Melanie Aquinas. Very pleased to meet you." She extended her hand out to Chloe, who rather reluctantly shook, but she didn't shake James'. "So, about a month ago, I got in contact with James over here. He tells me that the two of you have, well, certain interests." As the confused look on Chloe's face only got greater so, Aquinas continues. "".
    Immediately Chloe's face flushed bright red. The website in question was an inflation fetishist community website, which many times she had written pieces to. Stories, fiction, imaginations of her peculiar fetish. James discovered this a few months ago, when he discovered one of the stories she had written on her laptop, when she walked in on him, they discovered they had something else in common.
    James held her leg "It's okay, Chlo. It's not an inflation suit or anything, let her continue."
    "Exactly," Aquinas grinned, "Here we go then. Not long ago now, we made a huge breakthrough in our studies in chemical bodily manipulation. It's early days, we haven't published anything yet, we're still in testing, that's why you're here. But, to cut a long story short, we've developed a chemical that, under the right conditions, allows us complete control to edit the body of an individual."
    She finished her sentence, as Chloe stared, mouth wide open, up at her, unable to produce a word. "So far," Aquinas resumed, "We've developed a small handful of procedures, we've got stomach flattening, hair lengthening, breast expansion, skin colour changes, buttock expansion, and, why you're here, a replication of that gum from Wonka."
    "Y-, yuh-, you're kidding, you're kidding, that's impossible!" Chloe stuttered out, face still bright red.
    Aquinas said nothing. She simply opened the single drawer of her ice white desk, and produced a tiny white box. She opened it up, and produced a single stick of gum. "We've produced it in a gum form for authenticity's sake. We've been looking for an honest and willing test subject for a while now. James here told me you'd be willing. It's a completely reversible process, it's completely safe, so, do you want to do this?"


