Widowmaker's Weird Predicament (GrowthWatch Pt. 2)

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"This...can't be real."

Amelie felt that her Cloaked Captain was thinking the exact same, and she felt the need to bring it up. Reaper was making an odd growling noise, as he did whenever Sombra was waisting his time, who was chuckling lightly as they watched the holographic video.

"I checked it and checked it again, this is real footage," Said the hacker, peering closer at the footage. "He kind of looks good with that...asset."

They were watching the recorded surveillance footage of a certain white-and-green figure increasingly struggling with an inflating posterior that was getting to insane proportions. Reaper seemed more concerned about the individual themselves. Widowmaker understood Reyes better than he gave her credit for, and she knew when he was putting a face to a person.

"Hah, his rear is starting to rival yours, Widow." She playfully giggled, recieving a glare that could turn Gorgons to stone. A side affect of her discontinued ballet career, plus a little biological "gift" she'd always had, her buns were almost disproportionate to her slender frame. Reaper growled at her, simply using his thumb to point to the exit. Sombra could get a little carried away sometimes, but messing with Reaper was never a good idea. She shrugged, walking out of the room and closing the door. Gabriel rewound the footage to a less embarrasing frame, a point where the ninja was holding his sword in a defensive position.

"Recognise him?" Widowmaker asked, lookign at the cyborg too

"He was part of Blackwatch. He was skilled, but conflicted, too much to go to battle before Overwatch fell. If he's back, that means one thing," He took a breath, not moving at all. He could be mistaked for a rigid corpse. "Overwatch is reuniting."

"Does that make or job easier or harder?"

"Easier in the sense that they'll be easier to track down."

"It would have been très simple if you'd managed to get the team locatio-"

She was silenced by the mere cocking of his head to her side. She fell silent. Reaper enchanced the picture onto the dart that had hit Genji, leaning back wiht his arms crossed. "Recognise it?"

"No. This is someone new."

"Someone who is tricking Overwatch into humiliation, someone we could use," He turned around, looking up at the security camera that overlooked the dark room. "Get in here, Sombra. Watch us again and I'll tear every electrical unit from your body pice by piece."




After a short interaction Amelie was sure Sombra wouldn't leave with an intact spine, she'd explained that, since she'd created the glitch to infiltrate Volskaya Industries in the first place, she knew how to track it back to the individual who created it, which is what sent Widow off to England yet again. She wasn't given the pleasure of seeing the place of her finest assassination, instead going to a large park to the west. it was the middle of the night, and she kept off the pathways, sticking to the tree line. Widowmaker was used to urban areas, growing acustom to the many vantage points tall buildings gave, but here, vissibility was low and the high grond was uncertain. She felt vulnerable.

The co-ordinates the hacker had given to her lead to a shack. There wasn't a word that did it better justice. Old, wooden, windows covered in cobwebs. She let out a noise of annoyancce, pulling up her communicator.

"Sombra, are you certain this is the right place?"

"Yes, why?" Came the voice from the other end. "Don't like the outdoors?"

She shut off her communicator before her hateable laugh made its way through the speaker. She opened the door, unlocked, holding the handle of her rifle. She was meant to make an ally of this mysterious inflator, though if she saw a single thing she didn't like, well, it would be a shame. A few steps inside and the place revealed nothing, just some gardening equipment lost to time. As she was planning on leaving, the distinct sound of a magnetic seal opening caught her ear.She turned instantly to its source. A rectanular pattern of light-purple light had appeared between the floorboards, parrelel to the wall, eventually moving up on a hinge against the wall, a metal staircase decending from the left side to the right, the underside of the trap door also made of metal.

"There you are." She whispered. Deciding to play it safe, she activated her infra-sight, looking down and around her. Nothing, the place was empty. Odd.

Taing great care, she started her way ddwon the staircase, leading into a metal, well-lit room, a blue carpet on the floor, pleasantly warm, though otherwise empty, except for a piece of paper stuck to the wall opposite of the staircase. She moved over to it, constantly looking side to side, but the room was lifeless, aside from herself. She moved over to the note, managing to read the thinly written, capitalised wording:


At that moment she felt a shapr pain on her posterior, she turned around instantly, only for a second sharp pain to his her chest. A figure was on the stairs, though in the darkness that exclusively hid the staircase, it was impossible to see them in detail. They sped off up the stairs, the ttrapdoor closing before widowmakeer made it far enough up. She slammed the butt of her rifle against it, but it refused to budge. She moved back, looking at her injuries.

Two very familiar darts.

