Hot for Teacher

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I was staying late to finish up my art project. As usual, I was the last one to finish, using every last minute before the deadline. I was not completely alone, however. She was still working as well--sitting at her desk, grading the last assignments before the much anticipated and needed break, listening to the quiet sounds of Dave Grohl, Chris Cornell, and the like.

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Conspiracy, part 2: Hard Lessons

The Hubbell Research Group had been a frantic hive of activity for several weeks.  Five years was a long time to be idle, and the staff was straining to handle the volume of leads that Barney was producing.  But even with so much work to be done, nobody commented when Jack came in on Friday morning with his usual stack of tabloids.

"Hey Barney."

"Hey Jack."

"The Dog Boy got engaged to the Turtle Girl," he said, flipping through The Snoop.

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