Accidental Research

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Dr. Robin Brand stumbles across groundbreaking discovery late one night in the lab.

It wasn't quite what Dr. Robin Brand had been hoping for. She'd been screwed before, and always managed to rebound from it. But this was the last straw.

"We feel that you're not connecting with your students as well as you should be," the administrators had told her. "You're much more valuable in research, but we simply don't have the position for you at this point."

"Think of this more as a vote of confidence in you," they said. "We're giving you a chance to move on to bigger and better things."

Admittedly, Robin wasn't incredibly surprised when she was informed that the university wouldn't be renewing her tenure after the next spring. Since taking the job three years ago, she always felt like she was a fish out of water - overqualified and underappreciated as the head of the chemistry department. Dean Richards had inexplicably taken away the graduate assistants in her lab because she treated them too much like friends instead of subordinates. After all, at the relatively young age of 30 for a department head, Robin felt like she was more on a level with the students than the other blue-haired stalwart lecturers at the university. The administrators had obviously chosen to ignore the fact that Robin was a favorite among the students.

As fall turned into spring, the writing on the wall became even more evident. Dean Richards would start bringing candidates for Robin's job to show them her office while she was in there, usually instructing a student during office hours. Robin eventually got to the point where she called university security whenever the dean came in because he was violating the privacy of the student she was with. Of course, nothing ever happened, and the dean's pigheaded practices continued. Robin got to the point where she had to announce in class a different time and location for her office hours simply to avoid the dean.

Robin had no choice but to work late nights at the lab to make up for her lack of assistants. No longer could she simply delegate chemical preparation duties to a grad student so she could prepare for her lectures. Double duty was going to kill her one of these days. Robin cracked open a can of Diet Coke as she locked the lab door and began arranging her notes for tomorrow's classes.

Hours later, well into the wee hours of the morning, Robin was nearly finished with the chemical preparations. Tomorrow's lab in Robin's chemistry info class was the combustible chemicals lab, a favorite of students from semester to semester. As Robin shuttled chemicals from her storage shelf to the fume hood, she realized something - the hydrochloric acid was missing.

"Not again," she thought. "This is getting old." Despite changing the locks on her lab several times, chemicals had "mysteriously" disappeared several times over the course of the past year.

In frustration, Robin pounded her fist on the side of the fume hood. Unfortunately, the impact knocked over a chemical-filled vial, spilling its contents amid the other vials. In her haste to keep the vial from spilling too much, she succeeded in knocking over the remaining vials. Robin barely had time to turn around before the chemicals reacted with one another, causing an explosion that sent Robin flying across the room.

Fortunately, the majority of the explosion had been contained by the fume hood, and its automatic fire suppression system was able to suffocate the blaze within. However, Robin had not been so lucky, having been blown into the large set of shelves full of chemicals. The result of her impact with the bookcase caused it to fall forward, pinning her left leg underneath.

Knocked out for a moment, Robin came to with the sensation of pin-pricking all over her lower body. "Fuck," she thought, "the chemicals!" Frantically looking around, she spotted the emergency shower a few feet out of her reach. With all her strength, she desperately dragged herself (and the bookcase) across the floor, wincing every few seconds as she passed over broken shards of glass.

At long last, she reached the radius of influence of the shower. It had two main components: a large, downward-aimed shower head about seven feet off the ground, and a small sink about three feet high with two fountains for flushing one's eyes. The floor around the shower curved slightly downward, ending in an eight-inch drain. Robin continued to pull herself across the floor until enough of her body was under the main shower head. The sink activation valve was too high for her to reach, but then she noticed the master valve near her waist, at the base of the shower. Robin clutched it with her hand and turned as hard as she could, preparing for the torrent that was about to envelope her.

The water never came. Remarkably, the university had never had a lab accident, so the emergency showers had never been used. The valves must have seized up. "These things are supposed to be inspected monthly!" Robin thought as she clenched her teeth and tried twisting the valve again. "I'm gonna get after the maintenance staff about this." Finally, the valve gave slightly, and water began to trickle out of the shower head at the top, falling at Robin's midriff. Gathering up one last attempt, Robin twisted as hard as she could.

This attempt was successful, the valve fully opening with the twist of her wrist. The downpour began, and the shower instantly drenched Robin and everything within a five-foot radius. The force of the water crashing against her stomach was painful, but Robin knew that she had to stay under the shower for at least a minute, since the chemicals had been in contact with her skin for over five minutes. In the meantime, she opted to breathe through her mouth, trying to inhale as little water as possible.

