Feast Fit for a Queen

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“So what’s my special surprise?” Hotep asked excitedly. She had recently gained a ton of weight thanks to Shadow from meals and drinks he made. Her bottom bounced and jiggled with every step she took from how big it became and her belly and breasts were nearly the same. She didn't mind all this new weight at all, it made her special being pampered like that and like true royalty to Shadow. Her hair was now longer than before due to neglecting to cut it more often that still did nothing to hide her massive figure. She went to wearing bandages with some dipped in gold around her breasts, bottom and bottom of her legs to give off the extravagant look with the jewelry and crown she was wearing in order to show off her figure along with new golden rimmed glasses just because.

“Don't worry, we're getting there,” Shadow replied in earnest. His fur had grown thicker thanks to years of neglecting to shave. He now had a scarf, bracelets over bandage wrapped arms, and anklets along with a new bone mask that had horns protruding from it and the face of a wolf. His hair was now shaved on one side (but fur still remained) thanks to a gash that was made in his head still held together by staples even to this day while the other half had long unkempt black hair tied in various braids.

“I can’t wait!” The woman giggled in anticipation.

“Here we are,” Shadow announced before Hotep was picnic laid out with various delicacies that Shadow learned how to cook.

“You shouldn't have!” Hotep hugged her husband lovingly before sitting down cross-legged waiting for her meal.

“I knew you would love it, my dear.” Said Shadow before he sat across from Hotep. The pampered queen looked around trying to decide on which meal to start with.

“So many choices, where to start?” She looked around at the choices before settling on a chicken carefully marinated and cooked to perfection.

“Nice choice,” Shadow said as he helped cut up the chicken,
“Now, open wide.” He asked her kindly. Hotep leaned forward allowing Shadow to plop the pieces into her mouth. She savored each delicious bite before letting the next bite come into her stomach. There wasn't nearly anything that Hotep wouldn’t eat from Shadow since his improvement in cooking; she loved it all and wasn’t afraid to admit it, even when her friends or family complained about her new weight.

“I’m so lucky to have a husband like you.” Hotep gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“And I’m so lucky to have a wife like you.” Shadow lovingly replied back as he picked up another piece of chicken and fed Hotep once more.

“Do you think you can actually make my belly grow this time? We know how hard it is thanks to the amount of food I eat on a regular basis.” Hotep teased.

“Why don’t we try and see this time around?” Shadow was up for the challenge. He fed her more chicken which did nothing to make her stomach stretch in any way. Shadow grabbed a large pot of ramen noodles and took out large chunk before feeding it to Hotep who slurped it up in a few minutes before being given another large helping of the noodles. Her stomach growled for more of it and Shadow was happy to oblige as he took out another helping and fed his love even more. Hotep’s belly soon showed a slight bulge from its normal state.

“Hmm… looks like we’ve got a little bump.” Shadow said poking his wife’s burgeoning stomach with pleasure.

“I do. Keep feeding me, I want to see how much bigger I can become.” Hotep egged her husband on. Hotep finished the last of the noodles before they moved onto the dumplings filled with various meats like beef and chicken. Hotep quickly took two and stuffed them into her mouth.

“Slow down there. Don’t want to choke on a stray piece of food.” Shadow warned her. Hotep huffed as she slowed her chewing and carefully swallowed them down.

“You’re the one who makes the food irresistible here.” Hotep retorted.

“Fair enough, just try to be careful about eating so fast,” Shadow said worriedly.

“*Sigh* I know you’re just trying to look out for me, and I thank you for that.” The woman reassured her husband of her love.

“Good to know. Now those dumplings aren’t going to eat themselves.” Said Shadow picking up one of them and putting it into his wife’s mouth who wolfed it down without hesitation. She took one after another and practically swallowed them down.

“You make the best dump-” She began speaking with her mouth full until she was silenced by Shadow.

“It’s rude to talk with your mouth full, you know that.” He reminded her. Hotep swallowed it down and pat her stomach.

