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She was a woman who was used to getting what she wanted. She was rich, and she knew money could get you, eventually albeit, whatever you desired. Unfortunately, what she desired most had been unattainable, that is until now. Her husband, a talented plastic surgeon (actually an artiste -- he was an amazing sculptor of the human body) who had long catered to the extreme end of plastic surgery (Models, and strippers and the what-not who wanted only the very largest in implants, and similar type body-work) had come up with an ingenuous solution to the hazards of the silicon implant.


The basic concept of this technology was to take small spheres of a newly invented inert, non-allergenic, silicon (little balloons actually) and fill them with a variety of materials such as silicon gel, saline, inert gases of various sorts, to achieve whatever sort of balance desired in the implant area. If you wanted 'squishy' you got squishy, if you want 'pendulous' that was what you got. One of the best things was that you could combine different 'densities' of the spheres and get an extremely large implant area, without it being too heavy or cumbersome. The 'beads' as they are called are pumped into an expansion sack to achieve the desired effect. Combine the beads with new improved elastogen creams, to aid in the elastic properties of skin, this was practically a miracle! If you wanted more later, you could always pump in more. If you wanted a decrease later, one could always drain some of the beads out. This provided a safe, and infinitely adjustable body transformation method. You did not even have to worry about the dangers of leakage because even if the implant sack were to rupture, the beads themselves are almost impossible to rupture themselves being so small.. This invention though, caused the money to roll in like never before, AND got her to thinking....

It took her quite a while to get him to agree. It was lucky for her, he shared her interest. In fact, he got quite intrigued by it. He took some time, and did some design work, being careful not to show her any of the details. After a couple of months, he took her into the surgery after hours, and did the basic procedure to implant the expansion sack, not giving her any clues as to what she was in store for, the whole time. She was as giddy as a school girl the entire time of convalescence; it was all she could do to not fidget and dance around. She wanted this to go perfectly, though. She wasn't going to mess this up. After all, this was her dream come true.

"Now don't forget to use the emollient ever day." he said after the surgery. She had been very good about that regimen. She rubbed her tummy quite a few times a day with the stuff. She stood in front of the mirror while doing it, lost in thought, dreaming of what she might become.

She had always been dissatisfied with her figure. She had a curvy, but not fat body. Sensuous curves all around. She had large firm breasts, and shapely legs. She had a plush ass, but not flabby. Her husband's medical skills had helped to keep her figure as she desired it, but always something was lacking. What she really wanted was a belly. Not a big fat gut, but rather a 'pregnant' belly. Round, and full, and firm. She wanted a proud belly, one that stood out and was noticed. At first she ate to try and fulfill her fantasy. This worked for a while, achieving a rather nice pot belly, with a deep belly button, but eventually (just when she was starting to get the size and shape she was looking for) the rest of her body would get to plump for her tastes. Injections, and fat transplants by her husband were only temporary, fading after a while, and couldn't come near to the size she truly desired. She had tried everything, but it hadn't worked until now.


The day had come, and she was ready to try out her new 'toy'! They went to the clinic again, after hours, and he promised her "if you like it, I'll install some pumping equipment at home.".

He sat her up on one of the adjustable tables, (quite comfortable in fact). She had taken off her clothing and he had the heat lamps on, bathing her body in their warmth. "Okay, now" he said, "I'll show you how its done, and check things out this first time, but then if things are okay, I'll let you run future runs if you wish". That REALLY turned her on. She was getting very excited. He gave her a quick examination, noting with a smile, and lick of his lips, her wetness down below. "First, let me tell you what's inside of you." he started off, "I have placed in your abdomen, an expansion sack like the ones we use on the boob jobs, a very large one of course!" He smiled. "Quite large even. (she became even wetter at the mention of that fact) I located the port down on your pubic mound, as you've noted I'm sure, for a few reasons. One, as your belly grows, it won't be in the way and possibly blow out at the penetration through your skin as you stretch. Two, it is well hidden in your mound of hair, and won't be noticed through your underwear or a bathing suit. Three, its an easily accessible area, and I absolutely love looking at your wonderfully wet pussy."

He paused, licking his lips again, "This machine here" as he wheeled the pump over "will dispense, at a variable speed, a warmed stream of beads into your belly. We can control the density of the bead mix from here, and the flow rate.". He then showed her the basic operation of the machine, and how to fit the nozzle into the fitting in her pubic mound.

