A seldom-seen form of inflation

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A seldom-seen form of inflation

This is something which puzzles me because it's my favourite form of inflation, but I've rarely if ever seen it done or depicted.  Nobody ever seems to draw an inflatee with splayed, uninflated limbs.  Full body inflation always seems to involve either everything blowing up including the limbs except the head or a spherical body which has swallowed up the arms and legs.  What you never see is an inflated torso with the arms and legs sticking out perpendicular to the surface.  I like this because it emphasises the helplessness and fullness, but for some reason it doesn't seem to appeal to anyone else.

So, two questions:

* Does anyone else like that, and if not why not?

* Is there a kind of inflation you'd like to see more (or some) of?




I like it, and have experimented a little bit with it. You are right in it being a relatively uncommon form of inflation. Perhaps it is simply not regarded as the "classic" full body style, or maybe it detracts from the helplessness in the sense that the limbs are still available and visible.



I'm very okay with it.


Hmm, maybe.  I get that people don't seem to like it much.  I might try to draw it but I'm no artist.



BttrfliesNHurricanes (not verified)

Ah yes the original Violet scenario where only her literal body/torso inflates into a giant blueberry and her limbs and head stays normal. 

I think the answer to this may be very simple. It just might be easier/lazier to depict humans becoming giant balloons if they become completely round. In 1971 if they wanted to depict Violet properly I don't think they really could've if they wanted her to actually roll like she was supposed to. Practical effect wise it's easier to stick someone into a giant ball and call it a day ala London Violet. As far as how does the inflatee get to that ball form with said limbs in play? Well that's what jump cuts in film are for. 

As for animation it's the same idea. The Tom and Jerry (ugh) Wonka sort of did a faithful rendition of book Violet and even then I have to admit it just looked weird seeing her arms and legs flailing around as she rolled. It brings way too many questions and not enough answers and when you're merely trying to entertain an audience there's no reason to over complicate things. 


As for why the community seems to lack for a desire for this it's the same deal. We basically feed off of all inflation depicted in mass media at the end of the day and we as a hive mind are basically slaves to Hollywood's creative whim in that sense. If someone within us happens to do something new it's easier to just say, "Oh they're the odd one out" and look at a new depiction of an inflation as a novelty more than anything else. 

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If I'm imagining what you are saying correctly, then yes, I am also a fan of the inflated body and normal limbs.


I agree

Margeret Moonlught
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Eh. I think it looks kinda goofy. 

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I haven't thought about it much, but if I'm imagining what you're describing isn't that essentially what a heavily pregnant woman would look like? Since that's such a readily available image maybe that's why we don't see much inflation art revolving around that body type


Not really, no.  Pregnancy involves a large belly and somewhat larger breasts.  I envisage a spherical torso with normal limbs sticking out.

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If inflated like that you'll have bouncy front, back and sides which can send you flying tens of feet but all your joints will not be protected and might not handle landing well. May i suggest wearing armor of the like they use in sports or - inflating limbs?


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I have some old sprite work that I think fits this: http://darkburster1.deviantart.com/art/MK2-Nami-updated-AND-VIDEO-590835207


most of my newer stuff has inflated feet though, but the older stuff doesn't 

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I love it.

However, I love it more in fruit inflation if the inflatee is being converted from human to fruit

Berries are always sweet, no matter how sour they act, they'll always make the best juice.

Equation for juice filling: Volume/Quantity=[(Diameter*Circum


Interesting darkburster2, lots of work clearly put into that.  I'm not a fan of inflated extremities though.  Well, considering the subject of this thread, I suppose that's obvious.



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If you would include the limbs and head we dont get the inflated body like in the old wonka movie. A inflatee would more inflate in a shape that is simular of the shape as getting fat. And if we talk about fat, we talk about a difrent fetish (but with simulareties).

For me the ballshape inflation is nicer as the limb inflation. It let the inflatee looks more helpless, balloonlike and explosive. Also that the inflatee is hopeless in the middle of her bloat body is a nice consept. A inflated head looks un natural and i dont can see who im inflating (only bloat cheeck in hose-mouth inflation, that is kind of cute)

For what kind of inflation i like to see more? Dont know.... 

And boom goes the inflatee

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I do!! :D -x-x-

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