“Feel like I could go for something a bit more… sweet?” Hotep suggested and scootched forward a bit.

“I think I’ve got the perfect food for you.” He revealed a myriad of desserts just for his love’s huge appetite. Hotep licked her lips as she looked at the tons of choices there were before Shadow looked at her.
“So, are we ready to begin dessert?” He looked at her.

“Do you even need to ask?” Replied Hotep as she picked up a piece of cake. She observed to see the creamed edges and delicious strawberry filling.

“What are you waiting for? Go ahead and eat up.” Shadow urged her to begin. Hotep stuffed it into her mouth before grabbing another, then another, then another, and another… until she completely swallowed down the sweet dessert in mere minutes.
“Well, did not expect you to finish it… that quickly.” The Lambara said quite amazed at his wife’s appetite.

“Are you really that surprised? Haven’t you seen me eat recently?” Hotep laughing caused her belly to jiggle around like it usually did. It still showed little change only growing a couple of inches at best.

“Come on, there has to be something that can finally make that gut of yours balloon in size.” Shadow frantically looked around at the desserts.

“Umm… what about this?” He picked up a sundae with various toppings shoved in Hotep’s face.

“Whoa slow down there. I may be a fast eater but let’s not overwhelm me.” She calmed him from his panic.

“Right… calming down…” The lambara breathed in, and out. Hotep in the meantime decided to eat the sundae which was loaded with marshmallow, chocolate chips and sprinkles with hot fudge and a cherry on top. She dipped her spoon in and took out a large bite before going for another. She hummed in joy as the delicious ice cream slid down her mouth and into her gut hoping for it to finally expand for once, only for the woman finish it and look disappointed at her still relatively unchanged gut.

“Come on, there has to be something…” Shadow looked around before his eyes laid upon a garden hose. Looking at Hotep then back at the hose he came up with an idea. "Hey, Hotep…" Shadow looked at her.

“Yes, my love?” The woman asked.

“Could you close your eyes for several seconds?” Shadow requested.

“Why, of course, anything for you, my love." She obliged unaware of what her husband had in store for her. Quickly Shadow ran over to the hose, picked it up, and ran back over to an eagerly waiting Hotep.

“Now, please open your mouth…” Shadow directed. Without arguing or questioning Hotep happily agreed; the moment she did so she felt something cold and hard enter her mouth. Opening her eyes she could see the garden hose stuffed into her mouth and her love running over to the handle. Moments before Shadow could pull it he looked up to see Hotep's confused look.
“Umm… I can explain?” Shadow sheepishly said. Instead of being angry or upset, Hotep instead smiled and clasped her hands together. When Shadow still didn’t get the sign she motioned for him to start the hose.
“Oh, okay then. I suppose you must be parched after so much delicious food. So be ready for a long drink.” Shadow twisted the handle to full blast and started up the water. Hotep watched in excitement as the water flowed through the hose forming bulges and straight into her mouth.

The rush of water was at first a bit overwhelming but she quickly grew accustomed to the flow of water as it forced its way down her throat and into her stomach. Her belly was not used to this much liquid entering it at once and as such began to actually stretch. Hotep happily rubbed her expanding belly while Shadow celebrated his victory.

“I knew I would find something to make that stubborn gut of yours finally grow.” Said Shadow as ran over to his wife and joined in on the rubbing. Hotep blushed as she felt her lover’s hands all over her swelling girth. Her belly quickly began stretching out the goddess’s beloved bandages. Hotep winced at the thought of her favorite clothing ripping.

“Don’t worry, I can fix this.” Shadow grabbed hold of some of the bandages and pulled them up and down revealing Hotep’s finely tan skinned belly which made her blush. Now with her stomach free from the confines of the bandages Hotep fully enjoyed the idea of being blown up like a water balloon for her husband. Her belly ballooned outwards from the amount of water gushing into her gut at once. The two shook, jiggled, and played around with it enjoying every second of Hotep’s expansion. Soon when Hotep decided that it was probably enough water for her she attempted to stand up.

