How I Would Inflate You: Happy Blowvember!

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How I Would Inflate You: Happy Blowvember!

To celebrate a new month and the recent forum idea of 'blowvember', I've decided to make my triumphant return!  Who missed me?  Noone?  Figured as much.


Our rules here are one per customer, unless I fuck up and write something you didn't ask for.  If you didn't specify and I goofed, I'll consider it if I find time.

Our other rules is that inflation is are on a first come, first serve basis.  So no messaging me or anything to try and speed it up!  I have a job, after all.  (Although messages are appreciated, makes me feel important)


Please include as much of the following information as possible for your mini story to be as custom as possible.  Keep in mind this can be for either you, or and OC, or just a generic second person character than could be anyone:

Gender, Self inflation/inflated by another (if so, include preferred gender of inflator and forced/consentual), a name and brief description of yourself/your oc if you want (I'll make two replies: one neutral, one featuring you/your oc), preferred shape, preferred inflation substance, and no/clean/glory popping with/without respawn, as well as any other preferences.  Let's use me as an example:


Male, Forcibly inflated by a highly attactive female.  Alex is a 5'10, slim 22 year old with short brown hair and brown eyes.  Prefer spherical inflation with helium, light to heavy teasing is appreciated, especially if he is name-called 'Balloon Boy'.  No popping or clean popping with respawn.


For the record, doing things for me such as friendly chitchat outside of this thread (or, if you really like me, writing one for me with the above info) will result in more effort in your story.  Some may even go on to be full stories on the site!  (God, this post was long...)


Here's my previous 2 HIWIY threads if you wanna browse:

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Woo, the timeless thread classics are coming back! Time to give it a try. Read up the threads, really like your small stories so here goes nothing! c:"


Male, self-inflating while pitted against another male doing the same. Not of me, though, of my boy, Theo, who looks like this. He's 23 years old and 5'10 tall if that really matters. Preferred method of self-inflating through thumb-blowing. Really like belly inflation, with possibly a mild pec growth and/or mild assflation in the later half of it. LOVE clothing straining and bursting 'till just in undies.

As a basic outline, I was thinking a sort of "trying to get bigger than your opponent for whatever shitty reason" and at first it's turn by turn, but then they start getting a bit too much into it, it goes out of control and ends up in a mutually explosive draw, if you catch my drift...

Sssssuper love onomatopoeia/written balloon noises too. Unnecessarily dramatic, building tension when it closes in on popping is also very appreciated.

...Whew, I'm too specific.



"Bigger!  Bigger!  Bigger!"  Theo heard the mad chanting of the crowd as he took another deep breath and blew into his thumb, his belly smelling ever larger and carrying him closer to his big prize.  It was the same game show that was on every week, but it was always his dream to be on it.  The rules were simple:  lay belly-down across from your rival, and inflate until one either burst or grabbed the prize ticket hanging from the ceiling above.  And here he was, in the finals!

"Bigger!  Bigger!  Bigger!"  He blew again, feeling the pressure mounting in his already car-sized belly.  His skin squeaked and groaned as he rode his own middle higher into the air.  The ticket was only a dozen feet above him, he could do this!  It would be bigger than he had ever blown himself, but he was going to win that million dollars and be rich enough to never have to deflate, ever!

Of course, his opponent picked up the pace as well.  'The windbag', a two-time champion, was nearly outpacing him.  Their bellies already were rubbing against each other, each feeling the other's internal pressure as their mid sections collided with squeaks and bwoomphs.

On  and on they blew into their thumbs, their bellies stretched past their limits, groaning with tension as air hissed slowly out of any pore it could find.  Finally, they found themselves laying atop two fleshy, rubbery, taught balloons, each fifteen feet in diameter.  And the ticket dangled between them, out of reach, wedged between their bodies.

"Oh, my!  It seems our two finalists are caught with the prize between them!  You know the rules, folks!"  The announcer called out.  "When neither can reach the ticket, the only way to win is if the other contestant..."

"Pop!  Pop!  Pop!"

"That's right folks!  Our finalists will need to inflate at the same pace until one can't handle the pressure?  Who will win?  Who will BURST!?"

A look of determination crossed Theo's face as he nodded to his rival.  Taking up their thumbs once more, they blew.  And blew.  And blew...


