Prose that Blows 7 – Not So Final Fantasy (2011)

Sorceress’ Apprentice, The

Shalandra waited patiently under the covers, not daring to move a muscle. When at last she heard Mistress begin to snore, she carefully climbed out of bed, threw on a dress, and crept quietly out of the bedroom.

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Queen Sena’s Curse

“By the love of Angita, may my power put an end to your curse!” proclaimed the wonderful Amazon warrior Matéa. As bulky as three grown men, the outrageously muscular female stood proud and massive. She had lifted Bellone brass weights, donned Minerve enchanted girdle and drank Quirinus semen to achieve this superhuman size and might in order to accomplish her fateful quest thought the Uliaron forest and the Pyranegus hills.

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Not Without a Price

The battle had raged on for weeks, an exhausting stalemate between good and evil. A battle replete with spell-casting and traditional weapons made this a true test of resiliency and skill mastery. Only in recent days had the tide turned, and the Order was on the cusp of repelling the vile Badland Trolls’ offensive. It was a most important battle, for either side a decisive victory in the war for territory.

Just behind the front line, First Leader Sinclare watched the Trolls’ formation crumble. “How long has it been since we last slept?” he asked.

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Mythical Mischief

“It’s been so long since we visited the human realm”, Fey spoke, fluttering over the countryside. “I’m glad we came.”

“Indeed. I find the fairy realm too boring”, Fable agreed as she followed her companion through the air. “Mortals are more entertaining than those dullards back home.”

“What kind of mischief shall we cause for the humans?” Fey asked to her partner. “Shall we unleash a swarm of hair-eating locusts, conjure a sudden blizzard in summer or perhaps we can stick another enchanted sword into a rock and let them quarrel over it again.”

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Emergency Escape Enchantment

Being a mercenary for hire was always an interesting job. The work took you to many strange and facinating places. Unfortunately, it also took you some very dark and unwelcome places.

Such as the inescapable, direbadger filled canyon swordsman Flint Ironstag and his mage partner Haruka Ariadust had found themselves trapped in.

It had started like a routine quest, some old fart requesting they check out an old temple, find the treasure within, and bring it back to the starving villiage so the townsfolk could buy some food. Pretty simple really.

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Darker Secret, A

The noises of the crypt were starting to get to her, all the hissing echoing around, driving her mad. She’d been walking down here for hours in her now dusty, bloodied and torn leather armour. She’d even gone through several torches. Reihana Solus wasn’t happy about this.

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Chain Reaction (Extended)

Irina was only halfway through a mug of mead when Cerys ran into the inn and to Irina's side.

Irina sighed. "What did you do?"


Irina gave her a sharp look. "I told you I don't want to draw attention while we're travelling."

"No, really!" Cerys said. "I was just looking around the outpost and some men yelled at me!"

"Why are you worried? You're indestructible."

"They're scary! Oh no, here they come!"

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