Bitty and Klaus 002

Bitty and Klaus 002
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Feast Fit for a Queen

“So what’s my special surprise?” Hotep asked excitedly. She had recently gained a ton of weight thanks to Shadow from meals and drinks he made. Her bottom bounced and jiggled with every step she took from how big it became and her belly and breasts were nearly the same. She didn't mind all this new weight at all, it made her special being pampered like that and like true royalty to Shadow. Her hair was now longer than before due to neglecting to cut it more often that still did nothing to hide her massive figure.

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Champion, The

Inflation Types:

"Whoo..." The team collapsed on the bleachers and awaited the verbal beating from Coach Jim. It was a hot day to be all decked out in softball gear and the team had just worked their butts off trying to take down Poplarville, the toughest team in the division. The coach removed his cap and began calmly. "You girls... I must say, you girls are..." and then he let them have it... "The WORST softball team I have ever seen in my life!" The next five minutes went on like usual, with lessons on running and pitching and catching and swinging. It was too hot to even pay attention anymore.

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Rachel the Accidental Cream Puff

Rachel was a nervous slender girl. Her ample breasts merely drew more attention to her shyness. As did her striking looks and long red hair. Even her freckles on her very pale skin only added to her knocking knees. Of course tonight was even worse for her. Kevin was near.

He was a friend of her roommate Heather and oh god he was so cute. Heather was having a small party maybe ten people and she had set up a buffet.

Rachel nervously stood at the table covered in finger foods nibbling at a creampuff or two. Then he came over, her stomach flipped.

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