And blew...

Gurgle, sqeeaak



Two explosions, one after the other, echoed through the stadium as rubbery bits of Theo and The Windbag rained down on the cheering crowd.

"Wow, folks!  I can't believe my eyes!  For the first time in the show's history, a tie!  Give it up for our wonderful, tattered contestants!  They make for amazing confetti!  Regardless, I'm Jack Pumper, and I'll see you all next week on America's favorite game show..."  he held the microphone to the audience to let them finish.

"Burst!  Or!  Bust!"


It's good to be back.  I missed this.

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Hahahaha, looking good! Thanks a lot for this~


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Sound like fun, I allow myself to give some ideas as well:


Marie is a bubbly, enthusiastic redhead bombshell. 5'7, 34G*-25-36 (well, 34G* is an ever-hanging size), curvy 31 year old with long curly red hair and green eyes. She have gigantic breast implants and always try to either convince her doctor to give her a bigger boob job and try wacky way to self inflate her gigantic boobs, which can backfire in any kind of inflation or result.


In all, as soon as she gets bigger boobs she'll cry of joy as she loves them so much.

She has a friend called Mary (with an y), a shy, cute and reversed blonde who try to refrain her friend a bit and calm her when she get too excited about her incredibly big boobs venture, but can help but stare and be as excited at every bigger cup her busty rehead friend gets!

I did a few pic of those two, hope it get you some inspiration, or else it was a good read ;)

Visit the doctor's office:


"Marie, this may be your stupidest idea yet for bigger tits.  And you've had some wierd ones.  Are you sue this will work?"

"Positive,"  Marie replied.  She glanced down at her current setup.  Honestly she couldn't understand a lick of how their local mechanic had made it for them, or how it worked, but she had begged him to let her use the compressed air reserved for tires one too many times so he built this instead.

Connected to her (in her opinion) pathetically small G-cup breasts was a milking machine used to help mothers store breast milk.  Except this time it wouldn't be taking, it would be giving back.  In place of the normal suction apparatus was gone, replaced with an air compressor.  Switching it on, she waited.

Mary stood in awe at what was transpiring, The air flowed out of the compressor as expected, entering the tubes leading to Marie's breasts.  As the pressure built, bits of air forced itself in through her nipples, and with a soft hiss her chest began to grow and swell.

"No way..." she breathed, reaching over and feeling her friend's growing assets.  That got a moan of pleasure out of Marie, and she began caressing her own globes, moaning in pleasure as they swelled larger.

"Look!  Look, it worked!  They must be at least J cup by now, and still growing!  I'm so happy!"  A few tears of joy ran down her face, which Mary was happy to clean up.  Marie continued to swell for another 15 minutes, topping off with tits the size of steering wheels jutting out of her chest.  Mary was quick to show her devotion and affection for her friend's new assets through petting, massaging, kissing, and more, but all Marie could think of was how she was going to get even bigger.




Do you know how little free time I have now with a job?  I can handle this and like 2 RPs.  No time for discord or anything!  Still, enjoy.  I'm going to bed now.

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I can absoletely can relate to little free time; I have a full time jobs and kids. That's wonderful that you picked mine; it's sweet, fun and oh so busty!

Visit the doctor's office:


Hmm could be fun to get in on this.


Male, mutual / forced inflation with a woman essentially puffing into eachother via a hose or something , I'll use the name Ryan, I'm 6ft, tanned complexion with an average build, black hair and brown eyes. I prefer spherical inflation with slight sinking into your own mass, with puffed up extremities like cheeks, hands and feet. Lots of teasing and humiliation is a plus, perhaps by a third party and I'd love it if it ends with me popping in a clean bang with no respawn.

Also maybe have the rival female inflator and the woman doing the teasing be twins with a similar look to this woman

Thanks in advance.


Vacation means I finally have some time to write!  Woohoo!


"Truth or Dare, Ryan?"


Emily chuckled, glancing at her twin Audrey.  "I dare you to get into a blow battle with Audrey, and not stop until one of you is moments from bursting!"  She announced.

"What?!"  Audrey cried out in shock, but before she could utter another word Emily had shoved a hose in her mouth while Ruan, ever the inflation enthusiast, bit down on the other.


