Summer Job's Benefit

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“I’m not sure I can’t take it!” muffle Bill as he pat his distended tummy.

“Oh, come on little piggy, you got the finish off your dessert if you want your surprise!” respond Halley, smiling playfully and holding a spoon to her boyfriend.

“Is it the last one? Even if I ADORE getting this BIG with your care, I’m gonna burst if I eat any more!” Bill groan, only to be spoon fed a large piece of cake. “There you go! See little piggy, you didn’t split open and made me pretty proud! See how big your little tummy has become as I fed you all these cake and milk shake?” whisper Halley next to her lover ear, caressing his bloated gut full of dessert and covering it with kisses.

The couple hugs lovingly as they lye alone in the beach sand. It’s all quiet for the waves in the late night sky.

“You done well little piggy, you deserve your surprise!” lustfully add Halley, an absolutely cute and chubby brunette sporting her retro milk bar waitress uniform and hat. “Since I got this summer job at the frozen sweets stand by the beach, you know I lusted for a night where I could sneak up a real feast to fill you up like as I pleased with all the desserts who could dream of! Now that it’s done, you know what I like even more than stuff my little piggy silly?” purrs Halley to Bill as she caresses her curvaceous frame. “Do you mean…” Bill ask, excited.

“Well, Just like Bill who’s a little pig since he likes to be massively over-fed, Halley is a little froggy because she likes to puff herself up… With the load you ingested you think you got yourself pretty big, aren’t you?” taunt Halley as he grabs both side of her boyfriend large belly. “I never got so big!” gladly confesses Bill.

“Well, behold! Little Froggy here is to going to make herself just as broad as her pot-bellied piggy!” boast Halley, puffing her chest up, making her chubby belly and breast rise up under her waitress outfit, tightening the fabric of her blouse across the buttons!

“My pretty little froggy will need to puff herself much bigger than that!” Bill tease as he proudly undoes his belt, letting loose is gigantic stuffed belly. Jolted at the challenge, Halley inflate her sexy female frame even more with great effort, getting big enough to feel the seam of her skirt creak as her stomach balloons!

Her belly, inflated and pushed up, soon become big enough to snaps the side of her skirt in a loud rip that let plenty of swelled flesh spread out!

“I’m going to pump myself AS BIG AS YOU ARE!” she boast, totally carried away by her expansion fantasy!

Halley, caressing her immense balloon belly and her widened naked hips that just exploded through her skirt, puff herself up with another real deep breath!

“Ooohhh! Bigger, BIGGER!” she moans, still inhaling and ballooning, as her butt and bosom began inflating like her tummy due to her massive swelling efforts. Her round, already sizeable bottom and hips widens with every breath, straining her panties!

Her fleshy pair of bouncing, chubby pink boobs round up like overblown party balloons, outrageously stretching her blouse buttons. Standing in front of the fascinated Bill in the sand, she’s now just as broad as her large boyfriend and his swelled tummy.

“See little piggy? I’M GONNA BE BIGGER THAN YOU!” she gladly tell Bill as she swell, swell and swell whole, getting such a big balloon butt her panties snaps!

“Little froggy got VERY, VERY BIG!” breathe Bill, overwhelmed with desire.

“TWO-TIME BIGGER THAN YOU!” Halley triumph as she swell, swell and swell some more, getting so fat her inflating bosom and belly rip open her blouse, tearing it to shred and sending button all around the beach!

“Careful little froggy, remember what happened to the frog who wished to get as big as an ox in the fable? Careful, careful not to POP!” remark Bill, astonished yet aroused at the size of her ever-expanding mate.

” THREE-TIME BIGGER THAN YOU!” she screams, crazed by her expansive lust, as she swell, swell and swell even more, bloating her body so big her massively ballooned breast explode out of her bra! Completely naked except for her cute little waitress hat, Halley feel the cold sea breeze over her taunt exposed skin as she keep expanding!

She’s now a grotesquely inflated balloon with colossally exaggerated feminine curves! Her puffy naked body is all round and bubbly, with an over ballooned belly, gigantic air-filled boobs and a butt as wide and curvy as possible. He pulpous lips and face is reddened by the effort, her brow soaked with sweat. She kept puffing herself with so much dedication and pride that her silky skin get drum tight; her big belly, bosom and bottom look pumped up to bursting point, like a party balloon about to explode!

“Halley, you’re getting WAY TOO BIG! Stop before you burst into pieces! STOP LITTLE FROGGY, YOU’RE GONNA EXPLODE!” scream Bill, excited and terrified at the sight of her ballooned girlfriend still filling up more!

Halley doesn’t hear as she feel absolutely wonderful getting to the very absolute volume her air-filled balloon body can get, being so big, so huge and so wonderfully voluminous that she can’t go any bigger without popping…

“A HUNDRED TIME BIGGER THAN YOU!” she finally screams, still puffing herself as she difficultly swell, swell and swell so much that…


The next morning, standing on the beach sand near the remains of her waitress outfit and sporting a large X shaped band aid on her tummy, Halley tell Bill in a lustful whisper “Next summer little froggy want to work in a cake factory, or maybe the balloon stand by the beach…”

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