“I’ll decide when the hose goes off.” Shadow sat her back down causing her water balloon of a belly to jiggle around. Not that Hotep minded, she loved the feeling, but she hoped that Shadow wouldn’t go overboard with this inflation. Her stomach now reached about two feet around and showed no end in sight of expanding. The feeling of the water gushing down her throat at full force had a strange pleasurable feeling for Hotep for some reason. She loved every moment of this entire inflation she was enduring. The water was ice cold, just the way Hotep loved it.

“I know you would’ve loved this surprise, you’re that kind of girl who isn’t afraid to like weird things from time to time.” He said stroking Hotep’s hair.

“Mmhmm.” She nodded her head in approval and continued to rub her swelling gut with fervent joy.

“Now about how long this will go on for… I have no idea, I guess when I see that you’re big enough; I’ll turn off the hose. How does that sound?” Shadow offered. Hotep happily nodded in agreement and gestured Shadow to rub her belly.
“Glad that we agree. Now just sit back and enjoy your expanding to great sizes.” He said sitting down next to her.

I’m so glad we finally found something to make my stubborn tummy swell up. I hope we get to do some more of this soon.’ Hotep thought to herself imagining herself swelling up like a water balloon the next time.

“This is going to be fun to play around with. We need something to do around here, after all, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten out of that wasteland.” Shadow mentioned. He could’ve sworn he heard his wife giggling behind all that water in her mouth that was being pumped into her growing body. Her belly sloshed and jiggled all about as Hotep shook her body for fun to get it to move.

I wonder what other surprises my husband might have in store for me in the future.’ Hotep wondered to herself as the hose continued to pump more and more fluid into her swelling stomach. Her belly showed no signs of stopping its growing anytime soon, but the couple delighted in that she still had plenty of room to stretch out.

“I wonder, how much water do you think you really want?” Shadow asked his ballooning wife. Hotep just simply moaned in pleasure at the amount of water entering her system and continued to enjoy being pumped to ridiculous sizes. Her belly jiggled like crazy whenever Hotep shook it around.
“I guess you’re too busy with that to answer my question, aren’t you?” He giggled under his breath in joy at watching his wife’s body balloon outwards. As Hotep continued her joyous rubbing she came up with an idea.

Let me just… just…’ She stood up and attempted to lean forward onto her stomach in the form of a makeshift bed. Noticing his wife’s struggling Shadow quickly ran over and assisted her in her endeavor.

“There we go, better?” He asked his swelling wife. She nodded and continued to prod her body relentlessly to see if anything else was growing. Much to her excitement, she realized that her bottom and breasts had swelled out quite a bit. Shadow noticed too grabbing a handful of flesh from his wife’s bottom and noticing how plush it was compared to before.
“Geez, when your body actually starts to grow, it starts to grow.” Shadow said amazed at the sheer size and growth Hotep’s body was capable of.

You better believe it Shadow! This body is easily capable of growing nearly infinitely!’ She thought to herself confidently in her body’s ability to stretch out.

“Well I've got to go do something, I'll be right back,” Shadow told his wife before leaving her to her own devices.

Whatever, I hope he comes back soon so he can continue to bask in the enjoyment of my growth. I hope this never ends!’ She thought to herself joyfully as she reveled in her expanding body as she rubbed her body all over. Soon her joy was cut short as she felt the water stop flowing. Quickly she pulled the hose out and called out to the perpetrator.
“Whoever did that, better turn the hose back on right now!” She called out. She was now lifted up seven feet in the air by her stuffed and ballooned stomach.

“No way, because we’re now getting to the best part of this feast.” She craned her head over her belly to see Shadow approaching her.

“The best part?” She looked at him confused.

