Can you make the frog and the ox a better story?

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Can you make the frog and the ox a better story?

This is probably one of the first stories that got many of us into this. Can you create a version of this story that you think will be better?

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just replace the characters with human girls/monstergirls, boom EZ give me 200 dollars


I think the Sesame Street version works the best. Really, plug this dialogue into any scenario and you've got gold (and honestly, if you look, you'll at least notice many of these lines in existing expansion stories):

You think you are pretty big, don't you?
Well, I bet I can be bigger than you.
In fact, you are nothing compared to how big I could be.
Just look at this...
I'm great!
Look, can you see me?
Can you believe it?
I'll be bigger than you.
Bigger than a tree!
Bigger than a mountain!

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*eyes snap open, blazing with unnatural light*


As someone who credits this story with sparking my inflation fetish at a young age, this thread is HIGHLY relevant to my interests. >>

That being said, I feel like most of the main options for 'improving' the original story have already been mentioned here.  The core premise (an arrogant blowhard wanting to prove they're the biggest) is pretty flexible and can be re-skinned any number of ways.  So long as the basic story requirements are met, everything else (setting, character details, etc.) is largely cosmetic and subject to personal taste.  

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Same here; it's really my favorite strucure for an inflation tale. I don't think I made it a better story, but my little fetishist mind (and pencils) did some variation on it:


Here's as a pic, with the frog as an anthro girl thinking of that big ox she tries to match size with:

Another pic, with a busty cow girl taking the place of the ox:

Here's one where the frog part is played by a blonde girl trying to impress a producer:

And in this one a girl inflating herself keep in mind on the frog ended on that famous fable:


Otherwise I did a few texts variant as well:

In this one the ox part is a stuffed-up boyfriend and is bubbly girlfriend want to make herself just as big

A muscle inflation twist:

One take where a girl try to make it as big as a Zeppelin...

... or a blimp:


Else, here a great take by another writer on this archive: 

Rachael and the 50 foot Woman (Rachael always had to prove that she was better than everyone else...)


But my favorite is this one, who can be found on DeviantArt.
It's by fellow artist Burst your breast and feature a monstergirl frog trying to match (cup) size with a gigantic (off-screen) Minotaur girl in front of her fellow frogmates. The text and picture are outstandingly good in this text/image sequence:


Hope it does fulfill some of your Frog and the Ox wishes ;)

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