Dr. Bo

Frog Who Became Bigger than the Ox, The

She made it. Little Anna “The Frog” Salientia just won over the gigantic reigning world woman
bodybuilding champion Reina “The Ox” Angus.

“You look swollen like a balloon about to burst any minute! Please STOP! YOU’LL EXPLODE!”
complained Ranae, her worried sister, just before she entered the stage about two hour
ago. “I’m not about to… BURST, I’m about… to… WIN!” barely managed to say Anna, her face
all red, her balloon body at absolute breaking point. And indeed, she was now the best and the
biggest ever.

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Queen Sena’s Curse

“By the love of Angita, may my power put an end to your curse!” proclaimed the wonderful Amazon warrior Matéa. As bulky as three grown men, the outrageously muscular female stood proud and massive. She had lifted Bellone brass weights, donned Minerve enchanted girdle and drank Quirinus semen to achieve this superhuman size and might in order to accomplish her fateful quest thought the Uliaron forest and the Pyranegus hills.

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C. Plenty Building Incident, The

This is a transcript from an audio recording that have been found in the crater of the Miss C. Plenty Building by the current team of investigator. Given Miss C. Plenty exceptional physical condition and intentions mentioned in this document, without a doubt this should clear all mysteries surrounding this incident:

“- Madam, I found a document you may find most interesting (this voice have been identified as Mrs. X (name classified for the proceeding), private aid for Miss C. Plenty)

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Melinda's Pumpkins

Melinda stands in front of the gigantic pumpkin resting on the Halloween dance stage. With a lustful smile, she pops her sizeable breast out of her Witch costume.

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Summer Job's Benefit

“I’m not sure I can’t take it!” muffle Bill as he pat his distended tummy.

“Oh, come on little piggy, you got the finish off your dessert if you want your surprise!” respond Halley, smiling playfully and holding a spoon to her boyfriend.

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