Rachel the Accidental Cream Puff

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Rachel was a nervous slender girl. Her ample breasts merely drew more attention to her shyness. As did her striking looks and long red hair. Even her freckles on her very pale skin only added to her knocking knees. Of course tonight was even worse for her. Kevin was near.

He was a friend of her roommate Heather and oh god he was so cute. Heather was having a small party maybe ten people and she had set up a buffet.

Rachel nervously stood at the table covered in finger foods nibbling at a creampuff or two. Then he came over, her stomach flipped.

“Hey Rachel! How are you?”

“Good, just eating some creampuffs…” she blanked out.

She blushed as she grabbed another using the sweet taste to calm the awkward moment.

“Yeah, I have trouble resisting them…” she blushed.

“Well be careful,” he winked, her heart fluttered. “You are what you eat.”

She blushed more.

“Sorry kinda a mean tease…Rachel…uh…”

His eyes shot wide as he stared at her at a loss for words.


“Your stomach!”

Rachel look down at her formerly loose red dress. It was a bit tight at her waist!

“My belly!”

Her stomach lurched outward. It groaned and churned as her hips started to enlarge too. The indent of her bellybutton was visible now. Her whole waist spread wider with a gurgle.

“Rachel you’re fat…” muttered Kevin.

“…but how?”

Her upper thighs distended out with disturbing forced. With a pop the elastic of her panties broke as a huge bubble butt launched out behind her. Kevin meekly pushed at her massive gut trying to slow it. Rachel was afraid to even touch it, her arms held away. The belly refused to slow down each moment getting more rotund despite Kevin’s pushing.

“You feel weird, it’s not fat…”

Rachel got over her meekness and pressed down on her growing belly too. Her pushed away from her belly. Slowly they puffed in unison with her thighs. Her tummy gurgled loudly as her body started to become truly round. Her dress was a belly shirt.

“This can’t be happening!”

Rachel’s arms rose up. Her thick arms swelling so fast her dress straps popped before she knew it. Arms and legs were joining with the orb of Rachel faster then imaging. In mere seconds her knobby legs were forced so wide she fell to the ground. Useless arms flapping to catch her fall. Bloated little shins with fat distend feet popping from her cute shoes kicked meekly.

“Please help me Kevin…it feels so weird!”

With a sudden rip her red dress slipped off. Her face was now bloated beyond believe as the heavy filling in her searched out every nook and cranny to fill up in her.

“Rachel… you’ve turned into a… very big beautiful creampuff!”

“No, oh god, I’m still growing!”

“Good…” Kevin laughed.

“What? How is this good?”

“I just love a good creampuff girl, tastier to kiss.”

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