Ryan blew as hard as he could, watching as Audrey's cheeks puffed up comically.  He heard her gasp as the air rushed into her, putting a hand to her belly in shock as it swelled up. After a second, her noises of shock turned into a moan, and she blew back to make Ryan feel the same sensation.

"See, sis?  Told you it was hot as hell."  Emily giggled as she felt Ryan's swelling torso, his chest already distended from the air flowing into him.  "And look at mister fatso here!"  She wrapped Ryan's belly with a hollow bwoomph as Ryan moaned in pleasure.  Both players blew harder, their limbs swelling up and beginning to be absorbed by their ever-growing mid sections.  Ryan found himself with quite the erection, his member joining his body in its quest for size.

Audrey wasn't doing much better, her face the picture of embarrassment as she tried to fight between resisting the sudden erotic sensations and accepting the sheer pleasure she was experiencing.  As her arms and legs grew large enough to forbid movement and her breasts fused with her torso, she gave into her lust and came, splattering the carpet with her juices.

"Wow, someone was on a hair trigger, huh?  And how about you, big boy?  Think you can hold out until you're nothing more than a fat, inflated ball of gas and skin?"

"Mhmph!"  Ryan replied enthusiastically.  He redoubled his efforts, but he felt his skin tightening as Audrey had the stronger set of lungs.  His body sent waves of pleasure across him like lightning as his skin reached its limit, his head and hands sinking into his spherical body.  Even his penis stretched and became one with his body.

"And, stop!"  Emily yanked the hose out and ran her hands along her new giant ball.  "Looks like you aren't even a man anymore, you big blimp!  Nothing more than a toy.  Fatass."

"So, uh, that was great, but how do we delfate?"  Audrey asked, wiggling her hands absentmindedly.

"I'll handle deflating you later.  But for our big balloon here?  There's no fun in deflating a balloon... only popping them."

"Wait, no!  You can't do that to me!"  Ryan pleaded.

"Oh, I can!  You're nothing more than a balloon, and not only can you not fight back, balloons don't get to make decisions!  And you know what I think?"

"Wh-what?" Ryan inquired nervously.

"You're going to look so much hotter as confetti."  And with that, she grabbed her toy by his sunken head, and blew.



What fun!  Now, who's next?


Thanks a ton for writing this little tale, I love it. It's always a pleasure getting blown up in these threads, you're a really talented writer.

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Going to be pretty vauge to give you the freedom to flex your stuff.
Female, Don't care (If inflated by another, can be either gender and either forced or consentual), Velvet, spherical/mostly spherical, anything liquid/semi-liquid, no popping. I like uniqueness. I like to see something I've never seen before. I like burps and hiccups and people getting stuck in things. If that's not enough to work with, I can give you more but there you go.


Ooooooo did someone say RWBY I know RWBY

Wheres Zwei I wan mah corgi


Velvet brushed a burr out of her rabbit ears before turning to her friend and partner.  "So, why do you hunt Grimm so... aggressively, Alexander?"

The hunter glanced at the fire for a moment, sighing.  "I used to be part of a team like yours, Valvet.  Simon, Tiffany, Myself and Reginald formed team STAR.  Grimm wiped them out on a mission.  Here, look."  The seemingly draconian faunus took the short horns off his head and put the two together to form a combination bo staff/sniper, pulled an automatic pistol that uses a whip as its ammo supply from his back pack, ignited the campfire with flamethrower boots, and skewered an apple with his machine gun claws.  "I'm not even a faunus like you.  Just honoring my old friends."

"Oh."  Velvet's expression turned dark for a moment, but her ears sprang up and swiveled around.  "Wait, did you hear that?"

Alex turned, suddenly alert.  "No, but camping in these woods is never really safe.  On your guard, cupcake."

"Don't call me cupcake."

"I'll call you cupcake if I want to-OOF!" Alexander was knocked into the woods by a massive dark tendril, and a massive spider like Grimm stepped out of the woods.  In place of its eyes, eight glittering gemstones shone bright blue and green.  Crystallized dust, capable of generating the elements, and those were water crystals, and some unknown green kind.

