Maiden, The

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Sexual Content:
Once upon an eve at sundown, my love got a thorough rundown
Of the things she could expect while we our new toy would explore.
As we looked down on the beach and waves that seemed almost in reach
She donned her slim bikini - size too small - which seemed like quite a chore.
“Dear God!” I said.  “Your bust is huge!  Supporting those must be a chore.”
Quoth the maiden, “Get the door.”
Her cleavage was kept safely hidden while we had to the lobby ridden
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Meddle Not

As Dame Francesca’s host drew near
each wearing plates of steel,
the wizard in his feignéd fear
did turn upon his heel.

“You cannot run, you simpering knave,”
the dame called out to him,
“for I have twenty horsemen brave
awaiting, at my whim.”

“You cannot flee, this shall end here,
you’ll answer for your sin,
and for not yet another year
you’ll terrorize my kin!”

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Jenny's Poem

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Jenny slammed the door and cried,
“Why do they turn such a blind eye?”
“It’s my body, slender and thin?”
A thought came to her, she turned with a grin.
“I’ll show them how big I can be!”

She took a hose that she had got,
Stuck it on the tank she had bought.
With a twist, she turned the tank on,
“After tonight my slimness will be gone!”
“I’ll be the biggest ever seen!”

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Toy for Strigoii, A

Inflation Types:

There once was a lad who always seemed sad
That some things were the stuff of cartoons.
"How happy I’d be - how delighted - " mused he,
"If some girls could blow up like balloons."

Now, it happened one night, that conditions were right,
And his timing could not have been better;
As he wished once again, there appeared in the den
A young lady in togs and a sweater.

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Ringmaster, The

A poem, inspired by the story The Rubber Circus.

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Flippy and the Voodoo Balloon

Inflation Fantasy in Metric Form

Average: 3.5 (11 votes)

Ballad of Joe and Moira, The

Inflation Types:

A lyrical tale of infidelity, forgiveness, and a pump.

Average: 4.1 (17 votes)
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