Prose that Blows Runner-Up: Most Disturbing Story


Pffffft. The genie arrived without fuss and smoke.

“Cool. Do I get three wishes?”

He checked his outfit.

“Wrinkle-free folding my ass.”

“Excuse me, but I just let you out. Do I get three wishes or not?”

“What? Oh, yeah. Thanks. Fire away.”

“I want you to help me with my new years resolutions.

“Take your time. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I already told you.”

“You’re allowed to think about these things, map out possible consequences, make sure I’m not going to give you a Twilight Zone ending.”

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This Only Works Once

The cardboard sign read “Haunted House” in black magic marker with an arrow pointing down the street. It was nearing 10 o’clock; our bags sagged from so much free candy and our limbs were sore. A haunted house adventure sounded like a perfect ending to Halloween. We mustered the strength to hurry and resisted temptations to continue begging houses for candy.

Orange and purple lights strung along its walls shone through the artificial fog belching from concealed machines. Spooky sounds and eerie music emanated from the open door; strobe lights illuminated the entrance.

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Night at the Carnival, A

It was Halloween night. The air was cold and crisp, and was filled with the smell of decay. Few clouds hung in the sky, and the full moon was allowed to shine bright. Its glow provides many a trick-or-treater enough light to travel from house to house without a flashlight. Our attention shifts from the peaceful suburbs to an abandoned carnival, where a young red-headed woman franticly runs for her life.

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The hotdog was starting to kick in. A second go on the dodgems held no appeal. She agreed to meet her friends by the ferris wheel when they were done, accepting care of their balloons without so much as a blush to betray her pleasure at receiving so many lofty charges, their upward tugging giving her tingles.

Meandering past the booths and stalls, she rounded a corner to be arrested by a strange tableau.

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