It seemed like the water pelted her body for an eternity, especially with her leg in so much pain. Robin began to fear the worst, thinking it was broken. When she was satisfied that a minute had passed, she reached for the valve and twisted it clockwise. Once again, it didn't budge. Either she had twisted it too far, or the force of the water running through the pipe was too much for a human hand to stop. After all, this shower was putting out almost a gallon per second. Deciding that she had had enough, she raised herself up with her elbows to try to release her leg and get out from under the water.

What she saw instead caused her to yelp with surprise. Underneath her drenched lab coat, Robin could tell that something was wrong. Her stomach and breasts had swelled up significantly, pulling taut the buttons of the white coat. She looked to be several months pregnant, with her breasts having doubled in size and uncomfortably stretching her bra beyond its limits. Panicking, Robin tried to get up from the floor, but her left leg was completely immobile now, numb with pain. Her breasts and stomach sloshed back and forth with the movement.

Water was starting to pool around her on the floor as the torrential downpour from the shower continued relentlessly. Tentatively, Robin reached a trembling hand to her rain-soaked torso. There was no doubt about it - she was filling with water. But how?

Then she remembered the chemicals.

Somehow the reaction of the chemicals with one another, and then with her skin, must have made her body capable of some type of osmosis. Where moisture had previously only been allowed to exit the skin, she was now capable of taking on water through the epidermis. It had never been thought possible. Robin had just made a groundbreaking scientific discovery. "Maybe I really could get a better job and leave this dump."

Her bra clasps snapping beneath her returned Robin's attention to her expansion. She had spent only a minute considering the scientific explanation for this, but her torso had since grown much further. Her breasts had at least doubled in size and were now blossoming out of the top of her lab coat. Her stomach had done the same, its new domed shape reaching two feet above her. Everywhere in between, her soaked flesh was poking its way through the gaps between the coat's buttons.

The pain in her leg had subsided, but a new pain had presented itself - the coat's buttons were digging terribly into her. With some effort, Robin reached up and tried to unbutton the top buttons. The strain on them was tremendous, but she was able to undo the first three, releasing her breasts. They rose slightly, no longer being suppressed by the coat. Robin was astonished at how big they had grown. By her best approximation, they were rapidly surpassing beach ball size. They certainly did not befit her waiflike figure - or at least, her once-waiflike figure. Her v-neck blouse, having been pushed up by her rapidly swelling stomach, was revealing massive amounts of cleavage.

A moment later, Robin's grossly overfilled stomach burst through the lab coat, jiggling its way to its naturally round shape. Its massive growth was causing her breasts to press against her cheeks. Eventually, Robin began to get concerned that this might not stop, and reached with her hands to get some traction on the floor.

Her face showed mild amazement and dismay as her hands did not reach the floor. Turning her head to the side, Robin realized that her head and arms were a couple feet off the ground. What's more, her arms were no longer as mobile as before, as they were beginning to fill with water as well. Moving her right leg, she found that it, too, was becoming hard to move. Gathering as much energy as she could, she violently shook her body from side to side. She merely bobbed in place, with the focal point being the small of her back. "I'm getting... rounder?" she thought to herself.

Helpless to do much of anything, Robin tried to roll herself to the side. However, with each passing moment, the amount of movement she was able to produce decreased. Her arms were beginning to starfish, and she could only assume her legs were doing so as well, as they continued to fill with water. Robin noticed that the pool of water in the lab was getting deeper. Would she drown in here? She worked up another burst of motion, but this time only slightly rocked from side to side, the curve of the floor around the drain holding her steadfastly in place.

Then it hit her. The drain! Her body had been covering up the drain the whole time. That explained why so much water was collecting in the lab. It was not particularly good planning on her part.

As more water permeated Robin's already-saturated body, her drenched blouse ripped down the middle, finally exposing her enormous breasts and causing them to cover most of her face. Somewhere near her midsection, she felt the waistband of her skirt snap and slide off her bloated form as her body continued rounding out. She tried to raise her arms, but found that she could only move her hands. Her breasts created a canyon through which the water hitting her body could travel through, flowing directly into her face. Robin had no choice but to swallow as much of it as possible, or risk inhaling it and drowning. She was beginning to grow faster.

