Prose that Blows Runner-Up: Sexiest Story

At the Flick of a Switch


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Blowing Her Socks Off

She breathed deeply, again and again, and each time she was slightly plumper than she had been with the previous breath. It wasn’t immediately obvious to the casual observer, but I’d been studying her curves and I could see as she began to fill out.

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Hit and Run

Hit & Run

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After a Wild Night

“And over the loop and back again and… there!” Emily smiled with pride at her handiwork, tugging at the silk string she just tied to Tanya’s golden belly-button ring.

“You’re sure that’s secure?” Tanya asked hesitantly.  She couldn’t see what her friend was doing.  She couldn’t see over the curve of her beach-ball sized boobs at all, for that matter.  She’d spent the last day bobbing against a hastily erected tarp-tent Emily erected outside her apartment, pondering her new condition.

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Emergency Escape Enchantment

Being a mercenary for hire was always an interesting job. The work took you to many strange and facinating places. Unfortunately, it also took you some very dark and unwelcome places.

Such as the inescapable, direbadger filled canyon swordsman Flint Ironstag and his mage partner Haruka Ariadust had found themselves trapped in.

It had started like a routine quest, some old fart requesting they check out an old temple, find the treasure within, and bring it back to the starving villiage so the townsfolk could buy some food. Pretty simple really.

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Office Party Blues

The office “holiday” party had been going on for over an hour. And although it was scheduled to run for at least another two hours, Charlotte didn’t think she could last that long. The introduction of alcohol into the party had caused her generally tolerable co-workers to become, well, less than tolerable. It had become painfully clear to Charlotte that at least a third of her co-workers were lightweights when it came to alcohol. On top of that, it was also clear to her as to what kind of drunks each of her co-workers were.

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Sweet Release

Naomi and Cassandra glanced around the lab, shutting the door behind them.

“I told you it’d be empty!”

Cassandra ran a hand through her long black hair and gave Naomi a grin. “Relax, we know what we’re doing. Besides, it’s a surprise.”

Naomi grinned, her short auburn hair framing her round face and sighed. “Touché. Let’s get to work then.”

A few hours later, the two of them powered down the machines. “Ahh, success…” Cassandra said, peering though the observation window.

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The hotdog was starting to kick in. A second go on the dodgems held no appeal. She agreed to meet her friends by the ferris wheel when they were done, accepting care of their balloons without so much as a blush to betray her pleasure at receiving so many lofty charges, their upward tugging giving her tingles.

Meandering past the booths and stalls, she rounded a corner to be arrested by a strange tableau.

Average: 3.5 (8 votes)
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