"Shall we start?" he inquired.

"Yes" she replied rather throatily, giving him one hell of a horny look "I'm gonna cum just from a build-up of sexual tension if you don't get started already!!"

He set the dial to a low-ish speed, and medium density. The machine started to burble away, making a soft humming noise. The couldn't feel anything yet. The machine had a read-out for cc's used. The counter was going up slowly but steadily. Then she started to feel it! She looked down at her tummy. She had some natural padding, but had shed most of in preparation for this experience, but did not have a taut tummy by any means. She thought she saw a slight increase in the amount her belly protruded from before. She could feel a warmth starting to spread out inside her stomach. She threw a look at her husband, and he nodded okay, and she gently prodded her tummy.

She could feel some resistance! ^_^

Where her tummy had been lightly cushioned before, she could now feel more plumpness, a wonderful squeezability starting! The machine faithfully continued it chore, and as the minutes passed her belly slowly expanded. Her husband came over, and paused the machine when she looked to be 4 months pregnant, with a lightly curved belly. He poked and prodded her a bit, and asked her lots of questions, but when she answered all of them to his satisfaction, he said "lets continue.".

She had never been so turned on in all her life! She was so horny, it was incredible. It was all she could do, to not leap up and take her husband right there. The only thing that kept her focus at all was the prospect of a bigger belly.

"Can we go a little faster now?" she asked him. "Sure." he said smiling, "lets see how this does." He turned up the dial. She was feeling pressure now, not bad, but it was there. With the increased rate she could feel the pressure actually building. Her tummy was now about 5 months pregnant looking, It was starting to become that round shape she so desired. She could run her hands in circles around the top of it now. She could even begin to rub the sides of it. She prodded herself again. She felt a bit firmer now, but nowhere near as firm as she expected. "How large am I going to get?" she asked. "Wait and see." he replied.

God, how turned on she was getting.

She couldn't believe how great the increasing pressure felt. How erotic it was to watch her belly expand. It was approaching 6 months in size now. She shifted her weight cautiously, on the table, and she could feel that her centre of gravity had changed, she could feel the contents of her belly swoosh a bit too. She raised the back of the table some , so she was in a semi-reclined position, all the better to watch her expanding tummy, and fondle herself at the same time.

She felt the pressure increase more and more, this is what it must be like being pregnant she thought. A little bit short on breath, as her insides were pushed about, and she could feel the pressure on her luckily empty bladder. She watched as her midsection grew and grew, slowly becoming rounder and firmer. When she had passed 7 months in size, she thumped the sides of her belly, it was beginning to feel taut! Her shape from pubic region to her breasts was a beautiful curve. She was so wet from looking at herself. She didn't stick out much to sides, yet. The machine's hum started getting deeper. She could feel the pressure building up inside of her. She was over 8 months in size now.

It was amazing. She never thought she would ever be this big. She was HUGE! ^_^ This was even better than her fantasies. She was becoming ripe, and full, and without the fuss and muss of a pregnancy, or getting fat. She could control it, it was hers!!

Lost in her erotic thoughts, and the increasing bliss from the building pressure inside her, and the feeling of her skin stretching on the outside, she woke with a start as the first minor orgasm went through her. Her belly tingled with its passing. Her clitoris ached to be touched, she was dripping wet, and damn she wanted a good deep fuck. But her belly! Damn it was so huge. She passed another look to her husband. "Am I doing okay?" she asked, beginning to feel a little concern. "It feels like its getting tight in there." As indeed it was. She could feel it becoming almost uncomfortable inside of her, the pressure was amazingly erotic too though. She had never thought of these feelings before, and it got her thinking, and even wetter at the same time. He came over and felt her up, caressing her bulging tummy with his warm hands, "Feels fine to me" he said with an almost feral grin. "Uhhh, this feels SO amazing!" she yelped, as another small orgasm passed through. "I can't believe I'm so fucking big!!". As she looked down and fondled her belly, she realized she was quickly approaching 9 months in size, and she was now starting to round out to the sides as well. Her belly was starting on its journey to become spherical in shape and proportion. "Uhh, its so tight in there, I can feel the pressure building, shouldn't we turn it off now?" she said worry in her eyes, but a strange longing there too.

