Birthday Surprise

“Alright birthday girl, are you ready for your surprise?” Pastry asked.

“More than I’ll ever be.” A ballerina replied. She was a ballerina-like clown woman with light blue hair that was done tightly in a bun and pulled back (otherwise her hair was big and poofy, something she was embarrassed about), freckles dotted along her face, and apparel consisting of a blue tutu with a small platter style skirt. Her body was heavily pear-shaped with large legs to further help with her ballet acts and performances. She opened her eyes to see a giant cake and a couple of cream tanks.

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Feast Fit for a Queen

“So what’s my special surprise?” Hotep asked excitedly. She had recently gained a ton of weight thanks to Shadow from meals and drinks he made. Her bottom bounced and jiggled with every step she took from how big it became and her belly and breasts were nearly the same. She didn't mind all this new weight at all, it made her special being pampered like that and like true royalty to Shadow. Her hair was now longer than before due to neglecting to cut it more often that still did nothing to hide her massive figure.

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Melany's Messy Wish

“You pathetic mortals! I have been summoned! Show me your sacrifice and I will grant…” Satanis started to say until he realized that there was only one girl in here, just because Satanis was a demonic god living in the underworld didn’t mean he didn’t have to grant people’s wishes when they summoned him. But he was really hard to summon and most of the time, the wishes that people asked were ridiculous! Satanis couldn’t give someone eternal life, and even if he wanted too, he wouldn’t do something as dumb as that!

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