Fudge Yeath Cartoon Fatness Wiki closing

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Fudge Yeath Cartoon Fatness Wiki closing

it seems that Fandom will be closing the Fudge Yeath Cartoon Fatness wiki in two weeks, parently they found the wiki to cotain fetish fuel which is parently according to them a big no no


NSFW and fetish themes dont count as fandoms, and by doing this, Fandom decided that we dont count as fans. 


Im betting that soon we are gonna lose even more fetish themed forums across the web

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FOSTA and SESTA are going haywire as of late...

Looks like there's a huge wave of sites suddenly forbidding porn. First, there's been the tumblrapocalypse, and then wikia pulling off this out of the blue. Huh.



What happened to tumblr was simple. You can't sell ads against porn, except for ads for more porn, etc. So huge swaths of that site could never be 'monetized' (god I hate that word). I suspect for wikia the motive is similar. The 'discovery' of the abuse material on tumblr was, at best, an opportunity to do what I'm sure they've wanted to do for a very long time, at least since the Yahoo acquisition.

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Half the pages there were either about:

  1. Flagrantly underage characters
  2. Overly-cartoonish boner-killers

Bye, Felicia. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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^ this.

I enjoyed it for only only a handful of pictures (such as Timmys Dad inflated lmao)


Everything else was just: "ew"



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Never really found anything from that website anyway. It's mostly weight gain and food stuffing which I never really had much, if any, interest.