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“You crazy bitch.”

His head hurt. His vision was blurry. But as soon as he heard the machinery’s hum, Connor realized where he was, and he found his voice.

“Welcome back, Connor.” Of course she was here.

He started to make out the familiar shapes of the objects in the lab – tables, computers, tanks, fluorescent lights, Rhona’s workstation. As his vision returned, he also realized he couldn’t move his arms; he was taped to his desk chair.

“I was afraid I’d given you too much…and today of all days, that would be anticlimactic.”

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Wrong Costume to Wear, The

Hugh liked to do everything big: big house, big cars…Hugh liked to think of himself as a big man, though a more accurate description would be “round.” Hugh had big appetites to match his big attitude and it showed prominently. He liked to make a big scene and be the center of attention, even though people were more disgusted by him than impressed.

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Conspiracy, part 2: Hard Lessons

The Hubbell Research Group had been a frantic hive of activity for several weeks.  Five years was a long time to be idle, and the staff was straining to handle the volume of leads that Barney was producing.  But even with so much work to be done, nobody commented when Jack came in on Friday morning with his usual stack of tabloids.

"Hey Barney."

"Hey Jack."

"The Dog Boy got engaged to the Turtle Girl," he said, flipping through The Snoop.

"I'm certain that will be a fascinating wedding registry.  Anything in the headlines jump out at you?"

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Theresa exacts her revenge on Alex, her traitorous husband.

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Stargazer, The

Sarah tries to reconcile with her husband Conrad after her affair. It turns out all he wants is a perfect night of star gazing.

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How do you know that your lover truly loves you? How can you tell if you can trust your lover with your life? David and Tara suddenly find themselves in a desperate situation where they must quickly come up with the answer those questions.

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Ballad of Joe and Moira, The

Inflation Types:

A lyrical tale of infidelity, forgiveness, and a pump.

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