She swiped them off as quickly as she could, but the liquid had been drained from them. The needles were short, thankfully, but she was almost scared of the likely result. She reopened her communicator

"Sombra, I need immediate evac. Target has esccaped, I've been hit." She detected a hint of panic in her voice, trying to keep it down "Sombra? Sombra!?"

Silence. She'd been jammed. Fantastic.

She felt it. it was oddly pleasant, a sort of numbness combiend with a tingling. It had startdd at her rear, and though she didn't want to look, she did.

Her ass was growing, just at a pace that made it recognizable to the human eye. She felt it, woondering if it was simply her suit inflating. Not, it was flesh, definitely, it was too soft, too squishy.

She ordered herself to stop touchiing the growth like that. It was demeaning. TALON would likely relay the jet back to her location, but that depended on Sombra alerting them immediatly. Oh God, she was going to wait it out, wasn't she.

Her ass had reached a size where a cup could be rested on top of the curve. So much for her athetic figure, her butt was reaching popular female rapper levels, her thighs increasing at the same rate. At least it didn't look fake, she thought to herself, the levels of fat looked constant across her lower section.

In her disgust of her silver-line seeking she crossed her arms, only to find somethign rested on top of them. She looked down and screamed, clamping her mouth shut with one hand. Her bust had joined the party.

She had been glad her chest was small as she went into her line of work. Large breasts made balance difficult. So much for that, her B cupss were moving up a cup size every couple of seconds. They'd reached Ds when her mind started working straight.

With one hand on her growing chest and the other on her two basketballs for a booty, she wondered how much the suit would take. it was a synthetic latex-like material, meant to be tight and not catch on anything but t the sime timenot restrict her movements, allowing itself to stretch, which it was taking full use of around her inflating rear, but she was starting to feel the squeeze. Her ass formed sections as previously invisible lines in the material's design reached their maximum point. Her breasts didn't have the same issue, but the natural divide her suit had down the middle was now housing the cleavage of E cups. The growth was scaling up at her chest.

Her lower half started to hurt, her body warning itself about the threat to circulation. the problem didn't last long, as the tiny hole that the dart had made began to open up. She yelped when she noticed it, unable to properly reach it. She got a finger in it but accidentally pulled, making the thing tear straight down her crack, showing off the underwear she had beneath. Of all the days to wear a thong.

Her chest started feelign the restriction too. It was not designed to stretch as much as the joints, and the silver-couloured lining that seperated the material from her skin wwas much less tolerant to change. Breast flesh was bulging in the gap it had, only making the cleavage deeper for her FF cups. The pain was getting worse and worse, so much she had to grit her teeth. They reached FFFs, and she couldn't take any more, pulling the suit away at ehr front, her now bulbous G cups bouncing around freely. No bra.

Her ass continued to tear the suit, cheeks like massive balloons, thighs of fatty thunder. She gave in, feeling herself all over. The fat was oddly toned, soft but firm, sso that was a plus. What wasn't was its increasing weight that she'd finally realised. The backwards growth of her ass and the forward growth of her tits balanced each other out, but added to the downward force. She tried to walk forward, but the jiggling of her assets knocked her off balance, falling to a seating position, spreading her rear out wider. her breasts had reached beyond H cups, sizes she didn't think were possible, and the same could be said for her increasing behind. her suit was history, just some scraps at her waist the only remaining parts.

She cursed to herself, resting an elbow on her tits that now reached her thighs and supporting her head on it. it was from this angle that she could sitinctly see a security camera that was hanging from the corner of the room, looking straight at her.



t had been a fewminutes since the communications went dead. Sombra imagined that Widowmaker was trying her hardest not to talk to her, which was somewhat comedic. She stretched, yawning, making a small noise of surprise as she got a message to her personal server, which was never meant to happen. She pulled up a local hologram, opening the message, a video.

Upon pressing play, the video showed the outline of an incredibly voluptuous woman, with the word ENJOY! underneath. The, the image cut to the footage of a metal room, carpeted, with a distressed looking blue woman in purple skin-tight clotthing feeling her ass, which was clearly expanding. Sombra's breath hitched as she watched Widowmaker grow. Her jacket was off, which made it easier for her hand to slide along her inner thigh to her crotch. She bit her lip.

Gabe didn't have too know about this straight away.

Author's Note: 

Yep, making this a series, felt like it

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Perhaps Dva could get some breast adjustment? :D

Into the belly button the hose goes




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Perhaps Dva could get some breast adjustment? :D

Into the belly button the hose goes




Thanks for the suggestion

I'm gonna try and give every female hero their own unique inflation so I don't repeat myself.

D.Va will get some breast inflation, but as a part of her owwn "Berry" big inflation~

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Crap a glitch. Apparently you

Crap a glitch. Apparently you can't delete comments

Into the belly button the hose goes