Before Velvet could recap her weapons, the Grimm grabbed her and rammed one of its spider like tube legs up her rear.  The Crystal's shattered, and she felt the unleashed water unload in a torrent up her ass.  Her torso quickly swelled, her chest puffing out as her limbs and breasts grew to match her now heavily pregant-looking belly.  She struggled and cried out for help, hoping her friend would hear her.

"Take THIS!"  Bullets riddled the monster as Alex boosted back in with his flamethrower boots, unloading magazine after magazine into it while dodging and weaving.  Velvet's clothing began to tear as she swelled larger, rounding out with her limbs becoming conical.

"Alex!  Help!  Please!"  Velvet felt the green crystal's mystery substance flow in as well, mixing with the water bloating her to form some gelatinous slime.  She burped a little and tasted the odd substance swelling her up as her limbs attempted to become one with her now round torso.

"ENOUGH!  Alright you monster, face my real power!  Semblance active: STARs Alight!"  With a flash of light, the spirits of his past team materialized and aided Alex in reducing the Grimm to mincemeat before vanishing into the ether.  As he strode among the torn flesh, he came across Velvet, swollen into a sphere with hands and feet, clothes ripped to shreds, sloshing with goo.

"Alex?  What... what's happened to me?"

Alex poked her, a grin growing on his face.  "I think you just got upgraded from cupcake to gummy bear, sweetheart."


And this post is also a gun!  Bang bang bang!


Similar preferences to you it seems! Male, forcibly inflated by curvy, dominating woman. Hose-in-mouth pumping air making me spherical (including extremeties, cheeks etc). She could be playing a game where as long as I was aroused, she would keep inflating me. The catch is that she's doing her best to tease me, touch me and keep me excited, resulting in my inevitable demise... 




Oooh, no name!  You know what that means, right?  Second person POV!  My favorite!


You enter the final room of the challenge center.  It takes guts, challenging a gauntlet of each of the seven deadly sins' themes, but so far you've overcome them all.  The order is always different for each person and meant to wear you down though, and only a few true legends have made it through.  You hope to be one of them, but the final room, Lust, stands in your way.  You push through and enter, ready for anything.


Inside you are met not by weapons or gold or even the frozen tundra like the rooms before.  Instead, you find yourself in your own bedroom, and laying seductively on the bed is you teenage crush, Suzie.  Somehow, she looks even more beautiful than ever, and your memories of trying to court her come rushing back.

"Hey, stud.  Ready for your final challenge?"  You nod, still in awe of her beauty.  "Well, this is the lust chamber.  If you want, you can give up like any other room.  Your prize this time will be sex with me, then you leave.  But if you dare to charge forward, you must survive your deepest desire.  Make your choice now, there's no going back."

"Bring it on."

"Alright then big boy, let's play.  As long as this," Suzie grabs your crotch, "stays hard, you're losing."

"How is that a challeng- MMPH!"  You try to question the test, but the demon disguised as Suzoe James a hose in your mouth and you feel air flow in!  You find it rushing down your throat and feel your stomach begin to bloat, and you get hard almost instantly.

"Wow, you really like this stuff, huh?  You big, blimp pervert."  Suzie begins pumping air by a bike pump you didn't see earlier, and you swell up a bit more, going from looking like you had a lot to eat to looking heavily pregnant.  "You better get that rod of yours under control or I'll keep pumping until you go boom!"

You try and pull the hose out, but it's magically stuck to your lips.  You feel your limbs puff a bit, and it starts to become harder to move, but your boner stays strong as Suzie bats at it playfully through your straining pants.  With a mighty RIP, they shred themselves apart, and your short does as well leaving you stark naked and swollen to the point that an inflatable morph suit would be thinner than you.  The pressure mounts as you wobble and fall, Suzie still pumping away as your limbs fuse into your body.

"Oh, look at the balloon boy!  No arms, no legs, and a hard-on that just won't stop!"  By now you realize why you can't beat this.  The air bloating you up is keeping your dick swollen with pressure.  It's not going down, and that means Suzie is going to keep pumping until-!

"Looks like you figured it out, you big blimp.  Noone makes it past the final chamber.  It's all one big lie, and the last challenge is always impassable.  But you're never gonna tell anyone with that hose in your mouth... and you're never leaving this room in one peice!"  She cackles maniacally as she pumps a final few times.  Your head and hands begin to sink into your body as your penis almost cries for release.  You feel your skin stretch, pressure building with nowhere to go!  You think about what you could have had, but as your body passes its limits, you realize that this is what you wanted all along.


