Double Integral

Currency: Heist

Anna locked the front door to the bank and sighed. “God, I thought today would never end,” she said, exhausted.

Jasmine logged out of her computer and stashed the encrypted mouthpieces in a desk drawer behind the teller’s counter. “From now on, I’m asking off from counter duty on the Fridays before a holiday weekend.”

“Tell me about it,” Anna said, turning off most of the lights throughout the bank’s customer service area. “At least the weekend will be pretty quiet.”

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Currency: The Promotion

“Hi, Jessi. Can you come to Ms. Evans’ office? She needs to talk to you right away.”

“Umm… sure.”

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Prg gazed in awe at the planet that filled the view from his cockpit.  Water, in at least three of the fourteen known states of matter.  Plant life.  And that’s just what he could see with his own borp.  Turning his attention to his scan readouts, he also found the planet teeming with life in numerous forms.  Countless structures made of alloys and composite materials dotted the landscape in varying densities.  There were even thousands of artificial satellites in orbit.  Not just life, but intelligent life!

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If All Else Fails

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Mark Prager loved Monopoly as a child.  Despite the game’s basic reliance on random chance - dice, shuffled decks of cards - he developed an inexplicable propensity for monetary success in the game.  He fell in love with Monopoly, and by the time he reached eight years old his older sister refused to play with him.  Over the years this affinity and affection for money turned into an accounting degree, a successful career as a certified public accountant, and admirable - if modest - success as a day trader.

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Haymaker, The

The war with Martian rebels is going poorly, and Aston Peterson may be the Earth Alliance's only hope.


Maiden, The

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Sexual Content:
Once upon an eve at sundown, my love got a thorough rundown
Of the things she could expect while we our new toy would explore.
As we looked down on the beach and waves that seemed almost in reach
She donned her slim bikini - size too small - which seemed like quite a chore.
“Dear God!” I said.  “Your bust is huge!  Supporting those must be a chore.”
Quoth the maiden, “Get the door.”
Her cleavage was kept safely hidden while we had to the lobby ridden
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Underdog, The

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Jeanne Guilder sat on a bench off the arena's main floor, trying to keep her nerves from getting to her. She looked up at the scoreboard and winced at the numbers looking back down at her. In an improbable turn of events, it all came down to her and she was in a position to win it all. It would take one hell of an effort, but it was within reach just enough that the idea of losing - no longer the slam-dunk certainty that it once was - tied her stomach in knots.

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Community Service

Danielle felt a hand slide up the inside of her thigh and stifled a surprised squeal.

She was instantly flooded with some rather vivid memories of the last… however long it had been.  In that moment Danielle recalled the feeling of her legs growing thicker and thicker until she couldn’t move them anymore.  Now, of course, the hand wasn’t really touching her leg at all; she had no legs to touch.  It just felt like they were still there… sort of.

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Nothing Ventured

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The office had already spent way too much time on the web, and it wasn't even time for lunch yet. Flash. Tower defense. Even that game with the penguin and polar bear. With the branch manager out of town for the weekend, ad revenue from all the popular timewaster sites was seeing an unusual spike thanks to this 50-person operation.

Roy leaned back in his chair and rubbed his eyes, having crushed his last castle. Stretching, he stood up and poked his head over the cubicle wall.

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Not Without a Price

The battle had raged on for weeks, an exhausting stalemate between good and evil. A battle replete with spell-casting and traditional weapons made this a true test of resiliency and skill mastery. Only in recent days had the tide turned, and the Order was on the cusp of repelling the vile Badland Trolls’ offensive. It was a most important battle, for either side a decisive victory in the war for territory.

Just behind the front line, First Leader Sinclare watched the Trolls’ formation crumble. “How long has it been since we last slept?” he asked.

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