Check, Please

First dates are no fun because they’re basically a list of don’ts. Don’t be too eager. Don’t be too cold. Don’t show a lot of skin. Don’t be too shy. Don’t laugh too hard. Don’t seem too desperate.

Wendy knew the rules, and she knew just how crucial it was that they be followed. And dressed in a high-buttoned blouse and a simple skirt, tonight’s dive into the waters of the dating pool was going well enough. Phil was sweet, he was clever, and he made her laugh. He was dangerous.

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All In

By Inflate123


"Shuffle up and deal!"

The voice boomed over unseen loudspeakers. Sara couldn't see a crowd through the darkness -- all she could see was the table in front of her, the disembodied, metallic arms of the dealer, and the blonde sitting across from her -- but she had to assume there was a silent audience. As cards sailed across the table, the harsh reality hit Sara: She had to win. 

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Rick McGuffin, Private Investigator

Rick McGuffin, Private Investigator

by  (@Inflate123)
Special thanks to Cyndi Irresistible (@CynIrresistible) for plot assistance


"A private investigator?" the checkout girl asked. "You mean like in the old movies?"

"Yeah," I sighed, leaving with my bourbon. "Only not like in the old movies."

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More Maxine

“You crazy bitch.”

His head hurt. His vision was blurry. But as soon as he heard the machinery’s hum, Connor realized where he was, and he found his voice.

“Welcome back, Connor.” Of course she was here.

He started to make out the familiar shapes of the objects in the lab – tables, computers, tanks, fluorescent lights, Rhona’s workstation. As his vision returned, he also realized he couldn’t move his arms; he was taped to his desk chair.

“I was afraid I’d given you too much…and today of all days, that would be anticlimactic.”

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Stuff of Legend, The

Shelia cocked an eyebrow. “So you’re going as Marilyn Monroe?”

“No,” Skye replied resolutely, looking away from the mirror. “I’ll be wearing a blood-stained scarf around my neck.”

“Right,” said her roommate. “I don’t get it.”

“Car crash. The urban legend says she was decapitated,” sighed Skye, returning to the mirror. “It’s not true, but that doesn’t matter anymore – all anybody remembers is the myth. Like the Richard Gere gerbil thing.”

“Skye, you’re going as a blonde in vintage clothes. All anybody remembers is Marilyn Monroe.”

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Kent Ashland had never appeared before the Happyland board before, but then again, he’d never created things like the stuff he’d just submitted. He was actually proud of taking risks this time, really working from his personal passions. He actually thought they were calling him up to give him a raise. But now that he saw them…well, they didn’t look happy.

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Problem, The

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“Control, this is the lab. We have a problem.”

The administrator frowned and stabbed the intercom button. “I don’t like problems.”

“I know,” replied the intercom nervously. “But we’re seeing some unexpected results from batch A23 on subjects. Please, check the cam feed on 14…right away.”

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Corset, The

There are times when even the most self-assured person feels like an idiot. For Amanda, this was that moment.

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Liquid Helium

“Our little project has come to fruition,” I said. “I think it’s time.”

“I’ll be right over,” she said excitedly, and hung up the phone.

Kim wasn’t fat. Curvy, yes, a little overweight, okay--but as a dancer, well, every line that isn’t straight is considered a detriment. She’d approached me to create a solution that would help her lose weight fast in time for the dance concert. What she didn’t know is that I’d failed spectacularly. Nothing worked, and a handful of lab rats with gastrointestinal distress was hardly a sign of success.

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Ooookay. Basically, this is naughty. It's a fairy tale, yes, but some rather unorthodox things will no doubt happen to our plucky heroine before this document is through, not the least of which will be some explicit descriptions of female mammary glands blowing up like balloons. If the thought of that makes you shudder, turn back now. If you're sick like me and think that's awesome, read at your own risk.

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