"Soon." was all he would say.

"I don't want to pop or anything!" she said back.

She had now passed 9 months, and was big. In her mind, planetary. She felt the sides of her tummy. They were tight, and she could begin to thump them like a drum, but the sound was quite muffled still. Her belly continued its seemingly inexorable growth, rounding and rounding. She felt the fire building of a massive orgasm, starting in her nether regions. She rubbed her belly, this brought the sexual feeling higher. She was still getting bigger. Someone might mistake her for having twins soon, she thought. The pressure though, it was very uncomfortable now, but damn did it feel so good! She thumped the sides of her swollen belly again, and was surprised by the resistance this time, she was so tight now, so fully packed! Her hand resonated against her belly. "You should really stop it now!" she said to her husband. Again he just smiled, "You're doing just fine. I love the new you!". "I don't wanna pop, though," she said back, almost beginning to panic "if you wont turn it off, I will!". But when she went to sit up to do so, she found she could barely bend at all due the massive ball that was now part of her front. It was a fairly hefty load too. Tears of frustration, both fear and sexual, now began to form at the corners of her eyes.

Just as her fear, her sexual tension, and the huge pressure in her tummy all reached their peak...


She felt a sharp pain in her belly, and her belly surged about, but then immediately afterwards the most intense, wild orgasm she had ever had.

After she regained her senses, as the orgasmic waves subsided, she said "What just happened?" she looked to her husband worriedly, "Did I bust something? Am I alright?". She looked down at her belly, which had just a few seconds ago been fully rounded and supremely taut, had now taken a softer shape. It was still huge, but when she felt her sides, she felt only light resistance again. She could even get a decent jiggle out of her monstrous tummy. "What's going on?" she demanded of her husband.

"Well, I built in some safeties. The bag inside is staged. As you get bigger and bigger, the bag is designed to get taut, and then release at a set point for each stage. The sound you heard was the breaking of the stage material.". Thoughts, mostly erotic, and many quite new to her, were now streaming through her head, she was picturing herself even bigger, stage after stage breaking, like a rocket, except she was becoming the planet instead of going to it!

"Now before you go and get any thoughts in your head," he continued on "while your skin is still quite elastic right now, because of the elastogen emollients, it still has its limits. You need to get used to your new dimensions too. That's why I put in the stages. I don't want you to ruin your wonderful new body by being risky, and I don't think you do either. Also, if you stress your skin too much, you will get stretch marks, no matter good how my skills are." She was beginning to look like a chastised puppy. "What I have calculated is that each session, you can safely break through two stages. Then you can come close to, but not over the next one. Understood? Good. You can tell you are getting close to a stage, as you found out by thumping your belly, when you can start to hear the thumping, you are getting close. It should take about 2 weeks for your body to recover between sessions, and use lots of the emollient!".

She got a dreamy look on her face. "You mean we still have another stage left, and then almost to the one after that?" she said, feeling another orgasm building somewhere down below, absent-mindedly stroking her large, ponderous belly. He frowned slightly, "Actually, no. Because this is the first session, we can build up to the next, but not go over. The next session, will break that stage early on, and then so on.". She felt strangely disappointed, but then brushed it off. "Well, I still have more room in me now, though! Let's go!". She got her self comfortable again, adjusting the back of the table just right. "Can you make the mix a lot less dense this time? Its starting to get to be a big load.". "Wide load!" he corrected with a smile, as he adjusted the density on the machine. "Faster too!" she added with a smile. He handed her over the remote handle, and said "Here, you can do the honors."