“Yes, but first, let's get you somewhere a bit more private,” Shadow said as he grabbed hold of his wife's gargantuan stomach and focused on his ability to teleport. Soon the two appeared in a private ballroom big enough to make Hotep’s current size seem small.

“So what are we doing in here?” She asked loving husband.

“Well, we all know that you love ramen noodles, especially the expensive kind,” Shadow stated to her.

“Yes, but what does this have anything to do with us being in here- is this what I think it is?” Hotep asked suddenly excited and hoping it was what she thought it was.

“Exactly.” Shadow summoned up a giant cauldron of boiling hot ramen noodles ready to be eaten by his beloved. Hotep began drooling at the sight of such a large pot of noodles.

“I’m so lucky to have a generous husband like you.” Hotep lovingly told him.

“And I'm so lucky to have a helpful wife like you,” Shadow said back to her before giving her a peck on the cheek and heading over to the cauldron and pulled out a nice helping of noodles and hopping down and shoving them into Hotep’s mouth. Quickly she began sucking them down like a greedy pig enjoying the delicious flavor of them, moaning in joy all the while. The noodles were ridiculously long just like Shadow planned them to be. Her stomach quickly began growing from the amount of noodles she was forcing down her gullet. The thick flavor that was drenched in the noodles only provided more reason for why Hotep loved her husband’s cooking.

“You make the best noodles!” Hotep said through the mouthful of noodles.

“You know it’s rude to speak with your mouth full.” Shadow reminded her causing the Egyptian woman to huff in a bit of annoyance. The noodles were just as hot as she predicted but that didn’t matter to her, he said it was a tradition to do so, so she didn’t care. The noodles quickly caused her belly to swell in size and become softer as the noodles kept coming into her gut at a rate that Hotep struggled to keep going despite her love for Shadow’s ramen noodles.

“Come on, you can do it, those noodles weren’t easy to make.” Shadow encouraged her. His encouragement made Hotep more determined to try and finish the meal Shadow specially made for her.

Right! I’m going to finish the entire pot! No matter how big I become!’ She focused her mind on slurping up the entire pot of ramen noodles. Her slurping was now incredibly audible at this point determined to finish up the pot as quickly as possible. Her belly stretched and swelled to accommodate the noodles she forced down her gullet. Shadow excitedly rubbed, poked and prodded his loving wife’s girth.

“You sure don’t mess around when it comes to my noodles, huh?” Shadow asked her, but he was ignored by Hotep who focused on shoving the noodles down her throat and into her gut fast as possible. After a few minutes of heavy slurping and audible noises, Hotep guzzled up the last of the ramen noodles and let out a heavy sigh of relief and rested her head on her bloated breasts. Her belly now raised her body twenty feet in the air, her breasts and bottom were several feet in diameter.

“*Sigh* I'm *Gasp* done… *Urp*.” Hotep let out a small belch and rubbed her gargantuan gut.

“I can see. Let me just join you up there.” He grabbed hold of her soft and malleable flesh and climbed up to sit next to her wife.

“That was super fun, I want to do that again soon!” She exclaimed.

“No! Not at least for a while. You’ve still got this giant stomach that needs to burn away. Plus it took me forever to cook all that food for you, especially those ramen noodles you just finished.” Shadow protested.

“Okay… but we’re totally doing this again at some point, right?” She asked batting her eyes innocently.

“*Sigh* Fine…” Shadow relented.

“Yay!” Hotep cheered causing her entire swollen gut to wobble around for a bit.

“But you have to be patient with me, okay? The food I make doesn’t just grow on trees, you know this.” He explained to her.

“Well, the fruits in the salads you make do!” She began laughing at her own joke. Hotep looked over to see Shadow a tad less amused by it.

“Ahem, anyway I feel exhausted, wake me up when the sun comes up.” She stretched out her arms, laid her head down on her pillows for breasts, and fell asleep. Shadow shrugged it off and cuddled up next to his wife for a nice long nap.

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