It took five agonizing minutes before Claudia was able to work up the nerve to knock on the door. It only took a few moments for the house’s occupant to open the door.”He..hello Brooke.” She spoke nervously as she gazed at the face of her former nemesis.

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Emergency Escape Enchantment

Being a mercenary for hire was always an interesting job. The work took you to many strange and facinating places. Unfortunately, it also took you some very dark and unwelcome places.

Such as the inescapable, direbadger filled canyon swordsman Flint Ironstag and his mage partner Haruka Ariadust had found themselves trapped in.

It had started like a routine quest, some old fart requesting they check out an old temple, find the treasure within, and bring it back to the starving villiage so the townsfolk could buy some food. Pretty simple really.

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When one goes to sleep at night, there is the pleasing certainty that when we wake, we will be in the same place, in the exact state we drifted off in.So when Nina woke up, felt a weight on her chest, and looked down at herself to discover she had changed, she was not very pleased.When she had gone to bed, her breasts were a modest C-Cup. Now she had what appeared to be a pair of volleyballs grafted to her chest, straining her pyjama top.

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Secret Santa

Sexual Content:

For the past three years, Nick had dutifully played the role of Santa Claus at Bristol's Galleries Mall. He hadn't meant to take the role originally, but as he was a fairly husky man, and could put on a decent baritone voice, his superiors had decided that he would fit the role of Santa perfectly. He'd come to actually enjoy the role every year; getting paid extra to just sit around in a costume and amuse a bunch of kids all day was certainly preferable to dealing with crowds of annoying Christmas shoppers.

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Never Accept Wishes from Demons

The demon stood before her, red eyes staring right through her.

“Humans! You have summoned the almighty Zakuma! Grant me your sacrifice and..”

He trailed off when he realised that she was the only person before him.

“Oh for fuck’s sake..” He muttered. “Why do I always get the teenagers on Halloween..”

“Lord Zakuma!” Shelly held out a plate holding a severed goat’s head. “I humbly offer you this blood sacrifice, and my eternal soul, in exchange..”

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“Honey.. are you absolutely sure about this?”

Standing in the surf with water splashing at her ankles, she stares directly at me, her eyes indicating that she’s deadly serious about this.

“Of course I’m sure. I wouldn’t suggest it otherwise.”

“It’s just… it sounds pretty dangerous. And a little dodgy.”

“It’s not. Loads of people on the internet swear by it.”

“On the internet?” I scoff. “Now I’m less convinced.”

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Fit to Burst

A young girl has a special power over her body. And she loves to amuse herself with it.

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Curious Mermaid, The


The very bottom of the sea, at the deepest ressesses of the ocean, is something very few people ever see. Those who are able withstand the depth and pressure would be able to see the vast expanse of the seabed, the large schools of fish and sealife which gather there, and it's sandy surface littered with coral, plantlife, and sadly, an increasing amout of litter and junk, discarded by careless people from the surface.


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Inpractical Magic

Two girls attempt to use magic to fly. It doesn't work quite as expected...

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