She hit the go button, giving her a sexual thrill - she could feel her juices - she was so damn hot and wet, and the flow started again. She slowly increased the flow dial, bringing it up to 50% speed. She could feel the stuff flowing inside of her now, where before it had been a trickle. God, she could get to like that feeling. She could see better now, her stomach expanding. She was well past due now. She definitely looked like she could be carrying twins. Feeling experimental, she slowly increased the speed dial. 60%, mmmm... good! 70% Ahhh! even better, her belly increasing in girth quicker now. She heard a small pop, and felt a jiggle through her belly, she looked to her husband "You had a deep innie belly-button, its now an outie!" he said with a smile. She noticed he was also stroking himself through his pockets, must be quite a show I'm putting on, she thought. She was rounding out more to the sides now. What the hell, she thought, and spun the dial to 100%. "God what a feeling!!" she moaned. She could definitely feel herself stretching now, expanding to keep up with the flow. Talk about Earth Goddesses. She was one now! She looked down at her tummy. She had to blink and look again she was so surprised. It was like blowing up a balloon, the progress of her tummy was that rapid, she could easily watch herself expand. Bigger, bigger, bigger she chanted to herself, without realizing it. She was fast reaching 9 months with twins, she rubbed her hands in great circles around her tummy, she couldn't even reach all the way around now. There was this spot at the peak of her belly she just couldn't reach. She could feel resistance again to her prodding of her belly. She was going to have to stop soon. But she so didn't want to. Bigger, and bigger, and bigger, she thought again to herself, become this subconscious mantra. She thumped her sides, testing, and was surprised to hear the light resonation again. But she wasn't done yet! She wanted more still.

"You need to slow down now." her husband prodded.

"But it feels so damn, fucking, amazing!" she responded petulantly. She could feel the pressure building again, it was already slightly uncomfortable, and building quickly.

"You really need to slow down," he reminded her, "you're getting close." and he leaned over to reach for the remote handle.

She dodged his grasp as much as she was able, and then switched the remote to her other hand on the other side of her immense belly from him. "God! I'm so fucking BIG!" she shouted, "I'm like a big fucking BASS DRUM in a fucking marching band, that's what I am" and she thumped her belly for effect and got a nice drum sound in return. The pressure was getting so intense though. It was very uncomfortable again. She could feel that orgasm beginning to peak again as well. She felt everything building up again....


She looked over, and her husband stood at the machine, finger still resting on the 'off' button. "Looks like you need to learn some self control, there!" he said with a smile. "You really do need to be careful with this, its not a toy.". "Yes dad." she replied with small frown. "But what am I going to do with all this tension I've got built up? I'm so tight inside, it feels like I could pop! The pressure is almost orgasmic. I'm so fucking horny, and on the edge right now. I ALMOST had this huge orgasm, but you had to interrupt it!". He looked back at her, "Well, the pressure is your fault. You'll be uncomfortable for a day or so, but then it will get better. As for the sexual part, I've been waiting for this all night."

He proceeded to face dive right then there, giving her a mind blowing orgasm, almost as good as the first one. Then he shucked off his pants, and pulled his rod out of his boxers, and said "up for another?". "Yesss! Oh yesss! All this pressure has gotten me so horny, and nothing seems to bring it down!". Then he climbed up on the table, and this children, is what those stirrups on those exam tables are good for, and gave her an amazing fucking.

Afterwards, they both looked at the clock and grimaced. It was definitely time to head home. As he put his clothes back on, he looked over at her. She was standing there giggling. She had her bra on. She also had a pair of bikini underwear on. That was it. Her belly was gigantic, and made a great arc up from her pubic triangle to underneath her breasts, supporting them as if on a shelf. From the side she stuck out a good 4" or so on either side than she used to. She was over full term, with twins, looking; closing in on triplets maybe! "I forgot to bring something to change into, with all the excitement" she said with doelike eyes. "That's not my problem!" he said with a grin. "You're gonna enjoy this!" she said with mock anger. "That I probably will." he replied. "But, you'll be safe getting to the car. No one is around this time of nite. Throw on a lab coat, and lets go.". She waddled over the coat rack, but knocked it over with her belly before she could grab it, and then started to loose her balance. She windmilled her arms, and started to fall, but her husband managed to catch her. They both still went down though, albeit much slower than a straight fall, he helping to cushion her landing. "Gotta be careful now!" he reprimanded her, "You've become broader in beam, your front sticks out quite a bit more than before, and your centre of gravity is in a whole new spot. Be careful until you get used to it!"

He helped her stand back up. Quite the chore now. She wasn't looking forward to getting out of bed. In would be nice now, she couldn't wait to get under the sheets. That would be fun. Maybe try some lingerie on, what still might that is. She put the lab coat on, but in only covered her rear. Her belly lead the way by a large margin. They left the office, she like an old-fashioned ship under sail her belly billowing out before her like a spinnaker.

As she was dozing off later that night, she began to dream of all those wonderful possibilities...

Bigger, bigger, bigger, went the mantra...

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