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Male, Gas/helium spherical inflation! I know its not much to go off of, go crazy! lol

Gene wilder > Johnny Depp


Female, uses an air tank for the first time to see if she can inflate her curves but accidentally goes overboard inflates her backside, hips, and legs ginormously. Autumn is a 5’8, medium 21 year with red hair in a high ponytail with black glasses and blue eyes. She’s very shy and not too confident in inflating her curves. Prefer if she starts to panic a bit as she grows, fearing she might explode.

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This is interesting...

Male, Cory, 5'5", self inflation at first and then attractive female force inflates into sphere. Air inflation Some teasing and rolling. No popping.

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Psst, surprise @PuffyMan.


"Trying your luck again?" A disapproving voice directed to Alex, at the corner of a bar.

The young man has been trying to court this well-known "femme fatale" for days now, convinced that he's better than the many men that had tried to court her in the past, but then were never spoken of again. She didn't even bother with telling her name.

Her expression is dismissive, but somehow she's amused by the young male's enthusiasm. Alex is constantly making it about himself, about how he is the best, instead of all those previous boys stating the obvious over and over about her assets.

She sets her glass on the counter and takes an actual look at her suitor. "Mmf, you talk big, but you're awfully small." She states, standing up, the already tall woman being even taller from the added height of her heels. She takes another look at Alex, having to look down just to have their eyes meet one another. Alex gulps. He's both intimidated and thrilled by the situation's evolution...

"You are amusing, but I just cannot let this... Difference in the way of our potential 'fling'." While still not very convinced they can form something meaningful together, her interest is still piqued. Confused by the mysterious woman's cryptic words, he quickly starts piecing things together the moment she drags a helium tank forth, initially hidden away in the corner of the dark bar.

He shakes his head rapidly. She only slowly nods in return. "Well? Chickening out already? I thought you had actual interest in what I wanted in a man... Disappointing..."

Her umpteenth dismissive comment, this time, earns a reaction from Alex. "I'm... Ready for whatever you have! I'll prove you!" He shouts to her, and she lets out an inquisitive hum in return. Her neutral expression curls into a noxious smile. A rush of apprehension courses through the shorter male's muscles again.

"Just what I needed to hear." She then takes a sudden step forward and shoves the hose inside of Alex's mouth. Pinning him to the wall with unprecedented strength, she turns to the tank and turns the handle to a rather fast setting. Cold, lighter-than-air gas rushes through the hose and into the brown-haired boy, bulging his cheeks out comically at first, but soon enough, a creaking and hissing - not unlike a balloon - echoes through, shortly before his body suddenly bwomphs in every direction - the bulk of the growth, however, focused in his torso, stiffening his limbs and restricting his movement.

She cackles, feeling up Alex's torso, her long nails digging through the taut skin, threatening to pop it early - but her masterful presses prevent this fate from happening, each sending an almost-painful, but definitely overstimulating sensation all over his stretched self, the femme fatale enjoying the sight of her suitor soon growing as wide as he was tall, bursting through all of his clothes in rapid succession. Alex attempts to struggle as much as he could, but it's useless - and the more helium is added, the less he's able to move... The situation creates a mix of fear and arousal within his body.

"Now, you may be small, but you sure have some stretch, you balloon boy..." Her voice is deeper, sultrier. The more Alex grows, the more her interest is piqued, until their bodies press against one another, the tall woman using his overblown body as an improvised mattress. Each bit of increased pressure causes the helpless suitor's body to squeak and creak rather aggressively, fearing that he might burst at any second - but never quite does so. "Mm, yes. You'll be a perfect toy to show around. Just what I needed..."

His torso continues to swell, engulfing his limbs rapidly until all that appeared were his stumpy hands and feet, bouncing uselessly against the floor, feeling incredibly light-headed... And light-bodied! She lets go of Alex as he reaches an ideal size, left a hilariously spherical human with only a head and his extremities sticking out of his overinflated torso.

She turns off the tank, removes the hose from his mouth, and lets go of him. All the helium accumulated inside of the balloon man made him lighter than air, allowing the blimp to float towards the ceiling, but she takes hold of his foot before he can go too far up. Pulling out a string from her pocket, she ties it around the balloon boy's foot and lets the rounded suitor hover above her, now assuming complete control of her inflated date.