    One legal document and NDA later, Aquinas, James and Chloe were on the lower floor in a small, completely white room. Aquinas handed Chloe the gum. "We're watching from the next room. We'll be in there immediately if you need anything." With that, she made for the door. As she opened it, she looked at Chloe one last time. "When you're ready."
    Chloe turned to James. "Chlo, you really sure you want to do this? I mean, it's untested, really, and-"
     James was silenced when Chloe leaned up to him and placed her lips on his in a brief, final kiss. Her blue eyes were glowing with excitement as she pulled herself away. "Happy birthday to the best girlfriend in the world." With that she opened her mouth and inserted the gum. She chomped down fast, and chewed loudly with her mouth open, for James' pleasure. The gum itself was a strong, sugary blueberry flavour. She chewed on, and felt a cold, watery liquid be produced from the gum, and felt it slowly make its way to the back of her mouth and down her throat. She felt it land in her stomach, the cold sensation swimming throughout her gut.
    Suddenly, she moaned loudly, as her stomach made a load groan and gurgled as if her stomach was stuffed full, and she was about to be sick. She felt the strangest feeling, she felt like she had a terrible tummy ache, she was loudly moaning now, but for some reason she liked it. That's when she felt the juice. She felt it slosh around in her stomach as the gurgles only seemed to grow louder. It was cold and wet, and felt like it was growing, like the juice was growing. James, now with a near-crazy look on his face, instinctively raised her t-shirt. Her stomach was dark blue, a small patch of colour emerging from her small belly button, and covering a small part of her slightly protruding stomach, and was growing over her skin as if it was spilt water.
    "Oh my god. Oh my god. This is happening" Her boyfriend panted as he placed his hands on her sides. The juice crawled towards him, and as it claimed the patch of skin his hands were laid on, he immediately felt its cold and almost rubbery texture. He pushed up her t-shirt further. The juice was now reaching her back and was making its way into her skinny jeans. He rubbed her delightfully plump stomach some more, then, still moaning, and chewing faster than ever, Chloe kissed him on the lips again. She took off her t-shirt completely to reveal the line of blue juice making its way up her torso. It was a cold wave, slightly tingling, feeling like a wash of new life going round her body. The juice crawled over her breasts, turning them dark, alien blue, as she clutched them in disbelief. The juice went up her neck, the taste in her mouth changed from the sugary candy-like flavour to a unbelievably strong, authentic blueberry flavour.
    She moaned and chewed as the juice made it over her lower lip and spilled into her mouth. It glossed over her cheeks, flooded over her short, round nose and turned her eyes from bright blue to a deep, dark blue colour to match her new body. Her forehead was next, the juice making its way to her hair parting, from where her jet black hair was turned into the darkest shade of blue yet, squeezing down her hair, past her face, to her shoulders. She picked up some of it, gazed at its deep, luxurious colour, her hands were completely blue too, a smooth shade. James grabbed them and stared in disbelief at her pure blue, plump palms. She looked down, the juice spilling out of her jeans into her shoes. She felt it go across her feet, right up to the very tip of her toes.
    That's when the loudest of all stomach groans happened. Her stomach roared and gurgled, while the juice splashed about, it gurgled and spluttered, and felt like it was contracting. She was heavily panting now, and moaned loud enough it might have sound like she was screaming. The gurgles and sloshes of juice bounced off the walls of the room, its sound was beautiful to James, music to his ears. The sloshes and groans from within her belly got louder and louder, and seemingly more violent. Her plump, blue tummy rumbled and groaned, sloshing around its juicy contents.
    "Uh, god, James, I think it's starting, James, uh god! It's starting!" Chloe moaned, panting and still chewing the gum. James knew what Chloe meant. He stared longingly down at her rumbling tummy, placed his hands on either side and held his breath, her plump tummy seeming to shake and contract with every gurgle. Chloe was still panting and moaning and chewing, her mouth wide open as the wet, slimy chews added to the cacophony of noise emerging from the body of this completely blue girl. Her stomach was full to the brim with blueberry juice, she felt it slosh about as her stomach contracted one last time. The pressure against the walls of her stomach reached breaking point, then, the force of her juicy insides pushed out against the front of her stomach, and it rose. James' open mouth turned into a smile as her stomach expanded under his hands.
    The feeling, the feeling of her inflating; it was the best feeling she had ever felt. Her skin stretched out as she inflated, the juice within her flowed forwards, the pressure on her insides pushed out all over her skin as she grew, with an incredible sound, the gurgling of her inflating stomach getting louder as she grew, the sloshing of the juice in her stomach, the squeezing sound of her stomach walls pushing outwards, her fast, open-mouthed chewing and her moaning, panting and groaning, all lead to a more than orgasmic feeling for her, and a unforgettable front-row experience for her boyfriend.
     Chloe's stomach spilled out over her belt, forwards first, into her boyfriend's longing arms. Then her stomach grew outwards sideways and backwards, creating a round ball of skin and juice where her overhanging belly used to be. The juice pushed outwards, inflating her body, as her belt dug into her growing belly. It dug in and in, as her belly grew and grew. Then, her belt burst, in a sudden, great explosion, with the juice that was trapped behind it flying out, free to bounce and jiggle and slosh around, her trousers being forced down, resting just above her crotch.
    Her lovely, round, groaning belly inflated with more and more juice, the round ball reaching up to her torso now, bigger than a baby bump, and much more beautiful. Her belly pushed out from under her trousers, her crotch being forced down, as the top of her thick legs seemed to disappear as it joined her enormous belly, sloshing and groaning as it grew, her butt, round and plump, being forced away, and absorbed into her enormous, juicy body. The round bottom of her juice-filled stomach filled the top of her unfortunately skinny jeans, which were pushed out and contorted round the curves of her juicy belly, then began to rip. Her deep blue skin emerged under the rips in her jeans, being forced apart by her inflating body.
    James readjusted his grip. He felt Chloe's huge belly growing under his hands, inflating like a balloon, slightly rumbling. He felt her belly button, once small and cute, now growing and inflating towards him, but still cute. Her huge blue belly grew upwards, her breasts being forced away from her body as they were absorbed into the huge mass of her enormous juicy, groaning belly. Her body was unbearably heavy now, her stomach enormous, being filled with more and more juice, sloshing to and fro in her groaning stomach, as her round body absorbed more and more of her legs, which were forced into her body as her huge ballooning belly reached the floor, her crotch touching the floor, becoming her new base, as her legs were forced off the ground under the might of her juicy body.
    The juice forced her body out round her sides, absorbing much of her arms, leaving her with little stumps of her lower arm and her fat fingers. It rose up, her groaning belly absorbing her neck, her chin resting on what used to be her chest, but then the inflation slowed. Her body slightly above her chin, the deafening groaning of her stomach subsided, then with one enormous, roaring gurgle, stopped.
   She was still panting, out of breath. She felt dazed, as if she had just eaten a huge meal. She used what was left of her arms to feel her new body. James was lost for words. He felt her skin, exploring his girlfriend's new, gigantic, blue body. Chloe's body had inflated with juice. She had grown like Violet Beauregarde. She was a blueberry.
    "I-, I'm-, I'm a-, a-, I'm a blueberry. I'm so big..." Chloe finally said. She had finished chewing.
    "You're, you're the most beautiful girl on the planet." Replied James. The door opened, and Dr Aquinas walked in on the boy and the blueberry.
    "I see it was a success." She said.
    "You're telling me!" Said James, impressed at what had become of Chloe's body.
    "Do you want to spend some time alone?" Asked Aquinas, "You can go in the other room, there are cameras in here."
    "Yeah-, yeah-, yeah that'll be good..." Said a dazed Chloe, "Roll me there, James..." James clutched the top of her huge round body, holding on to her rubbery blue skin, and pushed her on to her side. The juice sloshed inside her as she was placed on her side, and her stomach let out a single groan, seemingly content with its new size. James rolled Chloe to the door, unable to move herself.
"Best... Birthday... Ever..."

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I'm trying to write once a week, either here or on another site. If you have any sugestions, feedback, or just want to talk, email me at O

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red rubber ball
Mate, excellent work! The

Mate, excellent work! The premise is similar to an idea I've been kicking around, glad to see it brought to life!

Thank you! Glad to know you

Thank you! Glad to know you liked it


red rubber ball
Mate, excellent work! The

Mate, excellent work! The premise is similar to an idea I've been kicking around, glad to see it brought to life!