Kaylee's Coffee Conundrum

My name is Kaylee. I'm 26 years old with long auburn hair and brown eyes. I have a slim frame and stand at 5ft 3in. I just got off my break at the bakery I work at and am currently finishing off my coffee on my way back. The bakery is located in a supermarket, so I do have to walk around some patrons on my way back to my post. Today is my last day here before I move on to another job, so I don't really care that people see me drinking coffee while on the clock. I look over and see Ryan talking to another coworker. They seem to be passing some glances at me. I sigh.

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Blue Vocaloid Crossover

The current world record for the biggest inflated person is 200 feet (61 meters). The record for the biggest person to inflate during a show is 25 feet (7.6 meters). Three vocaloids look at these numbers and come up with a plan. Miku, IA, and Luka get ahold of their respective agents and talk about the possibilities of breaking this record. They are informed of the dangers of inflating with an audience while full of adrenaline and other emotions.

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Berry Barber of Blue Boulevard, The

There existed a barber shop said to do much more than cut your hair. A hair cuttery and spa, as some put it. It promised a haircut, shampoo, styling, massage, hot tub, and more in just over one hour. Marjory had heard of this place several times before, but never really had reason to go. It sounded expensive and she didn’t really want to be let down after spending a fortune for a haircut. But she was needing a haircut soon and this weekend she had a day off right after payday. What’s the worst that could happen? She wastes money and only gets a semi decent haircut?

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