"Yes, I'm convinced." She concludes, intentionally having delayed this statement far in time, pulling the string back down, reaching for Alex's head and giving his puffy cheeks a kiss, leaving a lipstick mark. "Now you're mine.~" She adds, giggling mischievously, before leaving the bar with the string in hand, carrying her blimped boy around for everyone to admire.


it's something



It's everything!  Wow, that was amazing!

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Thank you~ Glad you liked it!



Would you happen to count clothes stuffing, or is it exclusively body inflation?


Sure!  But you're a little back in the line so it may take a bit.


Awesome! I'll come back with my scenario and character when it's cleared up then!


I'll prolly use an OC for this, if that be cool.


I'm gonna use one of my non-human OCs, Elvira, if this is fine. I do have a bio written out, but to put it short, Elvira is a 5''4 tall demon woman weighing at about 120 pounds. She's very chilled out, calm and collected. Big fan of video games and cartoons.


For preferred inflation, I'm looking for her to use or be affected by magic, at which she'd go to a near spherical shape. As for size, I'd be fine with whatever, but I'd love for something absolutely massive. Maybe not planet sized, but bigger then some kind of room would be appreciated. If you're not fond of that, then it's fine. No popping please. Also, not big on clothes ripping. Stretching's fine, but ripping ain't my thing. I also just love some implied squekey voices as well.


If this is fine, I'd appreciate a reply or such. Thanks in advance.

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Usually I'm the writer, but why not try this out.


Female, I love the old fashioned blow-on-the-thumb to inflate scenario. Breast inflation is preferred, and floating is always nice too. No popping please. 


Also gotta say I love the beach as a setting, it's a good place to show off.


Female, forced inflation by a Dominatrix. Emily is a fat (centered around her stomach), nerdy brunette with a blue streak of hair that goes down to her shoulders with glasses, spherical with air, no pop. The inflator (a dominatrix) kinkshames the inflatee for having an inflation fetish, and the embarassment causes the Emily to inflate, which in turn makes a feedback loop, which the Dominatrix accelerates. The inflator manages to make it stop at the aforementioned spherical size (with Emily's head sunken in enough that only her eyes and nose aren't sunken in), and rolls her off towards a mirror to force Emily to confront the fact that she's no longer human, but a balloon who's owned by the dominatrix.


Male, Forcibly inflated by someone for being greedy Ollie is a 6ft, chubby 21 year old with short brown hair and brown eyes.  Prefer Blueberry but happy with anything, lots of teasing is appreciated. Messy popping eith no Respawn


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Female OC, Nami, has reddish pink hair, creamy yellowish tan skin, black karate gi/pants and barefoot. Shirt leaves her stomach revealed just past her bellybutton. Has abit of a tough girl attitude, but will start to panic under pressure as thing become overwhelming. 

popping, gory

greenish/yellow slime girl inflation

inflation of bare feet included with unwilling toes spreading apart, and bellybutton popping out, before bursting. 

Love to see her get caught and struggle in the goop especially feet stuck in it.

inflation is non-consensual, Nami is in pain and resistant until she feels her navel pop and realizes she's going to burst.


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I remember your last thread and how well you wrote my lil request and others so I'm game. 

How about a male whose ex afflicts him with a curse. While working at a party store, he discovers that each time his cute coworker Emily inflates a balloon, he inflates too. Too bad for him it's a very busy day in the party store with lots of customers, and lots of big balloons. 


I remember your last thread and how well you wrote my lil request and others so I'm game. 

How about a male whose ex afflicts him with a curse. While working at a party store, he discovers that each time his cute coworker Emily inflates a balloon, he inflates too. Too bad for him it's a very busy day in the party store with lots of customers, and lots of big balloons. 


Male, 30’s, inflatee, 5’8, average build, want to be inflated by a male bodybuilder mid 20’s using his lung strength, especially blowkiss, forcibly inflated, at the gym or at the beach, humiliation, teasing, domination, spherical inflation :) thx! :)

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Male. Forceful inflation by any gender. Bubs is a 5'8", slim 23-year-old with a little pot belly, short brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin and freckles. Spherical inflation with semen, or air if you're not comfortable with that, via mouth or booty. Heavy teasing. Make me explode.

