Prose that Blows 3 - All Hallow’s Eve (2010)

This Only Works Once

The cardboard sign read “Haunted House” in black magic marker with an arrow pointing down the street. It was nearing 10 o’clock; our bags sagged from so much free candy and our limbs were sore. A haunted house adventure sounded like a perfect ending to Halloween. We mustered the strength to hurry and resisted temptations to continue begging houses for candy.

Orange and purple lights strung along its walls shone through the artificial fog belching from concealed machines. Spooky sounds and eerie music emanated from the open door; strobe lights illuminated the entrance.

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Wrong Costume to Wear, The

Hugh liked to do everything big: big house, big cars…Hugh liked to think of himself as a big man, though a more accurate description would be “round.” Hugh had big appetites to match his big attitude and it showed prominently. He liked to make a big scene and be the center of attention, even though people were more disgusted by him than impressed.

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Stuff of Legend, The

Shelia cocked an eyebrow. “So you’re going as Marilyn Monroe?”

“No,” Skye replied resolutely, looking away from the mirror. “I’ll be wearing a blood-stained scarf around my neck.”

“Right,” said her roommate. “I don’t get it.”

“Car crash. The urban legend says she was decapitated,” sighed Skye, returning to the mirror. “It’s not true, but that doesn’t matter anymore – all anybody remembers is the myth. Like the Richard Gere gerbil thing.”

“Skye, you’re going as a blonde in vintage clothes. All anybody remembers is Marilyn Monroe.”

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Snorkel Technique, The

A waft of burnt pumpkin followed the moonlight between the curtains. As the cool, white light crept across the carpet, its iridescent glow glinted off ceramic straighteners and boxes of makeup. Eventually the moon lowered enough to beam over the large double bed in the middle of the room. As the light crawled across the covers, the slender figure occupying the bed shifted to face away from the window.

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Sweet Release

Naomi and Cassandra glanced around the lab, shutting the door behind them.

“I told you it’d be empty!”

Cassandra ran a hand through her long black hair and gave Naomi a grin. “Relax, we know what we’re doing. Besides, it’s a surprise.”

Naomi grinned, her short auburn hair framing her round face and sighed. “Touché. Let’s get to work then.”

A few hours later, the two of them powered down the machines. “Ahh, success…” Cassandra said, peering though the observation window.

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Never Accept Wishes from Demons

The demon stood before her, red eyes staring right through her.

“Humans! You have summoned the almighty Zakuma! Grant me your sacrifice and..”

He trailed off when he realised that she was the only person before him.

“Oh for fuck’s sake..” He muttered. “Why do I always get the teenagers on Halloween..”

“Lord Zakuma!” Shelly held out a plate holding a severed goat’s head. “I humbly offer you this blood sacrifice, and my eternal soul, in exchange..”

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Melinda's Pumpkins

Melinda stands in front of the gigantic pumpkin resting on the Halloween dance stage. With a lustful smile, she pops her sizeable breast out of her Witch costume.

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It Was Only Candy

Cindy was college senior girl, whose despite her age acted just like a little kid on the inside. Her room was still decorated like a little girls room with stuffed animals and abundant proportions of pink. She was a very happy girl with an overly bubbly personality that people did not ever really dislike much at all. Although she was of average height, her dazzling light brown hair and piercing steel blue eyes; those simple traits alone could allure anyone towards her like a moth to a flame. Her one major flaw was something most would deem unexpected. She was a total candy addict.

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I've Got a Magic Wand

“Hey, great costume. Gonna pull a rabbit outta that hat, Mandrake?”

“Thanks. Magician’s kinda cliché, bit of a busman’s holiday for me, but I had the cape and hat from work. You look great too. Larry Lawnchair, complete with balloons. Nice. I like the way they bobble as you dance.”

“Work? What? Sorry, I can hardly hear you over the music. Yeah, Larry’s a bit of a hero of mine.”

“Why’s that?”

“I don’t know. Just that kind of follow your dreams thing.”

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Haunted House Five: A Duty Dance with Destiny

It was a Halloween night like any other and my girlfriend Elle and I were stumbling back from one hell of a party. I wasn’t feeling so hot, a combination of lots of rum and the fact that nobody got my costume (Apparently, nobody watched Filmation’s Ghostbusters like I did so my effort in making a great Jake Kong costume was in vain). I would’ve been angrier, but Elle was looking great in her “Mad Maxine”(her name for it, not mine) leather getup. I was just about to make a witty remark about my drunken state when all of a sudden she stopped and pointed

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