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Evening News, The

Carmen looked herself over in the bathroom and made some final touches to her hair and makeup before feeling confident enough to talk in front of the camera. There wasn't much she could do. Even though she had a small kit with her, there wasn't much she needed to change.

"Alright tiger, get out there and knock 'em dead."

She walked toward the door and hesitated.

"But, maybe I should just make sure everything is perfect one more time."

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Envy Is A Powerful Emotion

Beth stared beyond the cash register, beyond the small dining area, out through the glass windows into the depths of the cool New England night. It was dark and alien, an infinite shroud broken only by the steady rhythm of the streetlamps that lined the small road out of town. The boredom was soul numbing. She could not for the life of her fathom why a Burger Wiz should be open so late at night, and who in their right mind would be hungry enough for one of their slimy grease pucks in the dead of night.

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Bad Day at the Office

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