Inflatee here! Wanna blow me up? - Bubz

(profile pic is a morph of me by Plickjt3)


Male. Forceful inflation by a female magician Jeff is 5''7 brown hair and eyes , magic inflation and make me big like a blimp thanks


Female, semi-consensual inflation by Lola Pop from ARMS. My OC is called Bonnie, she's blonde, freckle-ish, 5"8, has the power of being stretchy. Air/helium inflation to a massive size, potentially ending with a clean pop with reform or with Lola teasing her enormous balloon (maybe even inflating herself?)


Male(s), inflated by highly attractive female(s).  No OC, three generic freshmen boys enter a sorority haunted house run by three sophomore girls.  Each time the boys get spooked by the girls, they inflate with air (the girls call it "fright").  Light to heavy teasing as the boys inflate out of their costumes. Goal is spherical inflation, making the boys too round to escape the house. Happy ending with everyone binge eating candy or something, no popping.


Male, forced inflation by attractive male (could include bondage), Jake (late 20s, average to athletic build), inflated belly or fully spherical, air as the inflation substance, yes to popping (can be clean or as gory as you want and no respawn). Be fun if the inflator adds in teasing and whatever else to make it pure erotic torture.

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On the internet, nobody can tell that you're a cute goth witch who happens to get into mishaps involving coming into contact with mysterious mushrooms and other wildlife in the forest, resulting in your breasts/belly/ass blowing up until they pop in a huge explosion.


(disclaimer: poster is not actually a cute goth witch in real life, you've been had)

(disclaimer disclaimer: if I didn't mention anything, then have no strong opinion one way or the other to it)

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A gift for  @PuffyMan
While Alex write another of your kinky stories you so love to do theres a shortcut and all house goes dark
"Oohh f*** no! I just finished that story, that man was supposed to burst now!"
Computer ligh on sudenly with blue clean screen. Sudenly it shines so hard it blinds Alex and he feel pulled in! Internet pull him inside, trap in its web! Alex wake up in court, cuffed to chair, surounded by males and females in various state of inflation. Judge is beautiful raven hair milf with huge set of tits, call for silence with gavel.
"Order in court! Accused is Alex who make us all swell for perverts amusement. What say you for your defence?"
"What the heck is this?! I just make fictional stories for fun!"
Yet that only made all of them more furious. Call for your punishment
"Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Blow him up so he see what its like!"
Alex get hose stuffed in mouth. All presented push hand pumps to fill him up. Alex belly push out, stretch out his clothes tight. People call him balloon-boy but sounds like curse
"See how it is balloon-boy!?"
"Lets see how baloon-boy like to fill like child toy!"
"Pop you perverted baloon!"
Alex moan and muffle in hose, swell up quite round and tear his clothes. To all people horor his crotch gets erected and swell up too. His moand and blushing shows he likes it, make cort even more angry. Alex gets puffed up so big he pops free off his cuffs but at this moment he cant move a muscle. His punishment is to be shown on internet for perverts to swell again and again for eternity. Once a month Alex is lucky to get inflated by hot girl who loves to fill him up and play with him. Rest of said time gets pump up by mean boys and girls for revenge


Hope you like my gift for you

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For when my turn comes, hope I can ask for a little one too 


Male, forcibly inflated by hot milf female, or group of females. Jackob is tall, moderate-little chubby young man with short brown hair and glases. (Can do second person if want). Prefered slow inflation from chubby to puffed up to spherecial, with air or helium. NSFW. Hard time teasing and name-calling. No pop or clean with respawn (surprise me♡)

Prefered if girl/girls are magical, like witch, goddes, demon, angel or genie.


Pleeaase ^///^

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Are these still happening eventually?

just kinda checking in...

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Hey, can we still submit requests for this?


You could, but it doesn't seem like OP is going to write any more so not sure it would be worth it.


OP would be writing more if he had more friggin time but job+holidays+new video games

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Too many new games is real though lol :)

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(i forgot my original login info for this place so i made a new one)


I agree! 



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wowza i cant believe the man behind saltybet himself is here

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(i forgot my original login info for this place so i made a new one)