Stumbled Upon Source for Inflation Suits and Dolls (Hongi)

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Stumbled Upon Source for Inflation Suits and Dolls (Hongi)

Since squeak latex stopped selling, I wanted to find an alternative supplier. I found one that nobody seems to have mentioned on the site called Hongi. They make...

Anatomical full body inflation suits: (

Spherical full body inflation suits: (

Giant Blow Up Dolls Hourglass Styke:  (

even Giant Furry Blow Up Dolls (which seems to make up most of their stock): (

They do it through Alibaba, so its probably an expensive import plus the cost on site.  I just had to post it here though since nobody seems to have mentioned it yet for either suits or dolls of any kind.

I also found their direct website, and added it to the Web Links List under Inflatable Clothing: (

I also posted it for myself to remeber as well. Hope this helps somebody!

deleted_20180328 (not verified)

I enquired about a fairly standard inflatable suit. Ended up over £1000. Yeah. I'll stick with rubber suppliers. 


Btw if you are UK based. Try

Another Canadian Guy
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Have you purchased stuff from them before? I don't see any ball suits, other than the sensory deprivation thunderball.

(Not on here too often, replies might be slow.)

deleted_20180328 (not verified)

Off triple l? No. But I've spoken to the lady who runs it about a suit, they're made in the UK. They can do pretty much any design you'd want. 

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That's actually where I got my suit. It's been pretty enjoyable so far.

MixMaster (not verified)

I thought about buying one of their ball suits at one point and well, you see what happened next, but that's just me. I'm working hard to ensure that none of the issues with their that have been expressed to me over the past couple months occur in our suits