Hourglass Inflation

Any Witch Way

Any Witch Way
by SvenSvenson

Disclaimer:  Naughty, inflatable themes herein.
For mature audiences only.

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All In

By Inflate123


"Shuffle up and deal!"

The voice boomed over unseen loudspeakers. Sara couldn't see a crowd through the darkness -- all she could see was the table in front of her, the disembodied, metallic arms of the dealer, and the blonde sitting across from her -- but she had to assume there was a silent audience. As cards sailed across the table, the harsh reality hit Sara: She had to win. 

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How Soon Is Now?

Sexual Content:

I had just reached that stage in wakefulness when I knew the room was too light for me to fall asleep again when the phone rang. When the phone rings that early it usually means business or bad news, so even though I wasn’t in the best state at that moment to manage either I picked it up anyway and answered assuming it was business.

“Industrial Photo Services, this is Jim.”

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Hades and Megara

The Underworld, the Land of the Dead, the Nether Region, the Infernal Region and the House of Hades are just a few of the names given to the realm under the surface of our Earth. It’s the place where the souls of the recently departed go. Divided into three regions, the first was for the common folk, the second for all the evildoers and the last was the resting place for the most exceptional of mortals, The Elysian Fields.

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Kitana Blows Up Gloria

My OC being flattened and inflated by her kissing majesty


For my account http://joeisbadass.deviantart.com/

For more of what he does http://kaskasaks.deviantart.com/

Kitana Blows Up Gloria
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Pill, The

"Finally, It's here!" I shouted as I ran to the door. Throwing the door wide open I snatched the box from the delivery man and threw the money in his face, all in a second.

Closing the door I ran to my room and opened the package, where a big container (As big as a chihuahua) was inside. I stared at it eyes open, wanting to savor this moment I ran to the bathroom and looked at how I looked before hand.

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Balloon People, The - Part 3


The Balloon People – Part 3




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Water Balloon Figure

The sun was high on this summer day in South Jersey and Katie was busy lounging in her back yard by her pool, as she was seen on every other day. She had sported a tiny, baby blue bikini top and matching bottom as she soaked in the sun, waiting for her friends to get there. Katie could be described as pretty, standing at 5'7 with B cup breasts and an ample bottom with a flat, athletic stomach. Her straight brunette hair hung down to her shoulders with her big sunglasses blocking her particularly beautiful blue eyes.

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Call of the Slime Queen, The

The city of Crystalgate had always held the tale of the Black Witch. A woman that generations ago kidnapped dozens of young women but only the heaviest of the city's women. The tale goes that she ate them all or stole their youth. The tale itself isn't too false, there was a sleeping menace just outside the city and was just awakening. In an abandon fort a mile down the road from Crystalgate, the Black Witch awoke.

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