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Check, Please

First dates are no fun because they’re basically a list of don’ts. Don’t be too eager. Don’t be too cold. Don’t show a lot of skin. Don’t be too shy. Don’t laugh too hard. Don’t seem too desperate.

Wendy knew the rules, and she knew just how crucial it was that they be followed. And dressed in a high-buttoned blouse and a simple skirt, tonight’s dive into the waters of the dating pool was going well enough. Phil was sweet, he was clever, and he made her laugh. He was dangerous.

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Hit and Run

Hit & Run

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Nelia was running out of energy. She closed her eyes, and forced another surge of power into the spell. More air filled her, and her body stretched to accommodate it. She opened her eyes to see Maren rising above her again. Dammit!

Nelia had studied magic harder than any other student. By her third year she’d surpassed everyone.

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Wicked Game

Aether Price flew through the afternoon sky, her blue eyes tracing a route along the rooftops toward the building targeted in her police scanner’s latest dispatch. Already she could see the halo of emergency vehicles surrounding it, and with a swish of her arms, another gust of air filled her gold cape and propelled her swiftly onward.

She landed beside a flashing squad car, her blonde bobcut swishing in the breeze. The police captain ran over to greet her.

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Unlikely Heroine

From the Journal of Netia, Journeyman Mage

Moonfall 3rd

We did it. Vilroth is dead.

Actually, Sabi did it, amazingly. I’ve wondered why Harek would allow a barmaid to join his band. Being pretty, flirting, and collecting tips aren’t useful skills on a world-saving quest.

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The girl in the flat opposite drifted onto my balcony. I didn’t see or hear her footfall; hands still clutched about the rail, the gasping sob as she settled, exhaled. So the girl tapped the glass. Twice. And I answered.

“Hello.” She whispered. “Can I come in?”

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Christmas Protocol

“I said no.”

“C’mon,” I whined. “We’re both adults. Let’s do the presents now.”

“No!” cried Carol. “I told you, it’s only fun if you follow protocol.”

“There’s Christmas protocol?” I asked in disbelief.

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Snorkel Technique, The

A waft of burnt pumpkin followed the moonlight between the curtains. As the cool, white light crept across the carpet, its iridescent glow glinted off ceramic straighteners and boxes of makeup. Eventually the moon lowered enough to beam over the large double bed in the middle of the room. As the light crawled across the covers, the slender figure occupying the bed shifted to face away from the window.

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“Two Puffers coming up!” Sofia smiled as she cooked. Get the dough, inject the filling, deep fry, listen to the ooohs as the filling puffed up, spray powered sugar and another heart attack ready to go. As the family walked off she leaned forward and sighed. The job wasn’t horrible, but working an amusement park food stand was not a career. She never got bored at any rate; people seemed to love those fried dough balls, although Sofia suspected they liked seeing them puff up more then the taste. She had tried them and blarg, probably gained weight just by being near the fryers.

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