Robin felt a bump near her left foot and heard a crash. With her left leg having been absorbed by her body, the bookcase fell to the floor. There was at least three feet of water in the lab now, her ears just barely above the surface of the water. Robin felt the whipcrack of her panties finally exploding off her blimped body, causing her to wobble in place. With no more clothing to further restrict her growth, she began to expand even faster.

Eventually she grew so big that her body began to pull her sagging breasts away from her face. Still swallowing repeatedly, she watched with intrigue as they began to stretch across what once had been her chest. Slowly they shrunk from formidable mounds to pronounced bumps until they had completely flattened across her surface.

As she approached seven feet wide, the apex of her body began to press against the head of the shower. Robin could feel the rush of the water entering her body as all of the shower's output went directly into her. For the first time in over ten minutes, the torrent of water ceased to rush across her body, and she managed to catch her breath from swallowing for so long. In short order, her hands and feet swelled with water before they flattened against her as well. Robin's body was spherical.

And still she grew. Her right side began to press into the wall, causing the shower's vertical pipe to press uncomfortably into her. She made one last ditch effort to somehow roll herself away from the shower, but it was no use. All of the muscles she once had were stretched way too much to be of any help. The force of her body on the pipe caused the pipe to bend, then snap off at the floor. The flow of water ceased at her stomach and started on her lower side, perhaps where her right buttock should have been. Craning her head as far to the left as possible, Robin noticed that the standing water in the lab was receding. Was she absorbing that water too? It might explain why she had begun to grow so fast.

Robin's distant vagina began pressing against the locked door of the lab as her stomach brushed the ceiling. She was unable to see much of anything beyond her own body, which was beginning to pass ten feet in diameter. Her sponge-like growth showed no signs of slowing or stopping; she was taking everything the pipe in the floor was giving her. She was hoping someone on the maintenance night crew might notice such a substantial water drain on the campus. This certainly was an incredible experience, but she was ready for it to be over.

Ceiling tiles were displaced by Robin's unstoppable body as she began to fill up the remainder of the lab. As she came into contact with more surfaces, it caused her to shift slightly, rolling backwards and shielding her view of things even further. Robin noticed that, save for a few puddles, she had sucked the floor dry. Her left side started to push a lab table across the floor. Robin felt something cold pressing into her stomach, followed by the sounds of straining metal. A moment later, it began raining in the lab. She had punctured the fire sprinkler pipe.

Now connected to not just one, but two high-pressure water sources, Robin's growth was impossibly increased even further as water began collecting on the floor again.

Robin could do nothing but sit there and take it all in. This got her to thinking. Even if she DID stop growing, could she ever return to normal? With each passing moment, that prospect grew more slim and she grew wider. Certainly the water could be drained, but whether her skin would shrink back into place was totally unknown.

What if she was stuck like this?

Admittedly, it wasn't all that unpleasant. She might feel differently were she not a member of the scientific community, where new discoveries and abilities were the driving force in her life. This was certainly bigger than anything she had ever studied or experienced before, and the possibilities for its use, although not clear to her at the moment, had to be endless. Whether or not she was to remain in this state for the rest of her life, she would at least be able to assist with applying the scientific method to this experience. Robin began to mentally list all the chemicals that had been on the bookcase. And whether or not the science behind it ever revealed itself, she alone would be good enough to get worldwide publicity.

With that thought in mind, Robin found herself wanting her growth to continue. Just how big could she get?

She was aroused from her mental reverie as she heard a crash. Her stomach had broken through the ceiling and up to the next floor. Her left side flattened her desk and lab table against the far wall in the lab as she continued billowing outward. As the ceiling above was peeled back by her form, her right side began to break through its adjoining wall. The door burst off its hinges as her crotch began expanding through the doorway. All of this was somewhat amusing to Robin. She had to be well over 30 feet wide by now.

As Robin's form flattened its surrounding walls, it also snapped two more water pipes in the walls on either side of her. Her pace quickened once more as her blimped body absorbed as much water as it could. Her bloated vagina pressed into another door across the hall as her stomach pushed tables and chairs across the floor upstairs.

Robin smiled and closed her eyes. She blushed when she thought about professors and students finding her like this in the morning, but it didn't matter. Within this colossal blimp of a woman was the proof that the university was wrong about her, and she was ready to share it with anyone who would listen.

Another crash, another burst water line, another surge of growth. Robin settled in to sleep while the university's water system continued to bloat her beyond belief.

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