Prose that Blows 500 (2009)

Room 12

What's behind door number 12? Everything he ever wanted.

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Andrea strolled about in her camisole singing softly to herself as she merrily tossed rose petals across the floor. Eric would be home soon, and her skin tingled at the thought of cavorting with him among the fragrant petals.

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When the call came, Christy Carlisle knew what to do.

She and two other deep cover CIA agents in Paris had been compromised. Unable to leave France due to the escalating war, they each had one hour to completely terminate their mission: bank accounts closed, pertinent intelligence faxed home, papers shredded and burned, car and belongings dumped in the Seine outside of town. It was risky in broad daylight, but there was no alternative. On the river bank, Christy stripped naked and tossed her clothes in the water.

Erasing herself was all that remained.

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Drink Me

Suellyn gazed at the sky-blue decanter on the table in the cellar, biting her lip as temptation grasped at her with hooked claws. Its rippled label, written in fanciful font, read “Drink Me”.

The glass was completely smooth; no insignia of its craftsman was present on the bottle. It felt chilled against her skin, as though it had been removed from a freezer. The air was cool in the cellar, but for it to be so cold was mysterious. It was unreasonably light, as if it was empty, yet she felt the liquid slosh inside.

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Rachel the Accidental Cream Puff

Rachel was a nervous slender girl. Her ample breasts merely drew more attention to her shyness. As did her striking looks and long red hair. Even her freckles on her very pale skin only added to her knocking knees. Of course tonight was even worse for her. Kevin was near.

He was a friend of her roommate Heather and oh god he was so cute. Heather was having a small party maybe ten people and she had set up a buffet.

Rachel nervously stood at the table covered in finger foods nibbling at a creampuff or two. Then he came over, her stomach flipped.

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This just in, a new disease is sweeping the world, more details at eleven.

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One Night Stan

His breath came in ragged puffs, as the pressure built inside his skin. The feeling was intensely powerful, and he was drowning in sensation. His body arched forward, pulling at the restraints that held his wrists and ankles to the dark warehouse wall.

His attention was caught by a glint of movement -- a hand with shiny red nails came to rest on the helium tank valve. As she turned it another twist, he felt the flow of gas increase...swelling his already hugely rounded body.

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Inpractical Magic

Two girls attempt to use magic to fly. It doesn't work quite as expected...

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Meadow Encounter, The

A peaceful day in a meadow interrupted by a bad encounter.

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